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House Hunters Renovation

Season 5 2015

  • 2015-01-04T04:00:00Z on HGTV
  • 60 mins
  • 9 hours, 22 mins
  • United States
  • Home And Garden, Reality

In this new weekly series, HGTV's House Hunters Renovation follows potential home buyers as they tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper. In a House Hunters first, HGTV cameras also capture what happens after the home is purchased and the renovation project begins. Each episode features the new homeowners as they renovate and then reveal their new space.

13 episodes

Miggy, a police diver with Homeland Security, is ready to move out of her parents' La Palma, CA home and into a place of her own. She has up to $400,000 to spend, and her heart is set on finding a Spanish style place near her family. Her mom Barbara comes along to look at houses, and while she thinks that Miggy should focus on kitchen potential, Miggy's more concerned with having a master suite she can relax in. Once Miggy finds a place to call her own, renovations start off with a large, unexpected expense that taxes not only the budget, but the timeline. She embarks upon extensive overhauls of the master suite, kitchen, and living room- enlisting the help of family and friends along the way.

High school sweethearts Tyler and Kelley live in Burbank, CA and are ready to upgrade from apartment living. They've decided to look for a house to buy, and with the help of their real estate broker, who happens to be Tyler's mom, they begin the search. Kelley is hoping to find something with a charming, farmhouse look. Tyler would rather their new place be clean-lined and modern, and he's open to renovating the space. After searching and deliberating on which house to buy, they finally get the keys. Because the kitchen and bathroom need an extensive overhaul, they waste no time getting started on renovations. But improvements don't get far before they learn that hidden water damage in the kitchen has given rise to an extensive mold issue. Foundation problems in the bathroom also cost valuable time and money. It takes over two months, but when the renovation is complete, these two have a home that they can truly call their own.

Kate and Tom are expecting their first baby and need to upgrade from their small Boston apartment to a larger home in the suburbs before their son arrives. The problem is that she wants a small cozy home with Victorian charm and he wants a large Colonial with a grand feel. And while she's worried about taking on too many renovation projects in their first home, as a professional electrician, he's more than happy to get his hands dirty and gut the entire place himself. Their agent Nancy Fudge will definitely have her work cut out for her finding a house they'll both love. While their designer Kate Maloney Albiani and contractor Dan McCarthy focus on transforming the kitchen into a functional space with a cozy but grand feel, Tom tackles a very long list of projects himself -- from rewiring the house to building a bathroom to finishing the nursery so their son will have a place to sleep.

Having recently sold their home, Jeff, Stephanie and their three young children have moved in with his parents while they look for a place of their own near Port Chester, New York. But with two different styles Jeff and Stephanie's house hunting won't be an easy journey. While she wants a Cape with contemporary-casual style, he wants a Colonial with traditional details like molding and chair rails. Their real estate broker Julia Brasesco will have her hands full trying to find a house that suites both their tastes, and has an open kitchen gourmet enough for former pastry chef Stephanie. Once they agree on a home, this couple still won't see eye-to-eye about their kitchen overhaul. She wants glass-front cabinets, he wants a traditional wood look. She wants a stainless-steel backsplash, he wants classic tile. Yet somehow designer-contractor Donna Benedetto will blend their tastes together to create a style compromise that Stephanie, Jeff, and the kids will all love for years to come.

Rachael and Ryan are ready to start a family, so they need to get out of their cramped 900 square foot rental and into their first home. They both want to stay near the Santa Monica, California coastline, but the area's expenisve real estate market is making finding an affordable place a real challenge. To lower costs Ryan is willing to tackle a true fixer-upper and handle renovations himself, but the idea of taking on so much work as first-time homeowners makes Rachael a little nervous. Adding to their home-search difficulties is their opposing criteria; he'd like to find a home with a rental unit for extra income, where she prefers a single-family home. With contrasting wish lists their real estate broker Toni Patillo has quite the task in finding them a home that fits all their needs, but as renovation begins, they may discover they've taken on more than they can handle. Even with help from designer Bridgid Coulter and contractor Boaz Siton, they'll run into problem after problem. But after all the termite issues, sewer line problems, and structural issues come to an end, Rachael and Ryan will wind up with the spacious kitchen and relaxing master suite of their dreams.

Eric, Dana, and their young son have outgrown their Simi Valley, CA condo. They are ready to buy a single-family home, and are targeting ranch-style places near their condo. While Eric wants a rugged Craftsman look on the inside, Dana is more traditional and clean-lined. They have a budget of up to $525,000 to spend, and are open to making improvements to the space. With the help of family friend and real estate agent Karen Betacourt, they see several ranch style homes to consider. Once they choose a place, they waste no time making updates, tackling the kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, and living rooms- all ambitious updates for their $33,000 renovation budget. With Eric on a work trip to Europe during part of the renovation, Dana is left in charge and takes it upon herself to update even more rooms in him absence. While they experience the ups and downs of renovation, after nearly six weeks of hard work, the effort pays off and then can now enjoy their new home.

Ben and Katie are expecting their second child and are ready to upgrade from their Cambridge, Massachusetts condo to a house with more space. They both love the charm of old Colonials, but he wants a traditional home out in the country with lots of land while she wants a more contemporary place that's walkable to shops and restaurants. Finding something that suits both their styles and also has a fireplace for him and a soaking tub for her will be a tough challenge for their agent Ellie Botshon. But things will only get worse once they get the keys and start renovation, as their old home creates a lot of new problems. From sagging structural beams to collapsed ceilings, the renovation proves difficult at every turn. But with the help of their contractor Bill Poillucci and designer Melissa Hammond, they work though all the construction issues and style debates to pull together a gourmet kitchen and spa-like master suite that will make their new house feel like home.

Jason, Eleiza and their young daughter Lily have moved all over the world for his career as a physics professor, but they're ready to set down roots and buy their first home near his current job in the Hartford, Connecticut area. They both want a Cape Cod style home with at least three bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, and space for a home office for Eleiza's political consulting career. But he wants a more rural place close to his job that will shorten his commute and she wants a place near shops and restaurants. And they both want a home that uses very little plastic and instead features natural elements like stone and wood. Their combined wish list creates quite a challenge for their real estate agent Lisa Ogren as she lines up houses throughout the Hartford area. After finally agreeing on a home, Jason and Eleiza launch into their projects, including gutting the kitchen to bring in organic materials like granite and bamboo. Everything from unexpected structural issues to over sized doors will delay their progress, but in the end, with help from designer Lorey Cavanaugh and contractor Mike Shelto, they create a beautiful, natural home that their family can enjoy for years to come.

Brent and John love their current Los Angeles house, but it's right in the flight path of LAX. They're ready to move to the quieter San Fernando Valley, and have a budget of up to $700,000 to spend. With the help of realtor Michael Bergin, Brent is hoping to find something with a mid-century modern feel, while John prefers a comfortable ranch-style house. Once they settle on a place, they waste no time starting demo. In their kitchen, they bring in designer Jolene Kraus to help update the space to match their tastes and cooking needs.

With two growing boys, Eric and Linda are ready to get out of their small Somerville, Massachusetts rental and into a home with more space. Eric's job as a fireman requires him to find a home within the city limits, but the area's soaring real estate prices are making that a challenge with their first time buyers' budget. Not to mention that Eric wants a two-family home that can provide extra income from renters, while Linda dreams of a single-family home where they can have a space that's all their own. Their agent Marc Ouellet will need to find a place that's not only the perfect compromise, but also has at least three bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and a yard for the boys.

Jeremiah and Mosi want to get out of their cramped apartment and into a larger home of their own. But while Jeremiah wants an older house with traditional details like beadboard and defined rooms, Mosi wants a newer place with modern details like an open floor plan and clean lines. Adding to the challenge, their agent Denise Walsh needs to find a house that also has a cook's kitchen for Mosi, a creative space where Jeremiah can practice his singing, and a large yard for their dogs. With little to no renovation experience a fixer is a daunting thought but the guys may have to compromise along the way to get their dream home. Together they'll face the world of construction along with a long list of remodeling troubles from asbesos issues to sewer pipe leaks. Luckily they have designer Diane Gerardi and contractor Rob Murphy on board to help them out. But all the stress will be worth it when they can finally enjoy a beautiful new bathroom and gourmet kitchen that are the perfect blend of what they've both always wanted.

5x12 A Long-Distance Renovation

  • 2015-03-22T03:00:00Z — 43 mins

Denver couple Amber and Erin are ready to buy a second home in Los Angeles where they can get away from the cold Denver winters. But it also needs to be able to act as a home base for Erin's cake truffle business, which she is trying to expand to new areas of the country. So at the top of the list is an updated kitchen with lots of space. And one of Amber's must-haves is a pool, so they can truly enoy the Southern California weather. But once the ladies finally agree on a home, the challenges begin as they try to manage a total overhaul of their new home from 1000 miles away. In the end, they'll pull together a relaxing vacation getaway with the potential to launch Erin's business to new heights.

Recently divorced, Carla is ready for a new home where she, her daughter Gabby, and her son Nick can get a fresh start. But while mom wants a Colonial in the suburbs, the kids are pushing for a modern place at the beach. And with downsizing in mind, the whole family's going to have to adjust to smaller homes and a tighter budget. Luckily their agent Stacy Blake is onboard to mediate the family's conflicting styles and find them the perfect home that fits everyone's