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All Episodes 2005 - 2011

  • Ended
  • BBC Three
  • 2005-01-11T00:00:00Z
  • 30 mins
  • 1 day, 2 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy
Moz is a small-time (hash only) drug dealer. He rarely sets foot outside the confines of his squalid Manchester flat he shares with his long-suffering girlfriend Nicki. He's a lazy slob basically - as Nicki comments, "Jesus, Moz. I've seen coma victims with more 'get-up-and-go'". The series provides a window onto his life, and the bizarre sequence of people who come round to score from him. His dealer is a dodgy copper, his girlfriend is fed up with him, and he has visits from a silent man who wears a cartoon mask.

91 episodes

Special 1 The Ideal Xmas

  • 2005-12-27T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

An Ideal Xmas where Moz's mam turns up with a karaoke machine, Nicki snogs a woman in the bathroom while reminiscing about the two men she shagged there less than 9 months ago and the murdered Craig's twin brother sucks his killer's nipple.

Special 2 An Ideal Witness

  • 2005-11-07T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

In this clip we see Brian talking to the police about Cartoon Head.

Special 3 The Making of Ideal

  • 2005-11-07T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

A chance to see behind the scenes on the set of BBC sitcom Ideal. Watch the DJ scene featuring the funny character of Troy (Tony Burgess), Johnny Vegas and Graham Duff.

Special 4 Series 1 Outtakes

  • 2005-11-07T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Best outtakes from series 1 of the hit BBC Three comedy.

Special 5 An Ideal Trip With Side Effects

  • 2007-02-19T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Brilliant extra material from BBC comedy Ideal. Featuring Graham Duff talking about his idea to have someone running around with their head on fire, and how this special effect was specially created using stuntman - Adam Richards. Also features Tom Goodman (policeman) showing the special effect of a knife in his chest.

Special 6 Joanna Neary's Ideal Video Diary

  • 2007-02-19T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Follow the filming day of Joanna Neary, actress from BBC comedy show Ideal.

Clips from series 2 of BBC show Ideal which didnt quite make the cut, also extended scenes from the show.

Special 8 Series 2 Outtakes

  • 2007-02-19T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Hilarious outtakes from the second series of IDEAL which was first broadcast in 2007 on BBC Three.

Special 9 An Ideal Night Out

  • 2008-06-09T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

A live stand up show featuring the cast from the BBC Three comedy.

Special documentary about BBC 3 sitcom Ideal's character Cartoon Head.

Clips from series 3 of BBC show Ideal which didnt quite make the cut, also extended scenes from the show.

Special 12 Photo Gallery

  • 2008-06-09T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Video Slideshow of images from the BBC Three sitcom.

Special 13 Series 3 Outtakes

  • 2008-06-09T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Johnny Vegas introduces some outtakes from the third series of the BBC Three comedy Ideal.

Special 14 Series 1-6 Outtakes

  • 2010-10-05T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Johnny Vegas (Moz) and Graham Duff (Brian/writer) look through the best outtakes from the award-winning BBC3 series Ideal. Featuring the funniest gaffes from all six series, it shows what's really in those joints, who the chief mischief-makers are and how Johnny Vegas prepares for a love scene.

Special 16 Moz's Exhibition

  • 2011-07-11T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Slideshow of all of Moz's supposed painting for his exhibition.

Special 17 The Red Mist

  • 2011-07-11T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

A look at how Graham Duff came up with the idea of the red mist with interviews with Rula Lenska who plays the Red King and other Gingers.

Music Video of the debut single from Jason's new band Becausemonauts III.

Special 19 Series 7 Out-takes

  • 2011-07-11T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Out-takes from Series of the hit BBC Three comedy starring Johnny Vegas

Special 20 Series 7 Trailers

  • 2011-07-11T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Trailer for series 7 of the BBC Comedy, also includes Johnny And Jeanettte out-takes.

1x01 The Rat

  • Series Premiere

    2005-01-11T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Nicki is getting fed up with Moz not paying her enough attention, PC turns up with a delivery, and a strange man wearing a cartoon mask lets himself into the flat. Moz also has to contend with a couple of unwelcome visitors, in the shape of a rat and rival dealer Pyscho Paul.

1x02 The Seduction

  • 2005-01-18T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

While Nicki is away, Moz tries to play - by attempting to seduce one of his new customers after seeting her at a nightclub where his best mate Kuldip is a DJ. However, the rat (from the previous episode), has other ideas...

1x03 The Boyfriend

  • 2005-01-25T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Colin (who's still on probation) tells Moz about the body found across the road with its hand cut off, China's got a new boyfriend, and Nicki returns.

1x04 The Affair

  • 2005-02-01T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz gets rid of his stalker and China has split up with her boyfriend. Meanwhile Colin tries to flog some stolen goods (even though he's still on probation) and then steals the photos of Nicki.

1x05 The Backpacker

  • 2005-02-08T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

A face from Nicki's past arrives unexpectedly wanting to stay, the polaroids from behind the bathroom cabinet go missing and re-appear, and Moz is selling red weed.

1x06 The Party

  • 2005-02-15T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Its Moz's birthday, and all Nicki has bought him is a sandwich and some chocolate, so she decides to throw him a party in the flat.

1x07 The Pregnancy

  • 2005-02-22T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

The severed hand makes a return. Moz's stalker (Craig) is back, and spends some quality time with Cartoon Head. Nicki takes a pregnancy test.

1x08 The Body

  • 2005-03-01T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Cartoon Head shoots Craig. Nicki tells Moz she's pregnant.

2x01 The Stag Do

  • Season Premiere

    2006-03-14T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Nicki's moved in with Sangita while Moz has a nervous new neighbour, Judith. Derrick and Yasuko are due to get married and Moz is asked to be best man. Cartoon Head has a special surprise for the stag do.

2x02 The Landlord

  • 2006-03-21T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz's landlord is coming to visit at the most inopportune time.

2x03 The Hydroponics

  • 2006-03-28T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz might be falling for his new neighbour Judith while being haunted by the ghost of Craig.

2x04 The Séance

  • 2006-04-04T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Elderly neighbour Mrs Coneybear is disturbed by strange noises and decides to hold a seance. Moz is concerned about keeping his marijuana plants a secret, Steve discovers what happened to his brother and Judith makes a surprising confession.

2x05 The Boss

  • 2006-04-11T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Cartoon Head and Psycho Paul pressure Moz into helping them carry out a kidnapping, but he refuses - until the mouse-masked hit-man's infamous boss Stemroach pays him a visit. A policeman gets trapped in the loft, threatening not only the abduction but also the drug dealer's own business.

2x06 The Guest

  • 2006-04-18T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's the day of Derrick and Yasuko's wedding, but Moz has a tough time getting the groom to the registry officer on time. The dealer also has to keep the kidnap victim trapped in his flat a secret from a series of unwanted guests - and accomplish both tasks while under the influence of magic mushrooms.

2x07 The Delivery

  • 2006-04-25T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

PC warns Moz of an imminent drugs bust, so the dealer embarks on an unscheduled spring-cleaning exercise as he sets out to destroy all the evidence in his flat. Meanwhile, Colin falls in love, and Nicki goes into labour.

2x08 The Money

  • 2006-05-02T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Nicki wants to leave Moz, while Judith wants to go out with him. An assortment of customers are eager to hand over their money and PC is spoiling for a fight. But the dealer is more concerned with whether the fire brigade are going to show up.

3x01 The Night

  • Season Premiere

    2007-03-20T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz tries to hide his dope dealing from the born again Christian builders working in his flat, and lack of sleep is making Nicki hallucinate. Judith the 'reformed' necrophiliac is seen dragging heavy sacks up the stairs into her flat.

3x02 The Christians

  • 2007-03-27T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Police Constable has fallen in love with China, Nicki thinks she's losing her mind and Brian has turned into a Goth. Meanwhile, Moz is forced to perform an exorcism on Jenny the child minder.

3x03 The Pyramid

  • 2007-04-03T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz is desperate to disuade Cartoon Head and Psycho Paul from shooting a porn film in his bathroom. His mother Sheila joins a dodgy pyramid selling scheme and Nicki and Brian are involved in a car crash.

3x04 The Nest

  • 2007-04-10T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz receives an unwelcome visit from gang leader, Stemroach. Meanwhile, the discovery of a wasp nest in the loft has disastrous consequences for the born again Christian builders.

3x05 The Bath

  • 2007-04-17T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz's attempts to enjoy a nice, warm bath are continually thwarted, initally by a steady stream of visitors requiring weed, advice and a shoulder to cry on, then by a bizarre murder.

3x06 The Set-Up

  • 2007-04-24T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

With Nicki out celebrating her hen night, Moz reluctantly agrees to help the Police Constable to set-up Stemroach. Meanwhile Cartoon Head and Psycho Paul have an evil plan all their own.

3x07 The Crabs

  • 2007-05-01T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz is trying his best to enjoy his stag night. However, Judith has had a party mask super-glued to her face, three crabs have escaped in the flat and Jesus has just appeared in the loft.

3x08 The Wedding

  • 2007-05-08T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's the morning of Moz's wedding and he's woken up next to another woman. Now all he has to do is get rid of her, overcome his nerves, deflect the advances of a very demanding Judith and save Brian from a psychopathic Christian.

4x01 The Pains

  • Season Premiere

    2008-04-28T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

When Moz suffers a suspected heart attack, his girlfriend Nicki re-ignites her affair with the PC.

4x02 The Past

  • 2008-05-05T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz reminisces about 1993, the year he first moved into the flat.

4x03 The Vodka

  • 2008-05-12T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

When Moz gets a visit from the drunken Jenny things soon get out of hand.

4x04 The Secret

  • 2008-05-19T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Despite Moz and Jenny's best efforts to keep thier affair secret it seems everybody knows what's going on

4x05 The War

  • 2008-05-26T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

As the war with the Triad heats up, Psycho Paul turns Moz's flat into a bootcamp.

4x06 The Birthday

  • 2008-06-02T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Nicki's birthday party doesn't go entirely according to plan. Moz splits up with Jenny, Nicki splits up with PC and mysterious neighbour "Fist" kidnaps Kim and Miko.

4x07 The Television

  • 2008-06-09T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's all change for Moz as Nicki moves out and new love Jenny moves in. When Keith finally delivers a new widescreen TV it's almost too big to fit in the flat.

4x08 The Future

  • 2008-06-16T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz and Jenny's cosy love situation is thrown into chaos when Psycho Paul's gang hole up in the flat with two members of the Triad as hostages. Fist has some unusual plans for Alan.

5x01 The Healer

  • Season Premiere

    2009-05-11T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz decides to stop dealing in an attempt to turn over a new leaf. Jenny is in a coma and different friends try to snap her out of it.

5x02 The Temptation

  • 2009-05-18T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz finds it hard to resist other women with his girlfriend still in a coma. Brian finds himself falling in love with a conjoined twin.

5x03 The Red Bag

  • 2009-05-25T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz has rashly promised to get a proper job and girlfriend Jenny is determined that he keep his word. Cartoon Head has found out about Judith's affair and is out for revenge, whilst Keith and Carol have a dead body to dispose of in the flat opposite.

5x04 The Documentary

  • 2009-06-01T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz's flat is taken over by Cartoon Head's triad and then later by a TV crew.

5x05 The Chance

  • 2009-06-08T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Colin and Carmel's wedding day arrives. To escape getting a prison sentence Moz considers leaving the country. Brian finds something out that he was not expecting about his new boyfriend.

5x06 The Passports

  • 2009-06-15T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz and Jenny get ready to try and leave the country with stolen passports. When a strange crate arrives from Russia, Psycho Paul's human trafficking plans don't go to plan.

6x01 The Business

  • Season Premiere

    2010-08-17T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

After nine months away, Moz and Jenny return to find Nicki has taken over the business.

6x02 The American

  • 2010-08-24T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz and Jenny's plans to move to Italy are thrown into disarray when Moz learns he has been removed from the most wanted list. Brian is dumped by his transgender boyfriend, Nathaniel.

6x03 The Kill

  • 2010-08-31T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz discovers that Cartoon Head's gang are involved in black market organ trading. Judith and Jake embark on an ill-advised plan to kill Cartoon Head.

6x04 The Poster

  • 2010-09-07T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz agrees to help Tilly with her new range of stained T-shirts. Jenny mistakenly believes that Moz has dumped her and gets into all kinds of trouble.

6x05 The Lapse

  • 2010-09-14T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

With Jenny away, Moz finds himself falling for the charms of both his ex-girlfriend Nicki and his sophisticated American neighbour Tilly.

6x06 The Accident

  • 2010-09-21T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz asks Cartoon Head's gang for help when Keith and Carol are kidnapped by the Low triad.

6x07 The Ear

  • 2010-09-28T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Finding themselves with a body to dispose of, Moz and Psycho Paul call on Doctor Persil.

6x08 The Housewarming

  • 2010-10-05T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

While Nicki throws a monster fancy dress party, Tilly hosts a pretentious soiree upstairs. Moz is desperately trying to scrape together the ransom money to release his kidnapped dad.

7x01 The Police

  • Season Premiere

    2011-05-26T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz plots to win back the heart of his true love, Jenny. However, when he discovers she has joined the police force, his plans are thrown into disarray.

7x02 The Debtors

  • 2011-06-02T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

A penniless Moz calls in his debts. However, his mates seem very reluctant to pay him back. Jess falls under the spell of masked hit man Cartoon Head.

7x03 The Brothel

  • 2011-06-09T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz and Nicki begin a rival hash dealing businesses but a price war starts with both businesses attempting to undercut each other. Brian and Carmel open up a brothel.

7x04 The Paintings

  • 2011-06-16T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mistakenly believing Moz to be an avant garde artist, Tilly arranges for him have an exhibition. Jess and Cartoon Head experiment with ketamine and find themselves way out of their depth.

7x05 The Love

  • 2011-06-23T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sitcom about a small-time drug dealer. Moz tries to turn his friendship with Tilly into a full-blown relationship. Colin hires his estranged wife Carmel as an escort girl.

7x06 The Red King

  • 2011-06-30T21:30:00Z — 30 mins

Moz comes face to face with a gang of deadly gingers known as the Red Mist. Carmel has to choose between Colin and Jake, whilst Yasuko leaves Derrick for Fist. With special guests Rula Lenska and Janet Street Porter.