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Man vs. Wild

Season 5 2009 - 2010

  • 2009-06-02T02:00:00Z on Discovery
  • 45 mins
  • 4 hours, 48 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary

MAN VS. WILD brings seasoned adventurer Bear Grylls face to face with the grueling task of navigating remote locations, sharing invaluable survival strategies along the way.

7 episodes

5x01 Western Pacific

  • Season Premiere

    2009-06-02T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

Grylls is on a desert island, south of Papua New Guinea. He wades across a shark-infested tidal channel, climbs crumbling volcanic cliffs, leaps over a 100-foot death drop, and constructs a bamboo windsurfer to make his escape.

5x02 Northern Australia

  • 2009-06-02T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

In Australia's Northern Territory, Grylls must rely on many of the skills honed by the Aboriginal people to survive in this sweltering landscape dominated by crocodiles.

5x03 Canadian Rockies

  • 2009-06-02T02:00:00Z — 40 mins

While in the Canadian Rockies, Grylls is buried alive in an avalanche, swims long distance beneath an ice-covered lake, and is airvac-ed to the hospital when an icy glissade goes horribly wrong.

5x04 Republic of Georgia

  • 2009-06-02T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

Grylls lands in the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains of the Georgian Republic by driving a snowmobile out the back of a hovering helicopter. He ziplines across a river, camps among wolves and trudges through swampy wetlands.

5x05 Fan vs. Wild

  • 2009-06-06T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Grylls takes two fans into the Canadian wilderness for their ultimate survival challenge. They face their fears head on, trek down dangerous glaciers and across a frigid glacial river, build a rustic shelter, and try to swallow typical Grylls fare.

5x06 Extreme Desert

  • 2009-09-03T02:00:00Z — 41 mins

In the Mojave Desert Grylls puts himself in the path of a man-made sandstorm, takes on the full force of a man-made flash flood and HALO jump from 30,000 feet. His body is pushed to the limit as the temperature soars from minus 40 to 110 degrees.