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Property Brothers

Season 1 2011

  • 2011-01-05T02:00:00Z on HGTV
  • 45 mins
  • 9 hours, 19 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Reality

Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott aim to help couples find fixer-uppers and transform them into dream homes. The brothers use state-of-the-art imagery programs to unveil their plans for how the properties will look after the transformation. But the potential home buyers have to take a risk to make the twins' vision come true, and it's up to Jonathan and Drew to convince the couples that purchasing an older home in need of work is the best option.

13 episodes

1x01 Leaving the Suburbs [John & Christine]

  • Series Premiere

    2011-01-05T02:00:00Z — 43 mins

Determined to move closer to the high school where he teaches, suburbanites John and Christine are hoping to buy a new home in the city. But finding an affordable move-in ready property for a family of six is a tall order. The Property Brothers step up to the challenge and find this large family the house with the perfect location to fit the bill.

With their limited live and work space cramping their style, clothing designers Emma and Kieron are on the hunt for the perfect budget-friendly downtown property. Spacious modern interiors and loads of vintage charm are on the shopping list for this property. With help of the Property Brothers, these designers will get the extra space they need to keep their creative juices flowing.

Stefan and Owen dream of finding a gracious Victorian home, and until they do they're crashing at a friend's place. The arrangement is temporary but with expectations that exceed their budget, they may be living there permanently. With a lot of searching let's hope the Property Brothers can get these homeowners out of the guest room and into a home of their own.

In a year of firsts, Matt and Aleya want to find – and renovate – their dream home all in time for their upcoming dream wedding. But with a tight budget, a long list of must-haves and just a few months to spare, the odds of finding the perfect party home are stacked against them. Enter Property Brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. They’re determined to lead the couple to their ideal honeymoon retreat, but getting them to see the potential of a fixer-upper proves to be a challenge. And when the couple finally opts for a property at the top of their price range, a bidding war leaves them with significantly less money for renovations. With a few surprises, last-minute add-ons, and the couple living in the midst of a construction zone, can Jonathan still deliver the ultimate party house?

With two dogs, a toddler and a newborn, Stephen and Julie have outgrown their home, and are hoping to find a sprawling suburban property where they can entertain family and friends in style. They want all the comforts, including a home office and a pool, plus they’re looking for a stylish and unique home that stands out from the crowd. Enter Property Brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. They promise to lead the couple to their dream home, but since they want more space than they can afford, they’ve first got to sell them on the potential of a fixer-upper. They tour a few options and are wowed by Jonathan’s impressive design plans. And when they finally make a decision, Drew goes in with an aggressive strategy to get the house for less. With an ample budget and a five-week time line, the couple feels confident. But when they discover mold in the bathroom and basement, a foundation problem, and a fireplace that literally falls apart, their patience and pocketbooks are seriously challenged.

With their blended family of three children, Julie and Peter are hoping to find a sprawling four-bedroom home where they can put down roots. They’ve got a long wish list and a limited budget, and since their current rental has already been sold, they’ve got just two months to find – and move into – the home of their dreams. Enter Property Brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. They promise to help Julie and Peter find a home that suits their needs, but first they have to convince them that in a red-hot real estate market, a fixer-upper is the way to go. Getting the couple to see the potential of a run-down home proves to be a challenge. And when they finally zero in on an unusual property that’s perfectly priced, they find themselves in a bidding war. Will their leap of faith pay off? And, with a nearly impossible timeframe, can Jonathan deliver their dream home on time and on budget?

Ready to leave their long commute behind, Lise and Andrew are hoping to find the perfect home in the perfect downtown neighborhood. The only problem is that their wish list and budget are more suited to the suburbs! The Brothers must come to the rescue to show Lise and Andrew the realities of finding the perfect downtown home.

With twins on the way, Sam and Monica need twice as much space, and they're hoping to find a sprawling suburban dream home that suits their budget and contemporary flair. But with just two months to go, time is running out. With help of the Property Brothers, let's hope these homeowners find the home they need in time for the twins delivery.

After a year of living with her parents, Jessica and Jason want to find a suburban family dream home of their own. These homeowners are hoping to find a spacious, move-in ready property that satisfies their long list of must-haves. Will the Property Brothers get Jessica and Jason out of Mom and Dad's and into a home of their own?

Tired of their tiny townhouse in the city, and with a wish list that far exceeds their budget, newlyweds Rob and Janice are hoping to find a sprawling move-in ready dream home complete with a gourmet kitchen and a huge backyard. It's up to the Property Brothers to show Rob and Janice that with a little compromise and hard work they can have the dream home they desire.

With two small boys, Monica and Kevin have outgrown their suburban property and, desperate for more space, they're looking for a modern move-in ready dream home with a spacious kitchen and plenty of room for more children.

Tired of crashing with her folks, new parents Andrea and Dave are looking for a perfect three-bedroom family home of their own in one of the city's most sought-after neighborhoods.

Newlyweds Raun and Jasprit have outgrown his cramped bachelor pad, and are now looking for an urban feng shui-friendly family dream home that matches their long wish list and expensive tastes. But with a limited budget, the couple is going to have to turn to the Property Brothers to learn how to turn a run-down property into their dream home.