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RahXephon: Season 1

1x02 (2) God and Man Awaken

  • 2002-01-28T11:00:00Z on Bandai Channel
  • 23m
  • Masahiro Ando
  • Fumihiko Takayama
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Science Fiction
RahXephon is awaken by Mishima Reika, he helps out by battleling the D-1. Ayato woke up at the hospital forgetting what has happened. His mother pretends to not know what he talked about. When the D-1 was recovering in the labotory, Ayato met Haruka to know the truth, Haruka wanted to go back to the real world, but Mishima summoned RahXephon. RahXephon destroyed the D-1, discover that her mother has blue blood and went to the real world by passing the barrier. (Sypnosis came from www.animeinfo.com)