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Sesame Street: Season 45

45x15 Stinky's First Day of Preschool

  • 2015-01-13T14:00:00Z on HBO
  • 25 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family, Children

Stinky is going to be the special school plant at Elmo's preschool. At first, Stinky feels worried the other kids won't like him, but Elmo's class gives Stinky a big welcome. Chris sees that Stinky likes his special spot in the classroom so he tells him that he is leaving and that he will be back at the end of the day to pick him up, but Stinky doesn't want Chris to leave.

Elmo's teacher, Mrs. Sanchez, suggests using a strategy for Stinky to feel less anxious, like saying a happy, fun goodbye. Together, Chris and Stinky sing and dance but Stinky still feels anxious when Chris tries to leave. Elmo has a strategy that might help Stinky. When Elmo didn't want his dad to go, Elmo's dad gave him a picture of the two of them. Stinky thinks of a picture he and Chris took dressed up as super heroes. They reenact the photo and Mrs. Sanchez takes their picture and sets it beside Stinky.

Chris then tells Stinky that he needs to go and begins to head for the door, but Stinky still does not want him to leave. Chris tries one of his own strategies. Hopefully Chris will be able to calm Stinky down with this strategy.