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Season 1 2004

  • 2004-01-13T22:00:00Z on Channel 4
  • 50 mins
  • 5 hours, 31 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama

The ceremonial burning of a stolen car marks the end of summer on the Chatsworth Estate in Manchester. Meet the local family — the Gallaghers. There's dad Frank and his six kids, Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, Liam and Fiona. Into their world steps Steve. Cool, well mannered, well dressed and romantic, he makes a beeline for big sister Fiona. Steve's soon getting his feet under the table but why he wants them there, no one quite knows.

7 episodes

1x01 Episode 1

  • Series Premiere

    2004-01-13T22:00:00Z — 48 mins

Fiona Gallagher struggles to raise her five younger siblings after her mother leaves and her father hits the bottle, but her life is changed by the arrival of wheeler-dealer Steve. [Source: Radio Times] On a night out with neighbor Veronica Fisher, Fiona Gallagher's bag is stolen and handsome stranger Steve McBride chases after the thief. While he isn't successful in capturing the thief, he does succeed in capturing the eye of Fiona, and she invites him home to not only engage in passionate sex but also to meet the rest of the Gallagher family. Lip Gallagher discovers a hidden folder full of gay magazines belonging to brother Ian Gallagher and attempts to "test" him with a trip to Karen Jackson's (whom has presently been giving Lip oral sex in exchange for tuition) house but things don't go according to plan when Karen's dad Eddie walks in and realizes whats going on. After chasing Lip and Ian away Eddie returns to collect his stuff and storms out leaving wife Sheila Jackson heart broken. Lip gets Karen's verdict on her earlier test on Ian and the results disappoint him. Steve attempts to win Fiona's heart with a new washing machine, but soon realizes she can't be bought. Lip is furious when he discovers his brother has been sleeping with a married man, who happens to have kids. Steve comes clean with Fiona about how he really earns his living after taking her out for a meal and finally wins her over. Lip has a heart to heart with Ian and accepts the fact that he's definitely gay.

1x02 Episode 2

  • 2004-01-20T22:00:00Z — 48 mins

Frank finds him self in France with no idea of how he got there. After Shelia's husband attacks Frank in the Pub over the incident with his daughter in the previous episode, involving Ian & Lip, Frank returns home. He attacks Steve and Ian before disappearing back into the night. In revenge for the attack Steve dumps Frank in France. It's Friday and Frank is missing. Fiona begins to worry as its Giro day and a full scale search is launched. When a body is found in the local canal the family fear the worst-but it's just a Police PR stunt. Fiona realises that Steve has dumped Frank in France and demands he gets Frank back. Veronica and Kev go with Steve to get cheap booze. Frank returns safe and well and decides to make his move on Shelia! He moves in with her!

1x03 Episode 3

  • 2004-01-27T22:00:00Z — 48 mins

The volcanic Gallagher family moves away from centre stage as Veronica and Kev become the centre of this episodes action. Kev accidentally proposes to a excited and delighted Veronica. But he's only proposing to rebuff the attention of a female customer at the Pub he occasionally works at. However, a drunken Frank blabs to everyone. The wedding is planned and gaining pace and Kev finally picks up the courage to tell Veronica the truth. But he's also got a secret, he's already married! Veronica's mother, Carol, brings around five thousand pounds that Veronica's father left for a wedding. Kev and Veronica decided to use the money to pay for their house but fake a wedding. Meanwhile Ian Gallagher is pursued by a female classmate. Little does she know he is actually gay. When he rejects her advances she sets her lethal brothers onto him. The fake wedding doesn't go to plan when Veronica's crazy brother, Marty, escapes from jail. He locks himself into the bathroom and threatens to set Veron

1x04 Episode 4

  • 2004-02-03T22:00:00Z — 47 mins

The Gallaghers have a big problem on their hands when a local child goes missing from a party. Debbie steals/kidnaps a baby from the estate. However, the local residents immediatly think that the kid has been kidnapped by a pervert not least because Frank thinks he saw one outside the house of the missing girl. The race is on to find the girl while the Gallaghers, Veronica & Kev come up with a madcap scheme to get the baby back. It looks set for disaster but somehow they manage to get it off. The baby is returned and Debbie is flooded with money and praise by the Police little knowing she actually kidnapped the kid in the first place. Meanwhile after all the excitement Karen Jackson seduces Frank and they pair embark on a dangerous and likely disasterious affair.

1x05 Episode 5

  • 2004-02-10T22:00:00Z — 45 mins

Karen and Frank's affair continues behind the backs of Shelia and Lip. Shelia is concentrating on beating her phobea of open spaces, through a nurse that comes and visits her. Shelia goes shopping through a virtual reality machine but panics when she gets too near the doors. Ian's affair with Kash is ruined after security cameras are installed in the shop to stop shop lifting. Yvonne notices strange behaviour and comes to the correct conclusion. She tells Kash that she wants another baby and decides that Ian can stay on at the shop but his relationship with Kash is over. Lip discovers Karrens and frank's affair and goes crazy. He attacks his father.

1x06 Episode 6

  • 2004-02-17T22:00:00Z — 48 mins

Balifs are after Frank and the large amount of money he owns them. But Frank is too busy trying to fool his ex-wife out of hiding. He gets Shelia to ring up Monica and tell her that she has won a raffle, at the local supermarket. But Shelia is devestated when she tells Monica that Carol Vordaman is doing the prize giving and Monica doesn't know who Carol is! At the supermarket Frank is spotted by Monica and her lesbian partner, Norma, and a halirious car chase begins (a spoof of Duel/Road Kill). Monica and Norma follow Frank and Kev back to Shelia's where Debbie spots her mother. Monica is hurt when Debbie ignores her and returns home. Fiona and the other kids, apart from Lip and Debbie, turn up at Shelia's to see their mother. Upstairs Shelia tries it on with Norma. A family meal between mother and children ends in disaster when Monica comes out as gay and Fiona walks out.

1x07 Episode 7

  • 2004-02-24T22:00:00Z — 47 mins

The balifs and Mr Wilson are still after Frank. And Frank seems to be more interested in spending time with his ex-wife, Monica, than dealing with his spiraling debts. However, much to Frank's annoyance Norma, Monica's lesbian partner, gives Frank a good idea, to fake his own death! Meanwhile Maggie realises that Frank isn't as interested in her as she hoped. When Anthony comes around to talk about Fiona she accidentally gets Chilli in her eyes and staggers out into the Garden! The first time she has been out in five years! Tony has finally found the perfect way to get rid of Steve and get with Fiona for he has stumbled across Steve's car stealing scam. The balifs aren't so convinced that Frank is dead until one of them attacks Frank in his coffin, in front of the family! When Frank doesn't stir the balif finally realises that Frank is really dead, and how sick his violent outburst/attack seemed. At Frank's wake Frank bursts out of the coffin and a party starts. Maggie turns up to ever