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Jean van Kasteel



The Mask You Live In

Awesome french TV series, starting with humor and ending in tears. From dialogs (Kings Arthur, Karadoc and Perceval are just wonderful) to realization (evolving pretty well, for the magnificent set-up in the last seasons), you can sense that love and hard work has been poured in Kaamelott. I recommend without hezitation !

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Game of Thrones

This is the first show ever to make me go from a 9/10 for the first 5 seasons to a 10/10 for the sixth one!
There will be a before and an after Game of Thrones in television history. Must watch! And several times!

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That '70s Show

Great show for 7 seasons, then the 2 "main" actors leave and it's somewhat dull for the last season. But I've had an awesome time with the first 7 seasons, so I'll recommend to anyone wanting to get catched in the 70s. The journey will last several weeks (or a week if you're a severe binge watcher), and you'll be smiling, occasionnal laugh, for the entire time :)

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The Cyanide & Happiness Show

It's a crazy world, where humans are bugs flapping their butts and childs are sexual predator for adults. Love it or hate it, it's an awesome dark-bullshit-poop&pee-stupid-ridiculous-clevery type of humor.

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The Shannara Chronicles

"We're going to tell everything we do or did for the viewer, but in the most unnatural way"
"We're going to put a startled-looking girl as star but she's a fearless hero"
"That guy is poor but he has a horse because... plot?"
"We're MTV, let's put loud music everywhere, all the time"
"They have pointy ears, but we're gonna tell the word Elves 200000x per minute just to make sure even the dumbest person gets it"
"Let's put weird made-up words for everything, like they did in Hunger Games and Maze Runner"
"We're going to put haze here, because it's dangerous"
"I scream, because I'm a vilain"

God those were the most annoying 45 minutes of my life. Imagine Pretty Little Liars, but with even more unexplainable shit and elves.
The anorexic girl, the bad acting skills of mostly everyone, the cheap special effects, stereotypic dialogs... it's all there.

I feel I'm being taken for an idiot by that show. Jeez. I'll try to last at least 2 episodes before deciding, but... urh

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What a glorious performance of Catherine Frot. Unbelievable story and touching realization. I had a great time!

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The Stanford Prison Experiment

I haven't seen any "other" Stanford experiment, I barely heard of it in a Sociology lecture a few years back, so my view pretty much is only about this movie, these actors and this very movie.

And I really liked it. It's tense, it's tough, and I genuinly felt bad for everyone in this experiment: the prisonners, the guards, and the scientists behind it.

I would have liked a follow up on Ezra, though, to know if it was a fake or if he really did mean what he was saying.

I recommend it!

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Much Loved

I lasted 8 minutes. Couldn't go further. It's dubbed in french, with (bad) voiceovers and no lip sync. I think I've heard at least 150 insults & swearwords in those 8 minutes. The scenes take forever, everything is slow, and it doesn't even look good.

My my... After I heard on french TV that it was a "fantastic movie", that got badly recieved in Marocco, with the lead actress being bullied and attacked in the streets because of she's playing a prostitute (something apparently not ok in Marocco), I thought "well 4/10 is maybe just some pissed of north-african leaving bad reviews"... but no.

It is bad. It doesn't even deserves 4/10 in my opinion.

Fly, you fools.

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The Expanse

Good characters: a plausible background, evolving yet sticking to their personnality.
Good actors: they're all convincing and incarnate their respective characters without any obvious or annoying flaw. Tip of the hat to the cop.
Good picture: the metal colors and the blackness of space, the touches of hard colors (yellow, orange, violet) here and there. Looks amazing.
Good universe: convincing, with an economic & politic landscape totally making sense.
Good science: every tech gear, items, goods and ships are carefully thought.
Good scenario: we seem to move slowly but everything eventually connects to the big picture.
Good suspens: action, hard decisions, and that mysterious/terrifying thing (blueish stuff, i'll stick to that to avoid spoilers)

Every ingredient is there, and the dish takes: the first season announces a huge sci-fi series. May Syfy and the makers stick to that, and continue to entertain. The future of the show looks great after 10 episodes. 8/10, I almost put a 9/10 but decided to wait a little longer, see if it keeps up.

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Z Nation

It truly is the essence of a Zombie show. Everything is in there : a non-deep yet engaging story, with clear goals; a world filled with zombies of different types, made with inventivity yet respectful of the classics; big guns and bad puns; very stereotyped characters but all touching in their own way.
In one word: badass. If you like zombies, you'll like this.

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Knock Knock

Thinking about watching this? Just don't.

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