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Omicron Persei 8

What If

Gave up after 20 minutes.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

zzzzzzz ZZZZZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZ zzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZ ...

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Veronica Mars

Really disappointing movie.

It is mainly targeted at hardcore fans, without a glimpse of critical sense. I guess this is okay given the kickstarter campaign.

Having watched and enjoyed the series myself, this movie just made me feel like I wasted 1 hour and a half. The scenario presents absolutely no interest, it's basically the first season of the show re-done in fast-forward, with no surprise whatsoever. Character development is terrible, we're initially presented with this completely incoherent version of the usual suspects ten years after the last episode, only to see them go back to their "previous" lives by the end of the movie. (aka : wtf ? then boring)

So no, re-throwing the same catchphrases and bringing back the exact same scenes ten years after is NOT ok, and it's not fun either. Actually it's rather insulting to the viewer. Please do yourself a favour, don't watch this, and stick to the original series.

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5 Centimeters per Second

boring as hell, gave up after 20 minutes.

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Now You See Me

* The first ten minutes
* The Redhead (when she doesn't talk)

* Virtually anything else

The overdid everything with this movie, not a single actor is convincing, CGI looks pretty bad and kills all the tricks (what's the point of tricks if you have to resort to FX anyway ?).

The storyline isn't great either, AFAIK I can't say the ending was very surprising. At any rate the acting was so emotionless that I didn't really care anyway.

Action scenes are average but at least this movie won't make you fell asleep

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The Blacklist

very average, after 5 episodes the story "arc" is wearing thin.

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The Past

I just gave it a "totally ninja" since the 40% score clearly doesn't do it justice.

it's a damn fine movie, I don't get all the hype it gathered in Cannes though.

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Overhyped, pretty week plot overall, very predictable.

Boring too, the first 1/2 hour was entertaining though.

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Complete piece of junk. Would be more credible if the title was "superman" or something.

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I wouldn't trust any ratings for this movie.

You have to watch it for yourself.

Yes it's annoying, yes it's unbelievable, but this happened and THAT changes everything.

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Got tricked into watching this by a pretty good imdb rating.

I expected a lot more from that movie.

It starts as a parody of a christmas movie. The 10 first minute are pretty boring, then it really starts, but soon you realize, it is an actual christmas movie, only with some blokes cursing and getting high. I guess this works for some, but it's pretty weak overall and barely got me to smile.

Guess you need to watch this drunk or not at all.

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Falling Skies

Getting through season 2 at the moment, I have to say this keeps getting better. The end of this season two has a very battlestar galactica-ish atmosphere that's very enjoyable.

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House of Lies

Worst new show of 2012, surely Kristen Bell has something better to do than this !

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We Bought a Zoo

Very good surprise, a well-balanced family movie that avoided all the usual clichés from the genre and the common overload of cheap sentiments.

It probably won't blow your mind however watching this movie was a refreshing moment.

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The Pilot made some good promises, but following episodes didn't deliver.

Gave up after a bunch of episodes.

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Death Valley

Zombies, MTV, what else ?

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Falling Skies

This show kind of started on the wrong feet : everyone had high expectations and it did not really deliver. But it got better throughough the first season.

So, basically : not the show of the year, but not a bad show either. This is your average entertaining sci-fi show.

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This show is very unbalanced. Some episodes are utter shit, while other are very polished and well filmed. This is true both for the UK version and the new Starz + BBC version.

Only exception is season 3 which was pretty intense from the beginning to the finale.

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Gave up after less than 15 minutes. Acting & Editing are terrible.

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This show has no purpose. It's enternaining at first, but then, you get bored easily. I ditched it harfway of the third season. Wonder why I watched it this long.

Yet another Syfy failure. Has this channel produced anything good since BSG ?

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