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Gotham: 5x01 Year Zero

Quite an opener into Gotham's nadir, and the hints at what refined madnesses will eventually crawl out of such a crucible...

My only complaint: given that everyone knows some degree of the situation in Gotham, who decided that flying that chopper into the city at low between-the-buildings altitude was any sort of a good idea? I would have been shocked if someone hadn't taken a shot at knocking down such a valuable and accessible target. Both Bruce (in his request and instructions) and whoever piloted that chopper should have known much much better than that.

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Arrow: 7x09 Elseworlds (2)

Earth-90 Barry Allen: Hello, John. You're not wearing your ring. Things must be different here.

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The Flash: 5x07 O Come, All Ye Thankful

I think my only real plot-complaint with this one is that, after the airport lightning showdown—throwable lightning at twenty paces?—seeing Flash calmly walk out with Weather Witch in cuffs like nothing serious happened, I'd rather've seen Flash, somewhat scorched and tattered, lumber on out with an unconscious (and maybe cuffed) Weather Witch slung over his shoulder. Minor point, maybe. Just seems it'd feel more believable that way.

OTOH, Killer Frost's quick "I win, losers" moment with the holiday-lamenters was priceless.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 4x08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow

Taking "screwing things up for the better" to a whole new wormhole x-treme.

Ever so oddly—paradoxically, perhaps?—Legends of Tomorrow seems to perform at its best when it goes full-out timey-wimey wacko.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 4x07 Hell No, Dolly!

Why am I half-expecting those Kaupe-napping thugs to turn out to have been working for a new black-op program reporting to Hank?

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The Last Ship: 5x06 Air Drop

Kinda waiting for Hector's super-slo-mo epiphany to complete and push him to turn on Gustavo...

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Marvel's Daredevil: 3x01 Resurrection

Gotta like just about everything so far. Matt has a long way to come back from in many ways...

If I had to sum up a low and a high...

Low: No real explanation of how Matt survived Midland Circle? Really? That's disappointing.

High: Every time Sister Maggie spoke.

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Krypton: 1x10 The Phantom Zone

Obviously, there's more coming next season, and we'll probably see Seg-El somehow returned from the Phantom Zone at some point (and the struggle to keep Brainiac from returning with him?), but... I have to wonder... Will the house of El eventually rise while the house of Vex crumbles, and little Cor-Vex finds himself renamed somewhen along the way to, perhaps, Zor-El or Jor-El?

So many weird possibilities to ponder...

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Krypton: 1x08 Savage Night

Lots to like about this one. Things coming together, things splintering apart.

One gripe: Of all people, Primus Jayna-Zod should know that if the paramount objective is to kill that one lead figure, then you don't stop at one shot on him, however fatal the result may look. You keep firing. Against an enemy like this one, you keep firing until there's nothing left. But, oh, well. Aside from that...

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Krypton: 1x06 Civil Wars

Damn. I can't believe that in all that time I didn't place the Voice of Riario. Niiice.

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Blindspot: 3x22 In Memory

There was some good stuff in there, but it also felt as though someone was trying too hard to pack the season finale with WTFs. The result felt... a bit jumbled...

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Blindspot: 3x14 Everlasting

One of the more fun episodes in awhile, methinks, weaving in increasing threads of wackiness in a way that worked.

And I think we all knew that all sorts of wackiness lurked deep inside the mind of Patterson. Like ninja bo-staff warrior madness. Right?

But that Breakfast Club riff... (The Blindspot Club?) Now that was some funny wacky...

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Blindspot: 3x09 Hot Burning Flames

I was starting to get a little encouraged by slow improvement over the last few episodes. The few two episodes of this season were far too rough, chopped together, sloppy. The last two were actually pretty decent, IMO. But this one was far too rough, chopped together, sloppy... Sigh.

Too much of Season Three so far is looking like a caricature of the first two seasons.

I heard that NBC has ordered a Season Four of Blindspot. Does that mean that Season Three does get significantly better somewhere along the way, or have NBC (who has never really been shy about canceling even good shows) dropped its expectations a bit much?

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Blindspot: 3x08 City Folk Under Wraps

While this season has significantly more rough edges that the previous two, I feel the episodes are gradually improving for the most part. Maybe they'll reach the level of last season at some point, maybe not. We'll see. However, I must say that I hate when the writing sacrifices any sense of brains that a character may have in order to force a more dramatic moment, as they did at the very end of this episode. Kurt's not stupid, but leading off with "I killed your daughter" without any context at all certainly was.

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Blindspot: 3x03 Upside Down Craft

Okay, this is at least a little better than the rush-fest of the last two episodes, while still not up to most of seasons one and two. I'm slightly more hopeful for the rest of season three than I was after last episode, but not a lot more.

My biggest gripe is that, while we've seen just last episode that Patterson has learned how to fight, she had multiple opportunities to smash her captor's face in, take the collar control away from her, and end the whole crisis, but she let 'em all go as though she'd forgotten all about that kind of thing. Uhhh... writers? Hello?

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Timeless: 2x04 The Salem Witch Hunt

The adventures are great, but...

These reckless changes to history -- saving not only the one who shouldn't have died but the other eight, as well? -- can have significant effects on the present, and I hope that they at least get recognized and treated beyond a few vocabulary changes ("what's a 'witch hunt'?").

And... I thought Rittenhouse would be going for precise surgical changes to carve out the history they want. Preventing the birth of Benjamin Franklin would result in massive changes of many sorts, well beyond his influences on speaking out against authority; there's nothing very surgical or precise about that. If they wanted to curb the First Amendment, I'm sure they could have found a much more precise way to do just that...

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Marvel's Luke Cage: 2x05 All Souled Out

Did we just see the proto-beginning of Heroes for Hire?

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The Librarians: 4x11 And the Trial of the One

Anyone else get the feeling that this might story have been much better if more properly fleshed out over two or three episodes?

That personal-nightmare memory-flusher could have been a full episode by itself, and might've been much more believable if it were given that level of treatment.

IOW, high-level, I liked it, but many of the details felt rushed. Again.

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The Librarians: 4x10 And Some Dude Named Jeff

Pretty much everything about Asmodeus was handled very poorly, like a sloppy afterthought.

However, the rest of the episode was worth it. Plenty of arguable rough edges in the details -- and while that the Library chose puzzles that the guests could solve makes total sense we believe that the Library recognizes and is trying to help Jenkins, although the puzzles themselves ranged from too simple (first) to just plain silly (second) -- but an overall fun episode, even if only for the interactions of Jenkins and his new unexpected friends.

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The Magicians: 3x06 Do You Like Teeth?

Margo: Who are we, now, El? We used to be glamorous amazing mega-bitches. And now?
Eliot: We have... depth, and... character.
Margo: [the penultimate WTF look]

Another moment "pause" buttons were made for...

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The Magicians: 3x05 A Life in the Day

Shout by Thogek
2018-06-10T04:12:40+01:00— updated 2018-08-07T17:18:13+01:00

Thank God for pause-buttons, because...

Messenger Bunny 1: At castle, getting married.
Eliot (to Quentin): Does that sound like Margo to you?
Messenger Bunny 2: Need help now, dickwads.
Eliot: Definitely Bambi.


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The Flash: 4x22 Think Fast

Barry: Imma go get John Diggle and ask him.
Cisco: Quick, grab a bucket.

See? Someone's paying attention.

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Avengers: Infinity War

So much wow.

I'd wondered how this movie would manage to handle so many varied superheroes and their interactions. I'll just say here that: It works.

And now I'm going to be wondering for the next year: What the heck did Stephen see?
And why was Nick's unquestioning impulse to send a message to them/her?

I suspect we won't know much on those until the releases of Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

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Gotham: 4x16 A Dark Knight: One of My Three Soups

Most of this episode made for a creepy sort of great, but...

Someone please tell me that this League of Assassins/Shadows storyline has more interesting plans than to simply implode the infamously deadly League into some sort of cheesy Barb's Demons thing -- and that this wasn't the entirety of the plan of the obviously deeply scheming Ra's al Ghul that we saw.

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Designated Survivor: 2x14 In the Dark

Mostly enjoyed it overall, but...

That nonsensical technobabble about how Chuck finally figured out how to end the blackout was complete gobbledegook. Please, writers, learn a little about your subject before you go waving your magic story wands like that.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 3x15 Necromancing the Stone

That sight at the end, of John lighting his cigarette by leaning into the fireball, was worth pausing on for several seconds to appreciate the poster-shot appropriateness of the moment.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 5x10 Past Life

"I always knew that working with you guys was going to blow up in my face, but it's about to get literal!" —Deke Shaw

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 5x11 All the Comforts of Home

Knowing that our heroes have been through this loop of time who-knows-how-many times already, I have to wonder what can be different this time around that'll let them finally win and avoid The Ultimate EarthQuake. Then, I see this episode, and (among all the other amazingness and YoYo's horror), I wonder: Did their past trips through this time-loop include Zeke getting pulled back in time with them? Hmmm....

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Black Lightning: 1x03 LaWanda: The Book of Burial

Wherein Anissa Pierce discovers that it's not so easy to just step into being the next The Hood without first being forged into someone else, something else, by, for example, spending five years in hell...

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The Flash: 4x11 The Elongated Knight Rises