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Supergirl: 3x02 Triggers
The Flash: 4x01 The Flash Reborn

Like many others, I had fun watching the return of Team Kid Flash-- no, Team Vibe-- no, Team... oh, nevermind.


Barry's return and recovery really should have taken at least three episodes. This way it feels much too... simple. Disrespected, even.

It took an entire season to figure out and defeat Savitar, but just toss one Samaroid into the city and--poof--Cisco extracts scatter-brained Barry and Iris puts herself in immediate danger and--poof--Barry quickly descatters and saves her. Clearly, Barry's six months in Speed Force Prison was a piece of cake compares to the Savitar Crisis...

I hope, at least, that we haven't simply poofed all the effects of the six-month Speed Force Solitary away like that, that we'll be seeing interesting effects pop up for awhile. Even if they have to be prodded along by our new Thinker...

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Designated Survivor: 2x03 Outbreak

So, aside from all the questions about whether this show is leaning more crisis-of-the-week than the original story that gave it life...

The whole trail that Agent Wells is compelling down has found some quirky developments that beg the question of what the heck Lloyd was setting them after -- is he simply setting up for a Presidential scandal to toss the White House into turmoil again? what's the point now? -- but even then... Who the hell set that bomb in the medical records facility, and shouldn't Agent Wells and the others be all over where the hell that weirdly coincident explosion came from? Feels a little too much like "Oh, damm; guess we can't search for those records, what else have we got?" Uhhh... Hopefully that'll come back around in future episodes. It just feels like it could have used a line in there somewhere recognizing the WTFness of that explosion...

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Gotham: 4x04 A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head

Although I'm finding much of the storyline direction this season so far to be interesting... This is the third live-action Ra's al Ghul treatment I've seen -- including those from Batman Begins and Arrow and, IMO, clearly the oddest. The other two were rather different from each other, but both worked, made sense, etc. This one seems more like a sloppily thrown-together and somewhat unhinged Ra's, in comparison. Not sure if that's intentional, or just carelessness.

And... What the heck was with that dog-man-thing? I know Gotham can host some pretty comically weird characters, but...

At least the immediate story developments around Bruce (except: see above) and Oswald/Ed and Sofia are looking more interesting.

And... sigh. Alex...

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The Last Ship: 4x04 Nostos

Hmm. I have to wonder if Omar will now be redirecting his seemingly endless supply of ready-to-die morons.

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Humans: 2x05 Episode 5

Oh, Niska. You don't even know for sure if anyone in that room was involved at all. And now getting anyone to believe in the future... sigh.

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Marvel's The Defenders: 1x08 The Defenders
Stitchers: 3x09 Kill It Forward
Timeless: 1x14 The Lost Generation

I was a little disappointed that they redshirted Dave "Bam Bam" Baumgardner so quickly like that. I may not have liked the way he ended up being added to the team, but he seemed like a good guy; would've been cool to see him and Wyatt cooperating in all the anti-Rittenhouse madness coming up, but... sigh. Oh, well.

Other than that, great stuff. They seem to be getting better at involving the "locals" in creative ways: Hemingway can be a jerk, but he was a good jerk, and Baker was just brilliant...

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Timeless: 1x13 Karma Chameleon

After all that, I now have to wonder... Did Flynn lie to Wyatt about who killed Jessica (and Gilliam was just taking an opportunity to mess with Wyatt), or was Flynn trying to show Wyatt something more insidious (and very not-yet-obvious) about Rittenhouse's machinations, or...

Or perhaps Time just doesn't like to be forced into a paradox -- such as Wyatt going back in time to erase the event that formed his motivation to go back in time -- and so has a tendency to Nudge Things in ways that will keep paradoxes from forming, like the barrage of occurrences repeatedly getting in Wyatt's way of distracting Claire and Joel, something else killing Jessica that night to take the place of Gilliam doing so, etc..

And Lucy getting over her own personal "Nooooo! That's not True! That's impossible!" moment and confronting her father like that...

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Stitchers: 3x01 Out of the Shadows

Fun, and good to see the gang back, but...

Did it feel like a rather lot was resolved awfully quickly and simply? Almost feels like the writers changed their minds about where they wanted to go between the end of season two and the beginning of season three, and so [a little too] quickly wiped things clean so as to redirect. Maybe not, maybe it's just plain old sloppy writing. Either way, hope the season's plot improves from there...

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Orphan Black: 5x10 To Right the Wrongs of Many

In addition to all the utter amazingness that has been Orphan Black's fifty-episode story...

(Wow. Did they really cram all of that into a mere fifty episodes? Wow. Did I mention wow?)

There's something oddly funny about the whole Orphan Black story being a memoir told by Helena.
"My story is an embroidery — many beginnings and no ends, but I will start with the thread of my sestra Sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself…"

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing us this incredible embroidery, from stunning beginning to final-trip end.

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Dark Matter: 3x08 Hot Chocolate

I didn't quite get why they allowed him to return his transit-clone with his memories of the encounter. He's clearly established that they won't be able to talk or threaten him out of continuing to attack them, so any little piece of information they can prevent him from obtaining about what happened and how they pushed him back... and what he offered the colony worlds' representatives... Sigh.

But other than that, fun stuff. And yet another don't-mess-with-Five reminder.

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Orphan Black: 5x05 Ease for Idle Millionaires

Damn. As if it wasn't enough, last season, to have to sit helplessly and watch Kendall Malone executed and obliterated in front of her, but now Cosima's stunned out her attempts to calm Yanis by the unexpected bullet slamming into Yanis's skull. She may never see the quiet intellectual experience of the laboratory quite the same way again.

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Orphan Black: 5x02 Clutch of Greed

Gaahhh! MK! Dammit. In some ways, she basically pulled a Beth: suddenly just couldn't take it any more, and found a train named Ferdinand to throw herself in front of. But still... Dammit. Would like to have seen more of and from her before she went and did something like that... Sigh.

Even so, I'm kinda hoping that, somewhere down the line, we'll find out that MK left some sort of surprise running on some computer server somewhere that'll suddenly spit out valuable information or crash some big neo network at just the right time... Ah, well. I can hope, at least.

And maybe we'll get lucky and Ferdinand will go the way of Aldous Leekie.

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The Blacklist: 4x17 Requiem

It is rather amazing how richly these few well-chosen flashback-brushstrokes of Kate/Kaplan's past fleshed out her history and motivations toward both Masha/Elizabeth and Raymond, as well as why she acted to help Liz behind Redd's back the way she did. A masterful filling-in and tying together of so much.

Honestly, after all this, it's become difficult to decide who should come out on top between Raymond and Kate (if either one truly must). Kate seems to be the only one who fully understands how Raymond's original mission of protection has evolved into an unshakable obsession of control to the point of itself repeatedly threatening the mission...

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The Blacklist: 4x16 Dembe Zuma

Redd just keeps unfolding new ways to mess up his own world, doesn't he?
(Knew that was coming back to him in some form; looks like it ain't gonna be a small one.)

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The Expanse: 2x09 The Weeping Somnambulist

"With all due respect, Madame, where are you going with this?"
"Wherever I goddamn like!”

"Whoever the fuck you are, stand down and let her speak."

Yup. Gotta love Chrisjen Avasarala more and more all the time.

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Sense8: 2x11 You Want a War?

Why do I now kinda feel like the line "You want a war?" was a foreshadowing of the later shift in cancellation-disappointed Sense8 fans' attitudes toward Netflix...? :-(

Efforts like http://bit.ly/RenewSense8 might have something to do with that, too. Sigh.

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Marvel's Iron Fist: 1x13 Dragon Plays with Fire
Marvel's Iron Fist: 1x07 Felling Tree with Roots

Wow. Something about being a Marvel TV character named Ward just really screws a guy up, doesn't it?

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The Leftovers: 3x08 The Book of Nora
The Leftovers: 3x07 The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)

So much depth of portrayal, all to support and frame the core realizations of the episode which can be summed up with:
"We fucked up with Nora.
"Take this thing out of me." "Why?" So that we can never come back to this place again."

This seemed more like a final redemption and righting of Kevin himself than it did of the world-threat Dad believed was coming. (I suppose the implication afterwards is that there was no eventful significance to the seven-year anniversary after all.)

In that sense, this episode also bookends very nicely with the next...

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 4x22 World's End

I like how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. split its season into multiple sub-books this time -- "Ghost Rider" and "LMD" and "Agents of Hydra" -- across and at the end of which we see that the season's Big Bad Villain wasn't Eli Morrow and it wasn't Holden Radcliffe and it wasn't AIDA. It was the Darkhold.

Just because I can't help pondering pieces of the season's end...

Based on his description of this huge planet-spanning war and the nature of that portal he opened to return to it, I have to wonder if we'll see Robby Reyes and Stephen Strange crossing paths at some future point.

And... was that...
Phil Coulson, Agent of S.W.O.R.D.?
Phil Coulson, Enjoy to the Inhuman Royal Family?
Phil Coulson, Man on the Wall?
Whatever it is, it'll be Phil, so it'll be cool. So... back to work.

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The Leftovers: 3x06 Certified

The Laurie episode. Where she seems to connect as some semblance of the supporting, re-affirming positive-enabler she once was to just about everyone around her. Watching her accept and leave Nora there was hard. Watching her the entire time she was on that boat (after Nora's "elegant" concept) was harder. She seemed so happy just then, almost peaceful. I really do hope that Jill and Tommy's utterly lovable phone shenanigans were lifeline enough, but... leaving it right then... sigh.

The depth of wow just continues to amass, toward what promises to be the oddest of storms...

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The Leftovers: 3x05 It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

Every season needs one Matt-centered episode. Filled with a dizzying mix of utter wackiness and seeming arbitrariness, but with that stubborn thread of persistent-if-evolving Purpose almost guiding him through to... somewhere...

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The Leftovers: 3x04 G'Day Melbourne

Wow. Maybe "toxic co-dependent" wasn't so far off... :-(

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 4x21 The Return

Shout by Thogek
2017-05-30T07:23:10+03:00— updated 2017-06-06T08:33:49+03:00

[after watching a short film depicting the newly supercharged I'm-a-real-girl-now Aida learning that Fitz still isn't that into her and having the mother of all meltdown tantrums turning her onto her new everyone-will-burn path]

And this, kids, is why we never allow inhuman children to go through the Terrigen Mist process before they have accumulated significant formative experience learning to deal with the ups and downs of life. Ever. Right, Agent May?

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Blindspot: 2x22 Lepers Repel
Supergirl: 2x22 Nevertheless, She Persisted

Shout by Thogek
2017-05-28T07:48:41+03:00— updated 2017-06-06T08:38:54+03:00

Earth saved from the Daximite fleet by infusing the atmosphere with toxic-to-the-invaders Red Dust— er, I mean, lead particulates. Hmm. There's no way that those levels can be so quickly so high as to be so quickly fatal to Daximites and not have significant interesting effects on humans over time. We already have the term "lead poisoning" in our vocabulary for a reason.

Although I liked some aspects of the episode, some (including the savior-lead) just feel like careless sloppy writing. There's been a lot of strong potential peeking out all over this season, sometimes manifesting itself better than others. I just hope that the writing matures significantly next season, more thinking through of the connections and implications and verisimilitude of it all, and less careless contempt for the believability of fundamental plot components.

That, and more good excuses for crossovers with Earth-1. (Like Guardian getting some tactical lessons from Green Arrow. Or the Green Arrow suddenly finding himself in Earth-38's Gotham.) That'd be good, too. (Just sayin'.) ;-)

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