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Once Upon a Time in America

One of my all time favorites. If you ask me it's both Leone's and De Niro's best. Most people remember De Niro as Jimmy the Gent, Jake LaMotta, Travis Bickle, or young Vito Corleone, but to me he will always be David "Noodles" Aaronson, streetwise Jewish kid from the Lower East Side turned criminal kingpin. The famed "European Cut" is great, but if possible go after the 251 minute directors cut. You'll be glad you did.

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Vanishing Waves

To me it was more annoying than anything.

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Don't Look in the Basement

Probably the worst Video Nasty. First saw it when I was thirteen and hated it. Not even the (somewhat wonky) tits impressed me. Even The Driller Killer was cool when I was thirteen, despite being greatly inferior to its contemporaries. I gave this one a rewatch in my journey thru the Video Nasties, and nearly ten years later I still hate it. Most might regard The Ghastly Ones, which I haven't seen yet, as the worst, but I quite like Andy Milligan's work, so we'll see.

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I Saw the Devil

Two word review: "Holy Shit"

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Until the Light Takes Us

Probably the best doc on Norwegian Black Metal. It won't give the whole story, nothing will. I've been learning about black metal on and off since I was thirteen, and still regularly learn new info. it's not a topic you learn about overnight. Nobody knows everything about it, not even the people who were there most likely.

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The Killer Shrews

Very underrated "last stand" horror movie. Setup is crap, but payoff is well worth it.

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Dick Tracy

Decent, enjoyable cliffhanger serial. Looking forward to watching the sequels.

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Escape Plan

Couldn't get into it. Probably a decent movie, it just wasn't my thing.

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90 Day Fiancé: Season 1

The truncated season length definitely helps. I feel like seasons 2 and 3 only had 30 minutes of content per 40 minute episode, most likely due to the longer seasons.

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Chargeman Ken!

Probably the worst anime ever. Definitely so bad it's good.

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Do people not realize this actually happened? That's what makes it so disturbing.

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Kimba the White Lion

Definitely a classic. Worth watching for historical value, but not much else. Doesn't hold up very well.

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