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Pretty Problems

You don't get this by yourself. You get this with a little bit of capital, and a fuck ton of luck.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once

I hope love is not the only answer to Nihilism.

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Unfriended: Dark Web

This movie totally terrifies me. After watching it, I sealed my laptop camera with a tape and hide my Wi-Fi SSID right away.

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Norsemen: Season 2

It kinda terrifies me. Norwegian humor is deep and dark as fuck. Impressive.

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Emperor Visits the Hell

My wife and I watched this movie on our first date. I must admit this is a pretty bold move.

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Wow, how adorable these two gentlemen are. If you enjoy Good Omens, you should definitely watch this show! Also, there are some big stars as guests in the show. Goddammit, I really love British TV shows.

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