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All the Money in the World 2017

I will not watch this movie, but i want to give my two cents to it.

Maybe Mister Plummer is better than Kevin Spacey.
Maybe this Cast fits more.
Maybe Kevin Spacey has to be punished.

But the way Ridley Scott is just totally hypocrite. The way of editing a finished (!) movie, just to cut out an actor is just nonsense.

Would it be hard to advertise this movie? Yeah, but this was the way the movie was made. It's not the same, but similar to George Lucas StarWars-Postediting. It's just confusing as hell to edit a finished (!) movie.

Hate me for my words, but this is what i think.

If you think different about it, please! tell me. I am interessed in your opinion.

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@the_guy_with_the_hat agreed. I wanted to watch the movie after I saw the trailer, now I´m not sure anymore it is the same movie.