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Extra Credits

Season 13 2022

  • 2022-01-12T05:00:00Z on YouTube
  • 42m
  • 2h 56m (5 episodes)
  • United States
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  • Documentary
Join James Portnow, Daniel Floyd and Allison Theus each week as they take a deeper look at games; how they are made, what they mean and how we can make them better.

5 episodes

Shopping in games is Garbage! However, it's only because we're breaking the surface on a mechanic that hasn't been fully developed yet. Many Tabletop Games have a vast number of player interactions and situations that help these mechanics along but how do we translate some of these highly developed ideas into your next video game? Join us as we discuss where to get started with your bartering mechanics and game design here!

Are you a victim of Dark Patterns?!? Dark patterns are being used in video games and subscription-based services but what is the line between helping players out in a game and intentionally or unintentionally obscuring, subverting or impairing a players' autonomy, decision-making, or choice? Find out in our latest dive into video game design in Extra Credits!

Did you know the tabletop game industry is having an extinction-level event? With small and even large publishers like IDW Games stepping out of the industry due to the paperpocolypse, the rising cost of shipping, containers left sitting at the port, and the pandemic eating into convention sales. It's shaken the industry to the core and who will make it out of the fray?

Time loops can be seen in TV, Movies like Groundhog Day, and video games like Majora’s Mask but what we really want to know is who did it best? Or rather, what's the best way to experience it.

Ever wonder why most licensed games don't live up to all the hype? Game Developer Eddie Webb discusses the challenges associated with designing a game around an IP. Confessing all the gritty details of why these games might not please the fans and may be under-produced.