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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files: Specials

Special 11 Surveillance Specter & Morgue Mystery

  • 2012-06-26T20:00:00-05:00 on Syfy
  • 45 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality

SYNOPSIS: PART 1: The team investigates security camera footage of an apparition, seemingly a floating girl in a dress from Belgrave Hall. PART 2: An claimed haunted morgue is looked into. After seeing a skeleton apparition photo & apparent poltergeist footage. OTHER CASES: Mississippi UFO video that looks like headlights in the sky. Also video of a levitating girl emerging from Russia is scrutinised.

Surveillance Specter (Leicester, UK):
The team investigates security camera footage from Belgrave Hall, Leicester, England. The camera was apparently set to capture 1 frame per second but when an apparition appears it freezes for 5 seconds and as it starts again the apparition is gone. The building has a history of a wealthy family in 1845 moving in when shortly after their daughter dies there. It's also an alleged hotspot for activity like full bodied apparitions, disembodied footsteps and phantom cooking smells.

Morgue Mystery (Louisville, Kentucky):
The team is drawn to an infamous paranormal hotspot, the Baxter Avenue Morgue after reviewing evidence from 2008-2010 by a team of paranormal investigators. The first of which is a photo of what looks to be a skeleton like apparition in a store room next to wooden crates. Although in the photo the lights are also streaking indicating it's likely camera motion blur from a low shutter speed for example. Next a video from 2009 shows a chair being slightly lifted then pushed over supposedly all by itself.

Shown & discussed by the team are as follows:

Mississippi UFO (Gulfport, Mississippi):
Two lights are caught on film shimmering and hovering over water at a beach, the lights kind of look like headlights in the sky. Ultimately the team dismisses the footage due to there being no other witnesses and military bases nearby could indicate it's a military craft.

Russian Levitating Girl (Tiaga, Russia):
2009 footage of a man playing out in a park with his dog as he runs into a girl with her mother. The video shows the girl levitating above the mother as the camera pans down into the ground and then back up to the girl who is now on the ground next to the mother who swiftly walk away. In the end it's deemed the footage to likely be fake. The point that the camera pans down is a good place for a hoaxer to make a cut in the video as they switch out a puppet for the real girl.