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The Orville: Season 1

1x06 Krill

Excellent episode. It had some laugh out loud funny moments. But, the deeper more serious look at war and what it means to both parties was what made the episode. The POV of Mercer that he was a hero saving the young Krill was brilliantly offset by the POV of Krill teacher: That Mercer did not save children, he has created new hardened fanatic enemies. In war, there are no winners.

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Is it just me or are the episodes not written by Seth the better ones ? Don´t get me wrong, I like what he did in creating this show but his writing doesn´t seem to work as well here in this setting. This episode was really great. It had a serious undertone, a moral that is not forced on the viewer and the humor was good, too. More of this, please.

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This show just keeps getting better. A terrific blend of humor and serious stuff once again.

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Now that was a good episode, thought provoking moral relativism, neatly balanced with goofy humour.

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Believe superior, hatred, prejudice. The series continues to improve

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TIL sinuses are part of the digestive system. (Spoiler: They're not.)

"Somebody put that out!"
"What happened to automatic fire suppression?"
"That's the panel that caught fire."
Well at least the Orville has automatic fire suppression, even if it doesn't have teleporters.

Nitpick: Gordon would have been visible around that corner from where the guard was standing.

Another nitpick: Gordon's holographic disguise disappeared the tuning implement from his hand when he got it reactivated, for some reason. (Not exactly a complicated transition effect, but clearly Scott Grimes forgot to pick up the tuner prop for the second shot.)

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