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    Tuesday Documentary: Season 1969

    1969x11 Towards Tomorrow – 2001: An Earth Prophecy

    • 1969-03-24T23:00:00Z on BBC Two
    • 55m
    • United Kingdom
    • Documentary
    Your future is being created now - for better or for worse? with Isaac Asimov - Science-fiction writer and biochemist Dr. Herman Kahn - Director of one of the world's leading 'Think Tanks' Dr. Grey Walter - Neurologist and science-fiction writer Dr. William Simon and Dr. John H. Gagnon of the Institute of Sex Research Inc. Thomas Pauling and Imogen Sutton of Form 2H1, Holland Park Comprehensive School Science-fiction writers have been trying for decades to prepare us for 2001 and beyond. As more of yesterday's science-fiction comes true, we are forced to believe that some of the far-fetched prophecies being written now will also come true. Not only science-fiction writers like Isaac Asimov and imaginative film-makers like Stanley Kubrick, but professionals in conclaves called Think Tanks, are now busy on what is becoming big business â€â€ prediction. Tonight's documentary presents Interwoven patterns of prophecy from all these sources, plus the reactions and visions of those who must come to terms with the 2001 that prophets predict - the children of today who will have to live In it.