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    Tuesday Documentary: Season 1969

    1969x25 Out Of This World

    • 1969-07-14T23:00:00Z on BBC Two
    • 55m
    • United Kingdom
    • Documentary
    The extraordinary story behind the American bid to land man on the moon. Dr. Wernher Von Braun designed the infamous German V-2: today, a dynamic fifty-seven-year-old American citizen, he heads the team that built the giant moon rocket, the Saturn V. For him ' it all started with the moon.' This film tells the epic and highly spectacular story of how his pre-war dreams have been turned into reality; it also reveals projects for future interplanetary travel using nuclear and electric propulsion. Such projects seem as far-fetched even today as did moon-walking only a few years ago, but it will not be the first time Von Braun and his team have converted fiction into fact. On the eve of the moon flight, the film shows not only the triumph but also the spectacular disasters that have led to the conquest of space. It contains much new material never before shown, revealing one of the biggest real-life dramas in human history, involving sudden death, genius, and the fulfilment of an impossible dream. Written and produced by JOHN M. MANSFIELD