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    Tuesday Documentary: Season 1969

    1969x23 Hypnosis And Mind

    • 1969-06-23T23:00:00Z on BBC Two
    • 55m
    • United Kingdom
    • Documentary
    Is There a Ghost in the Machine? A doctor, in a now classic case, cures an apparently incurable disease simply by talking to his patient-working on his mind under hypnosis. A State Registered Nurse smiles and feels absolutely no pain as two pins ease through her forearm. Even the brain reacts to the unreal world of hypnotically induced hallucinations-as if they were real. Some scientists suspect one mind can communicate with another-by telepathy. Police testify tint a man locates missing persons for them by extra-sensory perception. But how valid is this? These examples, if true, pose problems that cannot yet be answered in physical terms. They appear to be related to what we call 'mind.' But we cannot define mind or prove its existence. This programme looks at the intriguing evidence and asks: is some of this mind over matter? And if so-what is mind? Eminent scientists suggest such phenomena could be important to our understanding of a mystery which one of the greatest physicists of our age has called ' The most important problem with which science has yet to deal Taking part: ;. Sir Alister Hardy , F.R.S. Sir Cyril Burt Arthur Koestler Introduced by Stephen Black Produced by MICHAEL Barnee