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Season 1 2008

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  • 2008-09-20T18:45:00Z on BBC One
  • 43 mins
  • 9 hours, 22 mins (13 episodes)
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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13 episodes

1x01 The Dragon's Call

  • Series Premiere

    2008-09-20T18:45:00Z — 44 mins

Merlin is told by the Great Dragon that it is his destiny to make sure that the young Prince Arthur is kept safe. Anybody caught performing magic is punished with death and Merlin is not a fan of Arthur. When Arthur's life is endangered Merlin finds himself tested.

1x02 Valiant

  • 2008-09-27T18:45:00Z — 44 mins

Camelot is hosting its annual sword tournament and knights from throughout the realm have come to complete for its coveted title. Amongst those hoping to win the crown is Knight Valiant.

1x03 The Mark of Nimueh

  • 2008-10-04T18:45:00Z — 43 mins

A deadly plague spreads through Camelot. When it seems that sorcery can be the only possible explanation, Merlin and Gaius race to find a cure, while Gwen is arrested and sentenced to death for practising witchcraft.

1x04 The Poisoned Chalice

  • 2008-10-11T18:45:00Z — 44 mins

With her sights set firmly on Merlin, Nimueh tricks him into drinking from a poisoned chalice, and he falls dangerously ill. Arthur ventures forth deep into the forest of Balor to find the antidote, but little does he know that he's walking into a trap

1x05 Lancelot

  • 2008-10-18T18:45:00Z — 44 mins

Merlin is saved from a terrifying winged beast by a heroic stranger- a young man named Lancelot, who dreams of becoming a Knight of Camelot. In order to thank him, Merlin provides falsified records of Lancelot's noble birth and Lancelot is accepted. However, with the winged beast- discovered to be a Griffin- still on the loose, Merlin's decision could have far-reaching consequences not just for Lancelot but for Camelot...

1x06 A Remedy to Cure All Ills

  • 2008-10-25T18:45:00Z — 43 mins

When the Lady Morgana is struck down with a mysterious illness, Gaius is at a loss for a cure. Thankfully a new physician, Edwin Muirden is on hand to bring the King's ward back from the brink.

1x07 The Gates of Avalon

  • 2008-11-01T19:45:00Z — 43 mins

Morgana has a nightmare and sees Arthur's death at the hands of a strange but beautiful girl. Meanwhile, hunting in the forest, Merlin and Arthur save the same girl, Sophia, and her father, Aulfric from attack by bandits and bring them to Camelot for refuge. Morgana realizes that Sophia is the girl from her nightmare and tries to warn Arthur, who is smitten with her. As the truth of Morgana's magical gift for seeing future events unfolds, so does a father and daughter's plan to bring down the kingdom of Camelot by sacrificing Arthur in return for eternal life.

1x08 The Beginning of the End

  • 2008-11-08T19:45:00Z — 44 mins

Merlin finds himself becoming friends with Morgana when he helps a boy stay hidden. The two of them try to get the boy back whence he came, but things turn bad when Uther announces that anyone helping the boy will be executed.

1x09 Excalibur

  • 2008-11-15T19:45:00Z — 43 mins

Uther's past comes back to haunt him as a mysterious Black Knight interrupts Arthur's coming-of-age celebrations, throwing down his gauntlet and challenging the Knights of Camelot to combat. The Black Knight, seemingly unstoppable, makes easy work of his combatants. But who is the Black Knight, and why is Uther so uneasy?

1x10 The Moment of Truth

  • 2008-11-22T19:45:00Z — 42 mins

Merlin is stunned when his mother, Hunith, turns up in Camelot--bruised, battered and desperate for help from Uther. She explains to Uther that a bandit named Kanen and his men have been attacking her village demanding all of their harvest or he will kill them. When Uther refuses to help, Merlin leaves Camelot to protect his mother and friends. To Merlin's surprise, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen join forces with him to save his village--but at what cost?

1x11 The Labyrinth of Gedref

  • 2008-11-29T19:45:00Z — 42 mins

Arthur brings a curse upon Camelot. Eager to help his people, he asks Anhora for advice. But is he brave enough to face the challenges ahead?

1x12 To Kill the King

  • 2008-12-06T19:45:00Z — 43 mins

Gwen's father, Tom, helps a sorcerer named Tauren turn lead into gold using a magic stone. As Tauren escapes, Tom is caught and will await trial. Whilst looking for Gwen, Morgana finds the magic stone, and Merlin can sense it. When Tom is killed by Uther, Morgana is out for revenge on Uther.

1x13 Le Morte d'Arthur

  • 2008-12-13T19:45:00Z — 43 mins

On a hunting trip, Arthur comes face to face with a creature of great power from the old religion. When Gaius informs them that it can only be killed by magic, Uther refuses to listen and sends out his knights to kill it. Arthur is fatally wounded and Merlin must go to the Isle of the Blessed to save him. But will he be able to pay the price?

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