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Saint Seiya

Season 1 1986 - 1988

  • 1986-10-10T12:00:00-03:00 on TV Asahi
  • 25 mins
  • 1 day, 4 hours, 46 mins (73 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Drama, Anime, Action, Adventure

Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters called Saints who channeled the power of the Cosmos within them. Now a youth named Seiya has trained to become a Saint himself by earning the mystical Cloth of Pegasus. He is joined by other Saints with Cloths of their own to fight for Athena.

73 episodes

1x01 (1) A New Era of Heroic Legends

  • Series Premiere

    1986-10-10T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

This episode introduces the legend of the Saints of Athena, who have always fought without weapons since the mythological times. The legend tells that they could smash the ground with their kicks and destroy stars with their punches. And now, they're back to the modern times. The main character of Knights of Zodiac is Seiya, who is training in Sanctuary, located at Athens, Greece, to gain the Bronze Cloth of Pegasus. However, he'll have to defeat Cassios, his rival, to get it, and Shina, Silver Amazon of Serpent, to stay alive...

1x02 (2) Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!

  • 1986-10-17T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Seiya arrives in Japan and learns about the Galaxian Wars, but he's not interested. All he wants is to find his missing sister, Seika. Saori tells him that she's disappeared when he went to Greece and makes a deal with Seiya: He wins the tournament, she'll find his sister. On his first battle, Seiya will fight against Geki, Bronze Saint of Bear.

1x03 (3) Swan, Warrior of the Ice Field

  • 1986-10-24T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

This episode introduces a new saint: Hyoga, who has trained in Siberia for five years and now is the Bronze Saint of Cygnus (Swan in the American version), warrior of ice. He returns to Japan to fight in Galaxian Wars and his first opponent is Ichi, Bronze Saint of Hydra, whose fangs are deadly poisonous.

The most furious battle of the tournament begins: Seiya versus Shiryu, Bronze Saint of Dragon. Seiya has hard times against Shiryu, whose Rising Dragon attack is so powerful that it can invert the course of Rozan Waterfall, and whose cloth's fist and shield are the most solid and strong ones in the world. Seiya takes desperate measures to win, and Shiryu tries desperately to finish this battle quickly, since his master is on the verge of death.

Seiya and Shiryu are now without their clothes, which means that the smallest mistake will lead one of them to death. Shiryu is still fast enough to avoid Seiya's meteors, but Seiya has got an ace up his sleeve: he has found out that Shiryu's attack, the Rising Dragon, has a small weakpoint that might lead Shiryu to his defeat, and possibly to his death...

1x06 (6) The Return of Phoenix

  • 1986-11-14T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Andromeda battles against Unicorn Andromeda uses his chains to form a nebula chain (Andromeda Galaxy). Unicorn runs directly to Andromeda but his chains attacks Unicorn, thus impoosible for Unicorn to attack. He tried to attack Andromeda from the air but the chains still attack him in the air. Suddenly, the chains set a reaction and form a code for Andromeda. He wonders what is could be until at the end, his brother appears.

1x07 (7) The Revenge of Phoenix

  • 1986-11-21T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Phoenix Ikki attacks his brother, Andromeda, without mercy. He's full of hate against all Saints and Saori Kido, whose grandfather had sent him to Death Queen Island. Jabu tries to stop Ikki but he's defeated with one single punch. Then, the official battle begins, between Ikki and Nachi, Bronze Saint of Wolf, who has his mind completely destroyed by Phoenix's attack. Then, Ikki bids farewell to all and, along with his henchmen, the Black Saints, steals the Gold Cloth.

1x08 (8) Battle for the Gold Cloth

  • 1986-11-28T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu and Shun chases Ikki and his Black Saints through the city as they run away with the Gold Cloth. Kido's Foundation sends an helicopter after the enemies, but Ikki destroys it with a single strike. They hide in the harbor and Ikki finally wears the Gold Cloth, but Seiya finds and hits him, making the Gold Cloth fly away from Ikki's body and split up. The black saints get the cloth's parts and runs again. One by one, they're defeated by the Bronze Saints, but they only manage to recover both arms and both legs of the cloth. One of the defeated Black Saints reveals that they follow Ikki because four stronger Black Saints support Ikki, and that Ikki's real intent is to take over the world. The next morning, Shiryu returns to the Five Peaks of Rozan, taking the destroyed cloths of Pegasus and Dragon with him, in order to repair them. But a black shadow watches them carefully...

1x09 (9) The Black Knights Appear

  • 1986-12-05T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Seiya is searching for Ikki with the aid of a police dog. Shun is in the forest remembering of the past and wondering what had made his brother change, when a new enemy arrives: one of the black saints, Black Swan. He attacks Shun, but Hyoga arrives and challenges him to a freezing duel: Swan vs. Black Swan. The other three black saints (Black Pegasus, Black Dragon and Black Andromeda) eventually show up too.

Shiryu goes to Jamil's Mountains in order to find Mu, the only one who can repair the clothes of Pegasus and Dragon. However, getting there will not be easy as he thinks. The Cloth Graveyard lies on his way, where many undead saints are waiting for him. When he finally arrives at Mu's Tower, Mu gives him some bad news about the clothes.

1x11 (11) Seiya Battles Black Pegasus

  • 1986-12-19T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

The battle of the Bronze Saints against Ikki and his Black Saints begins. Seiya, already wearing his Pegasus cloth (brought by Kiki), faces the Black Pegasus, whose meteors hide a terrible curse and might lead Seiya to an horrible death. Hyoga has no difficulties in defeating Black Swan, who alerts Ikki about Hyoga's attacks before dying. Finally, Hyoga finds the Phoenix Saint and challenges him to a duel. The battle is starting to heat up!

1x12 (12) The Nebula Chain of Friendship

  • 1986-12-26T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Seiya is suffering from Black Death's curse and is on the verge of death, while Hyoga tries (in vain) to defeat Ikki. Shun finds Seiya and tries to help him, but Black Andromeda and Black Dragon show up and Seiya makes a last sacrifice so Shun won't get killed. Shun manages to kill his black shadow and Shiryu appears and challenges Black Dragon. The combat between the Dragons is about to begin!

1x13 (13) Duel of the Dragons

  • 1987-01-02T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

In this episode, Shiryu challenges the Black Dragon, while Shun tries to save Seiya, who is slowly dying because of Black Pegasus' Black Death Horror. Shiryu, still weak because of his blood loss, almost sacrifices his life for friendship (which Black Dragon can't understand why, since he doesn't believe in such thing as friendship).

1x14 (14) Defeat of the Demon

  • 1987-01-09T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

The four Saints prepare to face Ikki (Hyoga wasn't dead after all), but they are no match for the mighty cosmo of Ikki. He knocks them out with one single strike, except for Seiya, who was protected by the Gold Cloth. Aided by the cosmo of his friends, Seiya finally manages to defeat Ikki after a deadly battle.

1x15 (15) Phoenix's Secret Revealed

  • 1987-01-16T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Ikki reveals what happened to him in the Death Queen Island. Since the beginning of his training, his master (Guilty) has taught him to hate everyone, as a way to gain strength and kill his enemies. The only person in the whole island who cared about Ikki was Esmeralda, Guilty's daughter. She used to take care of Ikki's wounds and both of them were real friends. Ikki's last day on Death Queen Island has come. Unless he killed his master, he wouldn't get the Phoenix Bronze Cloth. In the middle of the battle, Guilty killed his own daughter, Esmeralda. That transformed Ikki in a demon of rage, and he murdered his master with all his power, becoming the demoniac Bronze Saint of Phoenix. Back to the present, Ikki tells Seiya and the others the battle wasn't over because he was defeated. Suddenly, the black saints show up and steal the Gold Cloth. A new enemy has come: Docrates, the most powerful man in the Sanctuary. He shows his tremendous power (Hercules' Tornado Punch) and asks Ikki f

1x16 (16) Docrates' Fierce Attack

  • 1987-01-23T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

At many places round the world, tragedies are happening because of the Sanctuary's agents. In Greece, the Sanctuary's Pope is furious because Docrates hasn't returned yet with the Gold Cloth. Marin is about to be killed by Shina, but Aiolia stops her, saving Marin. According to Marin, the former Pope of the Sanctuary has suddenly died and his younger brother, Ares, is the new Pope, bringing a dark time for the Sanctuary. Back to Japan, Saori is in the planetarium dome when her grandfather, Mitsumasa Kido, appears to her. He tells her that the Gold Cloth always shows up when a new crisis is about to happen in the world and that she must be like Athena and guide the Bronze Saints to the victory. Meanwhile, Docrates's henchmen search for their boss under the rocks, when he shows up and they march for the Kido Mansion. Next morning, Docrates attacks the mansion. Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun defeats his henchmen but can do nothing against the mighty power of Docrates's Hercules Tornado Punc

1x17 (17) To the Rescue! Saori's Crisis

  • 1987-01-30T13:00:00-02:00 — 24 mins

Docrates is in the Colosseum and will free Saori and Tatsumi if Seiya gives him the Gold Cloth's helm. Seiya and Shun goes to the Colosseum while Shiryu and Kiki (who saw telephatically where the other missing pieces of the Gold Cloth were hidden) goes to the island where Ikki's challenge took place. Docrates' henchmen deceived the Bronze Saints and stole the helm without setting Saori free. His henchmen leave the Colosseum but Hyoga was waiting for them and he recovers the Helm. Seiya learns that Docrates is the older brother of Cassios, who was defeated by Seiya in Greece, and seeks revenge. Seiya and Shun are no match to Docrates's ""Hercules Tornado Punch"", but Hyoga arrives and, with a dangerous technique that he learned from his master, the Crystal Saint, freezes Docrates' legs, paralyzing the giant enemy. Then, Seiya and Shun attack and finally kill Docrates. Meanwhile, Shiryu and Kiki arrive at the place, but the Sanctuary's soldiers had already flown away with the other Gold Cl

The Pope is furious with Docrates' failure, and Shina advises Gigars to send the amazon Jeist (Shina's disciple, who was banned from the Sanctuary by the former Pope) to recover the Gold helmet. In an castle on an island at the Carribean Sea, Jeist receives a letter from the Sanctuary and summons her disciples, the Ghost Saints: Serpent, Dolphin and Medusa. They take over a big nuclear energy-powered oil ship that belongs to Kido Foundation and threaten to destroy it unless the Bronze Saints give the helm to them. Seiya and the others go to the ship and Seiya is forced to fight alone against the Serpent and the Dolphin. Otherwise, Medusa will destroy the ship. However, Shun immobilizes Medusa with his chains and the Bronze Saints go to help Seiya but, all of a sudden, the ocean is filled by ghost pirate ships, and thousands of ghost pirates invade the oil ship and distract the saints. The Ghost Saints seize the opportunity, steal the helm and jump to the ocean. The pirate illusion was

Shun has been hurt in the battle and is resting in his room. Saori and Tatsumi arrive at the oil tanker. Saori does an ancient Greek tradition with her jewels (I'll tell more about it on the 'cultural references' section), bringing courage back to the Bronze Saint's hearts. Afterwards, they watch a VCR tape recorded by the Foundation's satellite. It shows where Jeist's ship has gone to: The Island of Spirits, at the Caribbean Sea. The saints fly to the island, but their plane is attacked by Jeist's illusory attack and crases on the ocean. The Serpent Saint tries to kill Andromeda by drowning, but Hyoga freezes the sea's surface and Seiya finishes him off. They swim to the island and need to climb a hill in order to move on. Shun uses his chains, but they're attacked by poisonous insects on their way up. When they finally reach the top, Dolphin shows up, but then he's easily defeated by Shiryu's Rising Dragon. Hyoga is too weak and can't go on. In the forest, they're attacked again by v

Seiya and the others have the Gold Helmet, and the Sanctuary has the other parts of the Gold Cloth. In order to gather more information about the Gold Cloth's whereabouts, Seiya goes to Greece to visit Marin, while Shiryu goes to the Five Peaks and Hyoga goes to Siberia. Shun stays to protect Saori. Meanwhile, the Crystal Saint - master of Hyoga - goes to the Sanctuary to complain about what's happening there, but the Pope seizes the opportunity and hypnotises the Crystal Saint. Seiya arrives at the Sanctuary and is attacked by Shina and some soldiers. The Pegasus Saint is about to be killed when Marin arrives and stops Shina. Then, Marin tells Seiya what happened to the Crystal Saint and that Hyoga is in danger. Meanwhile, Hyoga arrives at Siberia and finds the village where he grew up completely empty, but he eventually finds his little friend, Yakoff, collapsed on the snow. Yakoff tells Hyoga that the Crystal Saint has changed a lot, and now is a cruel man. Hyoga goes to the Crystal

In China, Roshi tells Shiryu that the previous Pope suddenly died, and Ares, his younger brother, has taken his place as the new Pope. In Siberia, the Crystal Saint continuosly attacks Hyoga, who runs away. Back to the village, Yakoff tells Hyoga that the villagers were enslavered and are being forced to build an ice piramid to symbolize the Sanctuary's power. Hyoga goes there to free the villagers, and manages to do it. However, the Crystal Saint appears, and Hyoga has to confront him. Hyoga doesn't want to fight his master, so he is an easy prey to the mind-controlled saint, who freezes Cygnus' legs and hits him mercilessly. A soldier is about to shoot Hyoga on his head, but Seiya shows up and intercepts the bullets. The Crystal Saint tries to freeze the two bronze saints, but Hyoga hits him with his Diamond Dust. The Crystal Saint prepares himself to shoot an outstanding attack at Seiya and Hyoga, but he hits the Ice Piramid instead, destroying it, and collapses on the ground.

Shun, Saori and Tatsumi hide themselves at a small house in the middle of the forest, in order to protect the Gold Cloth's helm. Meanwhile, the Fire Saint arrives at Japan and burns the Kido's mansion with his flame attack. Tatsumi and Saori wants to return, but Shun stops them, reminding Saori how important it is to protect the Gold Helm. Tatsumi disagrees and flies to Kido Mansion, being captured by the Fire Saint and some soldiers from the Sanctuary. Under torture, he tells them where the Gold Helm is. Shun has troubles in trying to put out the firespots caused by Fire Saint's flame attacks, and this is decisive for the battle, since he can't put out the fire and defend himself at the same time. Eventually, Shun falls in the middle of the flames, but suddenly a hurricane begins, blowing the flames away, and a man appears from the nothing, carrying Shun on his arms: Phoenix Ikki! Ikki is back from the hell, and he is no longer a servant of the Sanctuary. He kills the Fire Saint quick

1x23 (23) Silver Saint! Noble Assassin

  • 1987-03-13T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Marin is ordered (and forced) to go to Japan and kill Seiya, but she doesn't go alone. On Japan, Seiya is at the beach when Marin shows up... along with Lizard Misty. Misty is a Silver Saint, a much more powerful enemy than Docrates or Ikki. Seiya tries to attack Misty, but Marin stops him and gives him a fatal blow. When Marin leaves, Misty digs up Seiya's body and realises the truth: Marin did not kill Seiya for real, she used a fake attack in order to save her pupil. Then, the battle between Seiya and Misty begins...

1x24 (24) Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet

  • 1987-03-20T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Misty hits Seiya with his technique, Marvel Tripper, making Seiya vomit blood and fall in the ocean. A drop of Seiya's blood hits Misty on the neck and he, feeling horribly dirty, takes his cloth off and cleans himself on the ocean's water. However, Pegasus was still alive. Seiya manages to block and deflect Misty's attack and, grabbing him by the back, throws Misty (and himself) into the sea, since Misty's Marvel Tripper, a wind-based attack, is useless underwater. Finally Misty is defeated. Two more Silver Saints arrive at Japan, Kaisto Moses and Hound Asterion. On discovering Marin's treason, they capture her as a way to attract Seiya to their claws. Seiya arrives and is attacked by Moses. On the verge of death, Seiya learns from Moses that Marin is his sister. Then, Seiya recover his strenghts and kills Moses, but he still has to fight Asterion.

1x25 (25) Fight! Under Athena's Command

  • 1987-03-27T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Seiya is tired because of his two battles and is no match for Asterion, who is faster and can read Seiya's thoughts. Seiya is easily defeated by Asterion's ""One Million Ghosts' Attack"" and is about to be killed when Marin comes to rescue. Kiki has freed her from the chains. Asterion tries to read Marin's thoughts, but Marin keeps her mind clear, nullflying the Silver Saint's advantage. As a last shot, Asterion tries to kill her with his special attack, but it's Marin who hits him and kills him. Hyoga arrives at the beach and finds Seiya unconscious. Marin is gone, but they find a message from her written on the sand: ""Seiya guard Athena"". Back to the Colosseum, the five Bronze Saints are surprised when Tatsumi reveals that Saori is actually the reincarnation of Athena, and that the Bronze Saints' duty is to protect her. All of a sudden, another Silver Saint appears: Centaur Babel, who uses flame attacks. Hyoga challenges him and, in the middle of the battle, three misterious Saints

1x26 (26) Friend or Foe! The Steel Saints

  • 1987-04-03T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

In the Sanctuary, Shina learns that the Bronze Saints are flying towards the Sanctuary, and sets up an ambush on a island near the Sanctuary with two Silver Saints: the telekinesis master Spartan and Perseus Argol, whose power turns anyone into stone. The Bronze Saints' airplane is attacked by Spartan's power and it's forced to land on the island, where Shina, Spartan and Argol are waiting for them.

The battle begins. Shiryu is unable to hit Spartan, since he can attack and defend himself with his telekinetic powers. Seiya challenges Shina and eventually defeats her, and she tells him that Marin hasn't gone back to the Sanctuary. Shun tries to hit Argol's back with his Chain, but the Nebula Chain is paralyzed in the middle of the air, and loses his attack power. For the surprise of all, Argol reveals what's hidden on his back: The Medusa Shield, which turns Shun into a stone statue. Argol puts the shield on his arm and direct its gaze towards Shiryu and Seiya, but only Seiya becomes is petrified, since Shiryu used his shield to avoid Medusa's power. Spartan tries to make Shiryu to look at the shield, but a quick move from Dragon makes Spartan look at the shield, and now he is petrified. The battle is balanced again, and Shiryu has troubles to avoid Argol's attacks and the Medusa's gaze. Meanwhile, Hyoga and Ikki are flying to the battlefield, in order to help their friends. Will t

1x28 (28) Dragon! Sacrificial Punch

  • 1987-04-17T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Shiryu is having troubles to attack Argol, since he needs to pay attention to the Medusa Shield. As an attempt to avoid the Shield's gaze, Shiryu uses a piece of cloth to cover his eyes, but it's useless against the Medusa Shield, and Shiryu' left arm (and his shield) is petrified. Being unable to use his shield anymore, Shiryu is about to be totally petrified when the Silver Saints show up and save the Dragon Saint from certain death. However, they are no match for Argol, and are defeated. As a last resort, Shiryu blinds himself in order to avoid Medusa's gaze. Now Shiryu can see Argol through Athena's aid, and with one last strike, he destroys the Medusa Shield and kills Argol. Seiya, Shun and Spartan come back to life, and Spartan runs away, taking Shina with him. Back to Japan, the Bronze Saints learns that the Silver Saints are a secret project from Mitsumasa Kido, and that their mission is to aid the Bronze Saints on their fight against the Sanctuary. Shiryu was operated, but the

Shiryu goes back to China with Shunrei to rest and try to find a cure to his eyes. Meanwhile, the Pope sends another Silver Saint to Japan, and Shina is pissed because she won't be allowed to go to Japan and kill Seiya, but she goes eventually. In Japan, Jamian, Silver Saint of Crow, orders his trained crows to kidnap Saori. Seiya chases him through the mountains, but Saori is still being taken to the Sanctuary by Jamian's army of crows.

Seiya attacks the crows that were taking Saori and she falls on the abyss. On his attempt to grab her, Seiya ends up by breaking his arm, but manages to save Saori, but Shina and Jamian show up. Between the foes and the abyss, Seiya and Saori throw themselves into the abyss. In the morning, Saori wakes up and protects a badly injured Seiya from Shina and Jamian with her powerful cosmo, and Hyoga and Shun arrive. Jamian is hit by Andromeda's Nebula Chain and falls on the abyss, but Shina won't fall that easily. Eventually Hyoga manages to attack her with the Aurora Thunder attack, and she falls on the abyss as well. However, the battle is not over, as two Silver Saint show up and block their way.

Two new silver saints arrive to take Saori, they are Capella, Silver Saint of Auriga (he uses discs to attack) and Dante, Silver Saint of Cerberus(he uses a spiked ball and chain). Hyoga and Shun fight them, but are defeated and thrown into the abyss. Just as they aproach Saori and a wounded Seiya, Ikki shows up. Saori is glad Ikki is finally back, but Ikki explains he and he's there only to help. Ikki draws a line on the ground and states it is the borderline between life and death, should the silver saints cross it they'll die. Capella is angry and attacks, but is defeated with a single punch. Dante uses his ball and chain but Ikki easily blocks all threats, jumping to the other side and explaining that he has already crossed the borderline between life and death many times, so that means nothing for him. Dante attacks once again but Ikki dodges and beats him with an uppercut. Ikki picks up Seiya and proceeds to leave when Capella gets up and throws a disc towards him, beheading I

Seiya is having his injuries treated at the hospital, being watched by Saori, Shun and Hyoga. Meanwhile, Ikki arrives at the Death Queen Island, where he had received his training and the Phoenix cloth, in order to pay a visit to Esmeralda's grave. However, the island is now ruled by Jango, the new leader of the Black Saints. Ikki faces Jango and the Black Phoenix at the island and Seiya and the others are going there to help him. But the Pope has different plans for the Death Queen Island, and the Saints are in great danger!

1x33 (33) Fight! Dragon's Tears of Light

  • 1987-05-22T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Back in China, a blind Shiryu is suffering for not being able to do simple things like training or holding a cup of tea that ShunRei had prepared for him. When ShunRei takes him to the river, so she can swim in it, a strong current makes her start to drown, and Shiryu can do nothing. She is saved by a man who Shiryu knows very well: Oko, who trained with him in the childhood and had been expelled by Roshi because of his violent spirit. Now he's back to kill Shiryu and get the Dragon Cloth, but Shiryu's cosmo is so weak and opaque that Oko loses the will to fight and leaves. That destroyed Shiryu's pride, and now he's suffering even more, since he feels he's not worthy to fight along with Seiya anymore. Meanwhile, Seiya desperately looks for something that can heal Shiryu's eyes and eventually departs for Mu's Palace in Jamiel, believing that Mu might now a way to cure Shiryu.

1x34 (34) Farewell, Friend! Rest in Peace

  • 1987-05-29T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Ohko reveals to Roshi his long-time resentment of Shiyru. Ohko attacks Roshi, but his strong, golden aura prevents him. Shiyru finally does decide to fight Ohko. Ohko, being the honorable man he is, uses a blindfold, to make him even with Shiyru. After a tough fight (and them falling down a waterfall), Shiyru defeats Ohko, and Ohko gives up on the Dragon Cloth. And Shiyru now believes that he deserves the Dragon Cloth and can fight with Seiya too.

At the Five Peaks, Shiryu drinks the Water of Life, but it doesn't work. Roshi tells Shiryu about the existence of twelve gold clothes at the Sanctuary, and that the Pope has decided to send his Gold Saints to retrieve the Sagittarius Cloth and defeat the Bronze Saints. All of a sudden, the waterfall water arise and a man appears from inside the waters, walking towards Roshi. He's Death Mask, Gold Saint of Cancer, and came to assassinate the Roshi. Shiryu challenges him, but Death Mask can move at the speed of light. Soon, Shiryu is defeated and thrown into the waterfall. Death Mask then reveals that Roshi is actually one of the 12 gold saints, the Libra Saint. Here follows a discussion between Roshi and Death Mask about justice. The Cancer Saint attacks Roshi, but Shiryu jumps out of the water wearing his cloth and attacks Death Mask with his Rising Dragon attack. Death Mask feels the hit this time, and is furious. Through his Sekishiki attack, Death Mask tries to send Shiryu's

1x40 (40) Go On! Our Departure

  • 1987-07-10T12:00:00-03:00 — 24 mins

Everyone is ready to battle at Sanctuary, as Shun heads to the airport to meet the others. June interferes, claiming that he betrayed Santuary. Cancer, the Gold knight attacked Andromeda Island and captured their leader. June was there to capture Shun as a prisoner to free their leader, but Shun explained and indirectly defeated June. Eventually June believed Shun and warned him other Andromedan knights are seeking him but it was too late for Shun to escape. Two more knights appearred and locked Shun up.

Andromeda manages to defeat his foes, and finally the knights take off to the sanctuary. During the flight, Saori reveals that there are twelve gold knights, and that Ares might be one of them. Aioria arrives at Ares' throne room and unmasks the truth about his brother and Ares himself. A ferocious battle between them begins, but it's interrupted by another Gold Knight, Shaka of Virgo. Shaka challenges Aioria and they end up defeating each other. Saori and the Bronze Knights arrive at the sanctuary and are told by an unknown man about the twelve mansions, and that each of them are guarded by a Gold Knight. However, when they try to get to Aries mansion, the man shows his true identity and hit Saori with a gold arrow.

Seiya and the others are told by Trammy that they have to pass through the twelve mansions in twelve hours. Otherwise, Saori will die, and only the Pope can take the arrow out of her body. They rush to the first mansion and meet Mu, who actually is the Gold Saint of Aries. He recovers completely the Bronze Cloths and tells Seiya that they won't be able to defeat the Gold Saints unless they reach the essence of the cosmos, the Sevensenses. Aware of that, the Bronze Saints go to the second mansion, Taurus, where the Gold Saint Aldebaran is waiting for them.

Seiya challenges Aldebaran and tells the others to move on, but Aldebaran knock them out with one single strike. Using his lightspeed attacks, he throws Seiya through a lot of walls and buries him in the mansion's ground. However, Seiya remember about his training with Marin and goes back to fight, and realises that Aldebaran's technique is similar to Iaijutsu techniques (using a offensive-and-defensive posture). Burning his cosmo, Seiya manages to shoot a huge comet and finally hits Aldebaran. However, Aldebaran isn't defeated yet, and promises he'll surrender if Seiya manages to break one of his horns. Aldebaran's Great Horn hits Seiya a couple of times, but Seiya finally is able to see clearly through the lightspeed power of Taurus, which means he's reaching the Sevensenses! And, on the clock tower, the flame of Taurus is about to vanish...

Burning his cosmo to the limits, Seiya blocks Aldebaran's Great Horn and, surprisingly, repels the powerful attack towards the Gold Saint, who is thrown on the ground. When he manages to stand up, Seiya comes from above and, with a single strike, breaks the left horn of Aldebaran's helmet. Aldebaran admits his defeat, and allows Seiya to go ahead, but doesn't let the others to do the same. Then, Shiryu and the others join forces and freeze Aldebaran's arms, who allows them to move on. When they arrive at Gemini Temple, they find a confused Seiya at the entrance, and they decide to go together. Apparently, there is some weird force acting on Gemini Temple that prevents them to pass through it. When they leave, they're at the entrance again, but now there are two Gemini Temples. Splitting into two groups, they try to pass through Gemini Temple once again. But this time, Hyoga and Shun find someone on their way: The Gold Saint of Gemini!

Seiya and Shiryu find the Gemini Saint as well but, due to the fact that Shiryu is blind, he can't be fooled by Gemini's illusion and they manage to leave Gemini Temple. However, at the 'other' Temple, Hyoga and Shun are in trouble. Hyoga tries to hit Gemini with his attacks, but they're reflected against them by the Gold Saint. Hyoga falls unconscious and Shun is left alone to face Gemini Saint. At the Pope's throne room, we find the Pope meditating. Apparently, he's the one behind Gemini's illusion. In other words, the Pope is actually the Gold Saint of Gemini, and decides to kill Hyoga and Shun! Finally Gemini moves. Shun tries to stop him with his Chains, but the enemy can't feel a thing, and attacks them with Another Dimension attack, sendind Hyoga and Shun to another dimension. Hyoga is unconscious, so he can do nothing to escape, but Shun uses his chains to keep himself at this dimension, but the Gemini Saint is about to break them!

Gemini breaks the last chain that keeps Shun in this world, and he drifts away in the interdimensional portal. Suddenly, he's thrown back to Gemini Temple, but one thing is different: the Gold Saint has vanished, and the temple's exit is right before Shun's eyes. Someone has disturbed the Pope's concentration, and that one is Phoenix Ikki, who is recovering from the previous battles inside a volcano on the Canon Island. Shun refuses to leave without knowing about Hyoga's whereabouts, and the Gemini Saint appears again and sends Andromeda to another dimension. This time, however, Shun manages to reach the Sevensenses. His chains are totally recovered and he shoots the Triangle Chain through Gemini's helmet, making it cross another dimensional space and hit the Pope's face directly! The battle is over, and the Gemini Armor falls on the ground. Meanwhile, Hyoga wakes up in another temple when, all of a sudden, a Gold Saint arrives and ask if he's the Swan Saint. Who is this saint?

Hyoga meets Camus of Aquarius, master of his master. He also learns that he is now in Libra's Mansion, and Camus is there to try to stop him, in order to save Hyoga from a horrible death through another Gold Saint's hand. Hyoga challenges him, but his powers are no match for Camus, who eventually defeats Hyoga and locks his body inside an ice coffin.

Seiya and Shiryu arrive at Cancer's Mansion, and are terrified from human heads coming out of the walls and ceiling. Death Mask is waiting for them, and Shiryu tells Seiya to move on to the next mansion, for he wants to challenge Death Mask, but the power of Dragon proves itself totally useless against Death Mask. Then, Cancer sends Shiryu's soul to the entrance to the Underworld but Shiryu, aided by Athena's cosmo, is able to come back to his body. However, Death Mask attacks Shiryu again, and his soul is sent to the Hell's entrance, once more...

1x49 (49) Love! Shunrei's Prayer

  • 1987-09-11T12:00:00-03:00 — 23 mins

Shiryu finds himself again at the doors of the Underworld (Sekishiki), and suddenly realises that Shunrei is praying for him at the Five Old Peaks. Death Mask hears Shunrei's prayer too and, fearing that Shiryu could find his way back to the living world again, decides to go himself to Sekishiki and destroy Shiryu once and for all. Cancer beats Shiryu really hard and decides to throw him in the Yumotsu Hiraska (the hole where souls have to fall in order to reach the Underworld), but Shunrei's prayer disturbs him again. Then, Death Mask uses his cosmo to cast Shunrei in the waterfalls. Shiryu's cosmo is filled with rage and Death Mask is mercilessly attacked by an enraged Dragon!

Death Mask tells Shiryu that he won't be able to defeat a Gold Knight, and that none of his attacks will ever be effective. Cancer manages to push Shiryu into Yumotsu, but he's stopped by many zombies that once were the people who were killed by Death Mask. Unfortunately, they're no match for a Gold Knight. Suddenly, a strange phenomenon happens: Cancer Cloth leaves Death Mask's body, since a Gold Cloth can only be used by someone who fights for Justice. Shiryu takes his Cloth off too and challenges Death Mask and, reaching the Seven Senses, finishes Death Mask, throwing him into the Yumotsu. After going back to the living world, Shiryu hears from his master that Shunrei is alive and that he can see again. His eyes were cured when he reached the Seven Senses.

Aiolia, the Gold Saint of Leo, is not allowing Seiya to move on. When Seiya wonders why, Aiolia simply hits him with an attack at the speed of light. Meanwhile, Marin tries to sneak into the Sanctuary and save his pupil, but the Sanctuary guards find her. Eventually, Marin kills all of them, but then she faces a gigantic man, who locks her in his powerful arms. As a last resource, Marin throws herself (and the giant) in the abyss. Seiya feels Marin's cosmo as it fades and burn his cosmo to the limits. Aiolia shoots the Lightning Plasma again, but this time Seiya manages to see Aiolia's energy, avoiding it and finally hitting Aiolia with a flying kick.

1x52 (52) Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist

  • 1987-10-02T12:00:00-03:00 — 23 mins

Seiya manages to avoid the Lightning Bolt and hits Aiolia, who falls on the ground. However, Seiya's attack has pulled the trigger, and now Aiolia is really furious... and bloodthirsty. With his attack, he breaks Seiya's leg and begins to torture Seiya, wondering if he'll kill Seiya at once or let him suffer more. Meanwhile, Shina, who is recovering from the battle at Japan, wakes up and tries to go and help Seiya, but Cassios stops her, telling that Aiolia is being controlled by the Pope's most terrible attack: The Demon Fist, who transforms whoever is hit by it into a bloody murderer. The curse will last until Aiolia kills someone... Which means that Seiya is in great danger!!!

Seiya is about to die on Leo Temple. Cassios leaves Shina's hut and goes to the Twelve Temples. There, he stops and defeats Shiryu and Shun, preventing them from going into Aiolia's temple to save Seiya. However, Cassios goes there and tries to save Seiya, because he knows about Shina's love for Seiya. Aiolia mercilessly kills Cassios, provoking Seiya's anger. Seiya burns his cosmos, reaching the Sevensenses and defeats Aiolia with his Meteors. Since Cassios died, Aiolia is free from the Pope's Demon Fist manipulation, and swears that Cassios' death won't be in vain.

The battle at the Leo Temple is finally over. Aiolia heals Seiya's leg with his cosmo and tells the Bronze Saints what they will face on the sixth Temple: Virgo Shaka, the Saint whose power is the closest of God's. Meanwhile, at the Canon Island, some soldiers from the sanctuary are torturing the villagers, in order to find out where is Phoenix. Ikki shows up and defeats all the soldiers, but two enemies appear from nowhere. They are Peacock Shiva and Lotus Agora, both disciples of Shaka and ordered by him and the Pope to kill Ikki. The battle begins, but Phoenix's abilities are being blocked by the Virgo Saint's cosmo. Shiva and Agora attack Ikki at will, and he can't do nothing about it. Meanwhile, Seiya, Shiryu and Shun are running to the sixth Temple, and Shun wonders why he keeps hearing his brother's scream in his head...

Ikki struggles to keep himself alive, but Shiva and Agora are very powerful and Phoenix can't move a muscle against them because of Shaka. Athena tries desperately to find Ikki, but even her cosmo is unable to go through the powerful energy of the Virgo Saint. Eventually, she manages to cancel Shaka's influence over Ikki and he is free to attack his foes. Shiva and Agora tries to kill Ikki, even without their master's aid, but Ikki uses is full power and destroys them. Seiya and the others finally get to the entrance of the sixth temple, the Virgo Temple.

The Bronze Saints arrive at the Virgo Temple. There, they meet Shaka, the man whose power is the closest to God's power. Yet, he doesn't seem to notice the saints in front of him. Seiya tries to attack him, but Shaka hits him hard and Seiya goes to the ground. The same happens with Shiryu and Shun, and finally Shaka defeats all of them with his technique: TenMaKou Fuku (Devil Lord's Blessing). When Shaka is about to kill Shun, a Phoenix Feather cuts his hand. Phoenix Ikki has arrived. Since Ikki hurt Shaka's hand, the Gold Saint creates a river of blood, where Ikki will drown unless he gives up and becomes a follower of Shaka, but Ikki uses his flaming cosmo to vaporise the blood river. However, Ikki still can't attack Shaka, who paralises him the same way as before. Then, Shaka uses his Rikudo Rinne (Cycle of the Six Worlds) attack, sending Ikki's spirit to the nothingness.

It starts to rain. Ikki is lying dead on the floor, and Shaka tries to find out which world Ikki has chosen. All of a sudden, Ikki stands up and hits Shaka with his Phoenix's Ghost Attack, but it proves itself ineffective against the Gold Saint. Instead, Ikki sees the illusion. Shaka destroys the Phoenix's Cloth with his powerful cosmo and attacks Ikki with Rikudo Rinne again. Ikki can't evade it, and his body is burnt to ashes. However, he reappears again with his immortal cloth. Shaka uses his last resource: The TenbuHorin (The Treasure of the Heaven) attack. To use this attack, Shaka does what the saints most feared: he opened his eyes, unleashing his full power and destroying Ikki's cloth again, and the first sense of Ikki: the touch. Shaka explains that the TenbuHorin destroys the five senses of the opponent one by one, and so he does with Ikki, destroying the smell sense. Ikki then asks him if Shaka knows about the Pope's acts, and accuses him of being a saint who is not dign of

Ikki is on the verge of death, since he cannot move, speak, smell, see or hear. Shaka tries to kill him but Shun stops him. Shun challenges Shaka but Ikki stands up and telephatically tells Shun that Shaka is his opponent, not Shun's. Shaka attacks Ikki again, but surprisingly Ikki blocks Shaka's power with his cosmo. Seiya and Shiryu regain their consciousness. Shaka understands that Ikki's brain and heart are still 100% active, and that's why Ikki's still conscious and fighting, so he uses the TenbuHorin again to destroy Ikki's brain. Shun challenges Shaka again, but Ikki is not dead yet. He promised to Shun that he would defeat Shaka. Ikki reaches the seventh sense and his cosmo becomes a energy wave that breaks through the roof of Virgo temple and falls down directly over Shaka. Ikki disapperars, reappearing again behind Shaka. He tells Shaka that he allowed Shaka to destroys his five senses on purpose, in order to focus his energy (like Shaka did with his eyes closed). Ikki tells