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Saint Seiya: Season 1

1x57 (57) Fear of the Void! Shaka Opening His Eyes

  • 1987-11-06T15:00:00Z on tv asahi
  • 23 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Drama, Anime, Action, Adventure

It starts to rain. Ikki is lying dead on the floor, and Shaka tries to find out which world Ikki has chosen. All of a sudden, Ikki stands up and hits Shaka with his Phoenix's Ghost Attack, but it proves itself ineffective against the Gold Saint. Instead, Ikki sees the illusion. Shaka destroys the Phoenix's Cloth with his powerful cosmo and attacks Ikki with Rikudo Rinne again. Ikki can't evade it, and his body is burnt to ashes. However, he reappears again with his immortal cloth. Shaka uses his last resource: The TenbuHorin (The Treasure of the Heaven) attack. To use this attack, Shaka does what the saints most feared: he opened his eyes, unleashing his full power and destroying Ikki's cloth again, and the first sense of Ikki: the touch. Shaka explains that the TenbuHorin destroys the five senses of the opponent one by one, and so he does with Ikki, destroying the smell sense. Ikki then asks him if Shaka knows about the Pope's acts, and accuses him of being a saint who is not dign of