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Whose Line is it Anyway?: Season 8

8x03 Brad Sherwood & Patrick Bristow

  • 2005-10-18T01:00:00Z on ABC Family
  • 22 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Talk Show

Seating Order: Brad, Patrick, Colin and Ryan.Questions Only: The scene is chaos in Manhattan as Godzilla approaches.
Sound Effects: Colin is a beach bum who loves water sports trying to impress girls at the beach; Ryan provides the sfx.
Song : Brad sings to Wilma, a schedule coordinator at a medical school in Indianapolis, as Oasis.
Props: Brad and Patrick vs. Ryan and Colin.
Sportscasters: Brad (Peter Bundtcake) and Patrick (Chelsea Swirl) commentate on competing gardeners Ryan (Franco) and Colin (Fargi).
Daytime Talk Show: Participating in Eggs, Eggs, Eggs about Humpty Dumpty are:
Host: Brad (Carl Omelet)
Guest #1: Ryan (Thomas Guide, Humpty's lawyer)
Guest #2: Patrick (Clifford Forehead, one of the king's men and also first on the scene)
Audience Member: Colin (called 'the doofus' by Drew)
Hoedown: About weddings.
Stand, Sit, Bend: Ryan and Drew are two members of a wedding party trying to reassure Colin, the nervous groom, that everything will be all right.Winner: Colin and Ryan
Credit Reading: None.