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Dr. Oedo wakes up from a WW 2 flashback (after he dozed off on the bridge). He developed a "sixth sense" of knowing an enemy's position when all conventional radar and computers fail.
Meanwhile on the Planestar, Doppler and Harken stage a plot to get rid of Lugar. They find him to be expendable as his Mecha-Satans have not been successful. Doppler gives Lugar a false promotion and sends him out in his flagship, "Mother-Satan." From Lugar's ship, Mecha-Satan "Gejiram" launches to take on Danguard Ace as Mother-Satan battled Jasdam. Harken (aboard the Planestar) takes over the controls of Lugar's Mother-Satan by remote and planned to Kamikaze it into Jasdam. Lugar, though not one of Doppler's "selected race,"decided not to desert but to go along and show Doppler and Harken how a real warrior dies...