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Wisdom Teachings

Season 23 2016

  • 2016-09-05T04:00:00Z on Gaiam TV
  • 35 mins
  • 7 hours, 0 mins
  • United States
  • Documentary, Mystery, Reality, Special Interest, Talk Show

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series. Combining esoteric philosophy, alternative science and historical fact, Wilcock offers viewers the chance to rediscover our ancient systems of physics and spirituality.

15 episodes

23x01 Wisdom Teachings: [#181] Foundations of Pyramid Science

  • Season Premiere

    2016-09-05T04:00:00Z — 35 mins

After David Wilcock’s discussion on the discovery of a pyramid on Ceres, we can return our focus to the power of pyramids on Earth. In order to do that, we need to examine the fluid-like properties of space-time, as proposed by Nassim Haramein. This gives us a new understanding of gravity, black holes, the nuclei of atoms, and the behavior of photons. All of which are the foundation for understanding how pyramids work as photon collectors. This presentation was originally webcast September 5, 2016.

Now that David Wilcock has given us an understanding of the physics of gravity and photons, we begin to learn how a pyramid can attract and shape the fluid-like substance of space-time. The photon vortexes created by pyramids can have a mysterious effect on the materials of our reality. This is how large pyramids, of the right shape and materials, can create changes in matter and act as life-force generators. These effects range from improving the optic properties of crystals to reducing radioactive levels. This presentation was originally webcast September 12, 2016.

Have you ever wanted to build your own pyramid? If so, David Wilcock offers guidelines to keep in mind when constructing your pyramid. You may begin to see a clearing of poisons and toxins from your environment, and a clearing of karma. But be careful, for too much time within the pyramid can clear karma too quickly and cause major disruptions in your life. You will also need to keep in mind potential spiritual attachments draining you of your vital energy. David offers advice to help mitigate such unintended negative consequences. This presentation was originally webcast September 19, 2016.

Pyramids in ancient times collected photons from a 3rd density sun and many remarkable transformations occurred within the natural environment and individuals’ souls. Now our sun is migrating into a 4th density state and we are increasingly bombarded with a higher density energy. Pyramids are now creating higher density photon vortexes with increasingly strange results. David Wilcock discusses how pyramids can affect karmic discharges and physical transformations as we transcend into 4th density. This presentation was originally webcast September 26, 2016.

Now that we have gained an understanding that pyramids can collect and focus photons within their geometric structure, the time has come for us to explore what a photon is and how it is the seed of the universe. David Wilcock lays the foundation for a substantial discussion to come, which lays out the nature of the universe as a fractalization of the original photon. Before we begin the in-depth scientific exploration, we examine what the Law of One Material has to offer concerning the origin of our universe. This presentation was originally webcast October 3, 2016.

In order for us to understand the nature of our universe, and the photon that created it, we must come to an understanding of the geometric nature of our reality. To do this, David Wilcock explores the relationship between the platonic solids. What the ancient scholars seemed to know about sacred geometry and the physical structure of our material world is now being proven by cutting edge science. This all may seem strangely esoteric, but this information is necessary as we get deeper into the nature of the fractionalized universe. This presentation was originally webcast October 10, 2016.

Try to imagine looking at a special sort of shape, that as you look deeper into its form, you see the same patterns repeated, over and over. This is the sort of thing you would see as you peer deeper into a fractal shape known as the Mandelbulb. Using this as an analogy, David Wilcock explains the nature of our universe, as deeper iterations of a single photon. These iterations align perfectly with sacred geometry and with a fundamental constant in quantum physics known as Planck’s constant. This presentation was originally webcast October 17, 2016.

Here is a preposterous proposition: the single photon which gave rise to our universe is both infinitely large and infinitesimally small. David Wilcock explains that this is because all of space and time is a fractional emanation from a single geometric form. Even beyond the physical, our very consciousness is also an emanation of this geometry. What we are exploring should not be considered metaphysics or paranormal, as this is the normal state of our physical reality. This presentation was originally webcast October 24, 2016.

Are you still skeptical about the geometric nature of our fractionalized universe? In a recent experiment, the shape and wave fronts of a single photon were holographically imaged. The pattern that appeared is best known as a Maltese cross shape, which is just a two dimensional projection of a merkaba. We find this same shape dating back to the earliest images of the Annunaki and throughout many secret societies, including the Knights Templar. This shows us that ancient occult groups were able to pass on their secret knowledge through symbolism which represents the universe growing from a single photon. This presentation was originally webcast October 31, 2016.

We go deeper into illuminating the connections between secret societies and their use of the Maltese cross type symbols. This is their attempt to pass on the secret knowledge that we are all fractal emanations of the one original light. We examine different artistic interpretations of the Maltese and Templar crosses which can actually show the fractal nature of the original photon. Plus we gain more of the backstory of negative groups which have coopted this symbolism for their own gains. This presentation was originally webcast November 7, 2016.

As we have seen, the nature of the universe can be scientifically discerned as a geometric form. But this is something which ancient occult groups have already understood and encoded within their stylized cross imagery. These symbols can be found within any organization in which the cabal has dug its claws. But why is this so important to understand? We delve beyond the spiritual philosophies of these groups to explore the science of octahedral fractals, which define the shape of our universe, and bring new light to this ancient wisdom. This presentation was originally webcast November 14, 2016.

Finally all of the pieces come together as we begin to understand a new cosmology that redefines what we think of as the universe. We have learned of the geometric fractal shapes which form from vibrations in the fluid-like substance that is space time. And now we can see how these shapes are spaced throughout the octahedral universe. What we now learn, is that everything moves along the same octahedral patterns, and sizes themselves within the same ratio. This all becomes evident as we examine the alignment of super galaxies and the shapes of atomic nuclei, which all form the super balance geometry of our universe. This presentation was originally webcast November 21, 2016.


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