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Big Brother

Season 12 2010

  • 2010-07-09T00:00:00Z on CBS
  • 45 mins
  • 21 hours, 45 mins (30 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality, Game Show

Big Brother, which began in 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; every summer they are treated to new houseguests, new challenges, and new evictions! Here's how the game works: each week, there is a Head of Household challenge, where all of the players compete for the power in the house. The HoH then nominates two other houseguests for eviction. Several days later, a Power of Veto competition is held, where six players (the HoH, the nominees, and three guests) attempt to win the Golden Power of Veto, which gives the bearer the power to "veto," or cancel, one of the HoH's nominations, forcing the HoH to nominate someone else (other than the Veto bearer) for eviction. Then, in the weekly live eviction, the houseguests vote to send someone out of the house for good. Along the way are Luxury competitions and Food contests (which, if the houseguests do not win, results in Slop for the week), all leading up to the show's finale, where a panel of sequestered jurors vote for a winner, who receives half a million dollars!

30 episodes

12x01 Introductions; HoH Comp #1

  • Season Premiere

    2010-07-09T00:00:00Z — 42 mins

Season 12: Episode 01: A House Like No Other

Meet the New HouseGuests!

Every fan knows that the Big Brother HouseGuests show up to the House ready to compete for the coveted $500,000 prize. Well, the classic BIG BROTHER mantra “expect the unexpected” is still very much true. For the first time ever, one of the thirteen HouseGuests will not be playing for the big prize, but acting as a secret Saboteur!

Host Julie Chen explains that over the first half of the season, the Saboteur will be wreaking havoc on individual players, rival alliances and even the entire house itself. The Saboteur does have an incentive, however—if he or she makes it five weeks in the House and pulls off all of their assigned sabotages, the Saboteur will walk away with $50,000. Talk about a different kind of season…

The House takes on an ultra-modern Miami feel this summer, with Arkansas hotel sales manager Britney, California college professor Ragan, swim coach Brendon and chemistry student-slash-Las Vegas cocktail waitress Rachel kicking off the season by entering their new South Beach-themed home.

The second group of HouseGuests to enter features Texas oil rig salesman Lane, Florida bartender Annie, New Jersey insurance adjuster Enzo, Arkansas sheriff Kathy and Miami podiatrist and Orthodox Jew Andrew, who shouts “Mazel Tov” when he bursts into the House.

The HouseGuests are all accounted for when Arizona college student Hayden, Philadelphia boutique manager Kristen, certified genius/web designer Matt and Illinois model Monet come rushing through the door. Instead of stopping for some introductory hugs, Monet plows past Kathy to make sure she has a bed of her own—now that’s a woman ready to play the game of Big Brother!

Bring out the Bubbly

Annie gets the party started by popping open the introductory bottles of champagne, which leads right into the traditional HouseGuest meet and greet. Ragan thinks the tall and handsome Brendon could apply for the job of Superman, while Enzo is worried about having a sheriff like Annie in the house. Andrew starts off by making up a sob story about being laid off and having to work in a shoe store, but all Rachel notices is how cute Andrew looks wearing his “Yom Kippur.” Andrew isn’t the only HouseGuest holding back; Matt declines to reveal he is a certified genius, Annie keeps her bisexuality quiet and Ragan also gives himself a demotion by telling everyone he is a student, not a professor. That’s a whole lot of lying and obfuscation right from the start—is the Saboteur among those already spinning tales or keeping quiet?

Hanging with the Enemy

Julie chimes into the living room and after a quick hello reminds everyone BIG BROTHER wouldn’t want to disappoint them by being too predictable. “One of you is actually not here to win the game,” she says, explaining the Saboteur twist to the HouseGuests. Julie reveals the Saboteur can win Head of Household and Veto competitions, but he or she will not be eligible for the final $500,000 prize. While the Saboteur has a chance to walk away with 50 Grand by making it to the halfway point, he or she will leave with nothing if evicted within the next five weeks.

Suddenly the living room monitor flashes and a shadowy figure with a masked voice appears! “Watch your back,” the Saboteur warns. “I can and will strike at any time.”

“There goes our drama-free night,” Ragan says, as everyone discusses the wrench in the works. Rachel wants to know how she can trust anyone, even a potential showmance, while Annie wonders if she should suspect anyone who mocks the Saboteur. Kathy notes that cops are already naturally paranoid, so this will make her only more suspicious of everyone around her. Who could it be?

I’ll Take Mine with Extra Relish

It’s time for the first competition of the season, but some business must be worked out first. Julie announces the inaugural HoH competition requires two teams, but with 13 HouseGuests, someone must volunteer to sit out. Andrew shoots his hand up, and learns he is not eligible for HoH. Enzo and Hayden find Andrew’s behavior fishy.

The HouseGuests then change, coming out as the red and yellow teams, with Andrew dressed as a hot dog! Matt notes that Andrew is definitely a kosher wiener. When the HouseGuests go outside, they discover the backyard has been transformed into a giant grill, with two huge hot dog wieners hanging in the air. Julie explains each team will use a series of pulleys to bring team members across the grill one at a time on their respective team’s wiener. The first member of the winning team across the grill gets $10,000, with the second member scoring $1,000. Successive team members across the grill get less and less cash, but the final winning team member across wins something unique—Head of Household.

Both teams find getting their first couple of players across fairly easy, but when gobs of ketchup and mustard get sprayed onto the hotdogs, the competition gets much more difficult. Red and yellow team members start suffering some fantastic falls, but things get serious when red team member Britney falls and injures her knee.

First responder Kathy jumps down to help, but the real doctor in the house, Andrew, does nothing, keeping up his lie about being a shoe salesman. Britney’s injury requires the House medic to check her out, but luckily her knee is not seriously hurt. However, Britney is not able to continue. Julie asks Britney if she is okay with that, and Britney says she is. To make the game fair, Julie asks the yellow team to chose a red team player who has already made it across to go again in place of Britney. The yellow team picks Kristen, and the game ends when the red team quickly smokes yellow, with Hayden taking the first HoH.

The Saboteur Strikes!

After cleaning up from the very messy HoH competition, the HouseGuests lounge in the living room. Suddenly the lights go out, sending the House into total darkness. At first Britney thinks there is some sort of technical difficulty, but it becomes clear that the Saboteur just may be at work. Despite the darkness Brendon continues a search for his toothbrush, while Andrew takes the opportunity to pull some pranks by opening and closing bedroom doors. The lights come up again and the monitor flashes on—the Saboteur thanks the HouseGuests for making the first move of the summer so easy! There is now a lock on the storage room door, which means no food or supplies and a diet of BIG BROTHER slop for the night! The accusations soon start flying as Ragan notes they are living within a murder mystery. If the first prank is starvation, Matt asks, where will the Saboteur go from here?

Talk about a fun start to the BIG BROTHER season! So whom will Hayden nominate for eviction? How will the Saboteur strike again? Can the HouseGuests figure out who is the traitor among them? Tune in Sunday, July 11 at 8pm ET/PT for BIG BROTHER on CBS!

12x02 Nomination Ceremony #1

  • 2010-07-12T00:00:00Z — 44 mins

Season 12: Episode 02: HoH Hayden Chooses a Target for Elimination

The HouseGuests are reeling after the Saboteur’s first attack—all of their food is now behind the locked storage room door! The prime suspects are Brendon, who inexplicably got up to get his toothbrush in the darkness, and Andrew, who was supposedly pulling pranks while he wandered around during the blackout. Andrew admits he is relieved he has immunity from nomination for sitting out on the first HoH competition. So have the HouseGuests fingered the Saboteur already?

Who Wants to See the HoH Suite?

Hayden is stoked to show off his blue and silver-themed Head of Household suite, which he describes as a “slick, contemporary” space. Ragan finds Hayden’s very wholesome family photos (and a lack of shirtless “dude” shots of himself) a good sign that the HoH will make good choices when it comes to nominations. Rachel wants to know what the rope in his HoH basket is for, and Hayden explains when he was younger he learned rodeo skills. “Can you rope the Saboteur?” one HouseGuest asks.

Geek Love

The first sparks of attraction are literally electric when Brendon and Rachel reveal during a Hammock chat they both have science-related degrees. Rachel finds it very sexy that Brendon is getting his PhD. The feeling is mutual, because Brendon finds smart women interested in science a major turn on. Annie, the third wheel in the hammock, feels awkward. “I felt like I was watching my parents have sex,” she says, noting she was “the cream in the scientific cookie.”

While love blossoms the game continues. Up in the HoH Suite, Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Monet and Kathy discuss the Saboteur. Matt notes that even if they are suspicious of Andrew he’s safe for the week. Kathy thinks the Saboteur is a girl, especially a trustworthy one. She suggests Annie might be a possibility but Matt doesn’t think she is the likely choice. Hayden realizes he is back at square one—just whom does he put up?

Coming Out

Annie pulls Ragan aside to the cabana room for a quick heart-to-heart. She has decided to come out to him as bisexual. “I actually have a girlfriend,” she says as Ragan hugs her.

Outside, more Brendon/Rachel bonding continues in the hot tub. As the two scientists continue to explore one another, Hayden takes notice. “They are a showmance in the making,” Hayden declares, noting this development is not good for anybody.

A little later Enzo and Hayden talk on the chaise lounge about how they could run the house together. It turns out Enzo is gunning to form his own mafia in the house, and takes the first steps to form an alliance. Enzo forms the first strategic alliance of the season, “The Brigade,” with Hayden, Matt, and Lane.

Enzo notes every mafia needs some muscle, like Lane, who he nick names “The Beast.” Hayden is deemed “The Animal,” and Matt is “The Brains,” while Enzo names himself “Meow Meow,” because like a cat he can be sneaky but cool and calm. True to his name, Lane doesn’t understand the word “Brigade” and admits he doesn’t really understand what comes out of Enzo’s mouth.

Time for the Have and Have Not Competition

Bedecked as a very muscular tooth fairy, Hayden kicks off the season’s inaugural Have and Have Not competition. The HouseGuests split into three teams of four as Hayden explains one member of each team must jump in a pool of caramel, climb under a huge straw and jump into a massive vat of popcorn and find a “sweet tooth” tile. The two teams that collect all eight of their tiles first are the Haves, while the last team becomes the Have Nots. Andrew notes it is more important for him to win this competition than an HoH competition because slop is not kosher!

Monet notes jumping into the caramel is like “hitting a brick wall.” Brandon almost loses his shorts when he slogs through the caramel, which gives everyone a view of his butt—Rachel, of course, finds this very cute. Everyone struggles, but Ragan can’t believe how nonchalantly Kathy takes the competition when she leisurely looks for her first tooth. As Lane plows through the caramel, Kathy gets stuck and comes to a complete stop, irritating her team members. To add insult to injury, Britney accidentally kicks Kathy in the head as she rushes past her. Despite an initial lead, Kathy’s team can’t get their eight teeth in time, making them the Have Nots. Along with Kathy, fellow teammates Matt, Rachel and Ragan find out they not only have to take cold showers and eat an all-slop diet, they must now live in the dreaded “Have Not” bedroom, which Hayden warns is the worst in BIG BROTHER history. The good news is completing the Have Not competition means the HouseGuests get bolt cutters to break off the storage room lock.

Not the Presidential Suite

Hayden’s warning proves to be more than true—the HouseGuests are appalled at the fish locker-themed Have Not Bedroom, which includes jars and jars of smelly bugs as decoration and plastic chaise lounges for beds!

The game aftermath continues when Kathy tells Britney she had it easier because Britney’s teammate Enzo left a tooth for her uncovered. Britney is not happy that Kathy is insinuating she was the weakest player. “You’re trying to tell me I’m the worst one?” Britney asks incredulously in diary room. Britney announces Kathy doesn’t need an enemy in this game, and she’s making one fast.

The Saboteur Strikes Again

The next morning Andrew notices someone has put tape across two images on the memory wall—both Kathy and Britney have been tagged. Andrew immediately runs up to Hayden’s room to fill him in, which only makes Hayden more suspicious Andrew is the Saboteur. Kathy brushes off the sabotage outwardly, but she admits privately this could ruin her game. The Saboteur suddenly comes on the monitor and warns them to “observe, listen and watch your back.”

Britney heeds the warning and goes right up to the HoH Suite to work on Hayden. Britney tells Hayden she doesn’t think she deserves to be sabotaged, while Hayden assures her it was a move to just create drama. Hayden asks Britney whom she would nominate and Britney quickly throws out Brendon and Kathy’s names. Britney says she’ll vote however Hayden wants her to, but Britney’s suggestion now has Hayden thinking—is Kathy a better choice for nominations than Rachel?

Time for Hayden’s Debut

The HouseGuests quietly file in for their first nomination ceremony. Hayden begins by handing Andrew his key, reminding everyone Andrew is safe for sitting out on the HoH competition. Hayden then pulls Annie’s key, announcing she is safe. Ragan, Enzo and Kristen are all relieved to find discover they are safe, with Britney, Matt, Monet, Kathy and finally Lane getting their keys.

Rachel and Brendon are the first nominees for eviction. Hayden tells Brendon he was unaccounted for during the blackout, and informs Rachel she hasn’t gotten to know him. Hayden later reveals Rachel is his pawn and Brendon is the target. Rachel is shocked, while Brendon feels Hayden has made a huge mistake by making himself an enemy. Will Rachel or Brendon win the Veto and escape the chopping block? And what will be the Saboteur’s next move? Find out Tuesday, July 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 03: A Key Veto Win Shakes up the Nominations

­Brendon is not surprised that Hayden nominated him for eviction, but he didn’t expect Rachel would be on the chopping block with him. Rachel sees this as her worst case scenario, while Head of Household Hayden thinks that he and his secret “Brigade” alliance including Enzo, Matt, Lane and himself have had a great first week.

Brendon and Rachel console one another as Annie comes in to tell them that they got a raw deal. Annie feels close to the pair, and sees their nomination as bad for her personally and for her game. Secret Brigade alliance members Enzo and Lane both come in to watch the nominees’ reactions, and notice the connection between Rachel, Brendon and Annie. Enzo doesn’t like what he sees, and decides he needs to keep his eye on Annie.

Outside after the nomination ceremony, Enzo tells Hayden and Lane that he thinks Annie is aligned with Brendon and Rachel, and that Annie is a strong player they need to watch carefully. If they need a replacement nominee, is she the choice?

Being put on the block together has only drawn Brendon and Rachel closer. Brendon almost cries over his nomination, which prompts Rachel to get closer to him. Their first big make out session takes place on the hammock, with most of the house watching and giggling from the kitchen. Hayden can’t believe that they’re making themselves even bigger targets than they already were.

After their canoodling, Brendon makes his way up to the HoH suite, where he basically threatens Hayden. “I would be worried about you,” Brendon tells Hayden before he alludes that he is aligned with Annie. “Is this guy nuts?” Hayden wonders.

Cinco de May-o

It’s time to pick players for the first Veto Competition. Besides the two nominees and the HoH, three additional players must be chosen at random. Drawing names from a bag, Hayden randomly picks his secret ally Enzo while Brendon randomly picks the house wild card Andrew. Rachel wants to pick Annie, but is visibly disappointed she draws Monet’s name, something an angry Monet definitely notices.

Veto host Annie brings everyone outside to a backyard transformed into a huge Fiesta with dozens of piñatas hanging across the lawn. Annie explains that the Veto players must smash open the piñatas and find lettered tiles. The player who can spell the longest word with their letters within ten minutes wins the Veto. But instead of candy, the piñatas are filled with spoiled mayonnaise!

The yard turns into a big sticky mess as the players smash open their piñatas. Physician Andrew purposely misspells “pasteurized” to deflect attention from himself by throwing the competition, making the clear winner Brendon, who spells the 13-letter-word “understanding.”

Hayden and the rest of the Brigade view the Veto competition as a “blunder.” Who do they nominate now? Enzo reaffirms his belief that they should make a power move and put up Annie, but Lane thinks Annie could be a powerful ally, and the one to go should be Arkansas sheriff Kathy, who is viewed as a weak player by many in the house.

While the Brigade debates in the HoH suite, Britney comes up and affirms the Annie decision. But it turns out a little later Britney is playing a couple of angles—in a conversation with Annie, she reveals that Hayden thinks Annie is in cahoots with Rachel and Brendon. Annie doesn’t trust Britney, so she decides to confront Hayden. “Who told you I’m aligned with Brendon and Rachel,” Annie asks. “Britney,” Hayden tells a stunned Annie. “Britney is stirring up trouble,” Annie fumes.

What the Saboteur Said!

The Veto drama comes to a halt when the Saboteur makes an unexpected announcement on the living room monitor. The Saboteur makes it short but sweet—two of the HouseGuests are lifelong friends. “It is quite easy to figure out,” the Saboteur says, leaving the HouseGuests wondering who the pair is. Andrew thinks Matt and Ragan might be lovers, but Kristin wonders if the whole thing is a lie. Is the Saboteur onto something or is he or she just messing with them?

So Who Goes Up?

Brendon calls everyone in for the Veto ceremony. Rachel congratulates Brendon on winning the competition, and tells him to do what he has to do. Brendon takes himself off the block, which leaves Hayden with the responsibility of nominating another HouseGuest for eviction. Hayden takes Enzo’s advice and nominates Annie. She says it is okay, but Annie makes sure to spit out, “Lies weave evil webs—Britney!”

Rachel is happy for Brendon, while Hayden notes that no matter who goes home, it’s good for the Brigade. So who will be the first evicted HouseGuest? And who will be revealed as the Saboteur? Tune in for the live eviction ceremony on Thursday, July 15 at 8pm ET/PT for BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 04: The First HG is Evicted and the Saboteur is Revealed

Annie is none too happy about being nominated, and puts all the blame on Britney. Annie thinks Britney has been telling people she is aligned with Rachel and Brendon, but Britney feels that Annie has lost her mind in a haze of paranoia. Rachel is sad about Annie’s nomination, but is more relieved that she and her house showmance, Brendon, are no longer facing one another on the block. Annie lashes out at Britney, but is soon teary-eyed with Brendon about her nomination. Meanwhile, Enzo and Matt celebrate the Brigade’s apparent dominance over the rest of the unsuspecting house.

Rachel is all excited for some romantic time with Brendon in the Cabana Room, but in the middle of a make out session, the sensitive Brendon has to cool things off to talk about how sad he is about Annie’s eviction nomination. Rachel is incredulous and can’t believe that Brendon is getting weepy over Annie when she is also on the block. Talk about a buzz kill!

And the Saboteur is…

So who is it? The HouseGuests have suggested almost everyone in the house as a possibility, but now the truth is out. The Saboteur walks into the Diary Room, and it is…Annie! “I bet you didn’t see that one coming,” she says, noting that she had a blast all week. Her sabotages went fairly smoothly, but during the blackout, Annie almost got caught by Andrew on the way back from putting a padlock on the storage room door!

Her latest Sabotage is her pick from a viewer’s suggestion—can she hide electronic beepers in the bedrooms? She sure can! Andrew hears one of the buzzers in his bedroom while praying, and is subsequently bothered by it all night. Ragan hears a buzz and wonders if the time between the chirps means something. Enzo fumes that the cricket noises in the palm bedroom have him “ready to choke someone.” Annie loves the havoc she is causing: “I’m good,” she says.

Annie may be down on her luck as one of the two eviction nominees, but she is not out yet. The house quickly gathers in the living room for another message from the disguised Saboteur. “Nice try,” the message says. “I escaped the block this week. Better luck next time.” Ragan thinks this means for certain the Saboteur is not on the block, while Britney thinks this means Brendon, who literally escaped the block this week with the Power of Veto, is more likely to be the Saboteur. Andrew suggests to Hayden the need for Rachel to go home, while Annie makes a convincing case that Brendon has been lying to them about his occupation and is a genius who is currently playing all them. Kathy points out that Brendon can’t go home, but his strong ally Rachel can. So can Annie save herself?

Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and asks Enzo about slop, embarrasses Brendon with footage from the first Have-Have Not competition (where his shorts kept falling off) and touches base with Andrew about his opinion of the Saboteur. But the pleasant chat ends quickly when it is time for the eviction nominees’ final plea to their fellow HouseGuests. Annie warns everyone that Brendon will take Rachel all the way to the end and then calls her former friend Brendon a liar. Rachel keeps her plea light and says she knows that they will make the right decision.

Unfortunately for Annie, her pointed final plea falls on deaf ears. By a unanimous vote, Annie is the first evicted HouseGuest. Outside the house, Julie informs Annie that America has just been told she was the Saboteur. Annie says she believes she played too hard, which explains her early elimination, and warns Brendon is the one to beat. Annie is surprised to hear America thought that Kathy was the Saboteur, but is happy to know she herself was among the bottom vote getters. Annie likes Ragan and Hayden’s goodbye messages, and is surprised by Britney’s catty suggestion to get rid of her silver eyeliner. Annie’s biggest laugh comes from Rachel’s claim that Brendon was hers first. Annie informs Julie that she rejected Brendon’s advances 24 hours before this season’s showmance became official, and notes Rachel should be proud of herself because “she got my sloppy seconds.”

And the New HoH is…

The remaining HouseGuests hustle outside for the HoH competition, the BIG BROTHER classic “Majority Rules,” where players must guess how the majority of the house would answer specific questions. Brendon is eliminated early with Kathy and Kristen, while the entire Brigade Alliance is voted out on one question. Andrew and Ragan are eliminated, leaving Rachel, Monet and Britney the final players. A three-way tiebreaker makes Rachel the new Head of Household!

So who will Rachel nominate for eviction? And how will the HouseGuests react when Annie is revealed as the Saboteur? And just what is Annie’s parting sabotage? Find out Sunday, July 18 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

12x05 Nomination Ceremony #2

  • 2010-07-19T00:00:00Z — 43 mins

Season 12: Episode 05: Rachel and Brendon Rule the House with their Eviction Nominations

Enzo is happy to see Annie gone, and notes that she was “hit with a grenade from the Brigade.” Because Annie outed him in her final plea speech, Brendon comes clean about having a Masters degree and the fact that he is starting his PhD. Both Andrew and Ragan are delighted that their respective lies about having advanced degrees are still secrets.

As the new Head of Household, Rachel is so excited to get alone time with Brendon in the HoH suite. Brendon is just as excited, but bizarrely the person who jumps and screams the most after Rachel’s win is Andrew. Hayden notes Andrew looked like “a kid at Christmas, or maybe Chanukah,” and warns that if the excitable Andrew is in an alliance with the new HoH he shouldn’t act like it. Britney couldn’t be more irritated by the turn of events, while Enzo tells fellow Brigade member Matt that he’s wondering if they made a mistake sending Annie home over Rachel.

Monet and Britney are moping in the palm bedroom when Andrew walks through. Britney confronts him about his excitement over Rachel’s HoH win, and Andrew explains he was being honest, and notes if runner-up Britney had won he’d be a target. Britney grouses and Andrew reminds her that they have always had issues with one another and she shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

Rachel’s HoH suite reveal is almost too much for Britney to bear. “I wanted to shoot myself in the face,” Britney notes, pointing out that she had to follow Rachel’s “flopping butt cheeks” all the way up the stairs while feigning interest in the suite reveal. Monet is just as unenthusiastic as Britney, and notes that there is no love lost between her and Rachel either. Outside, after the reveal, Hayden and Lane talk. They feel that Rachel as HoH is pretty much the same as Brendon as HoH. “All Rachel has is a key and pictures,” Hayden warns, noting a nomination for him would be understandable since he put Brendon and Rachel on the block last week.

But Hayden has other things on his mind besides the game—namely, the sexy yet mysterious Kristen. Hayden is used to girls falling for him so the hard-to-read Kristen is proving to be a challenge. There is an attraction, but Kristen is keeping it very cool, telling Hayden she doesn’t like cocky guys. The go-slow approach works fine for Hayden, because the last thing he wants is to make himself a target thanks to a showmance.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Come Sit by Me

Britney is so thankful Monet is in the house, because otherwise she’d have to internalize all her funny yet catty comments about the rest of the HouseGuests. Besides constantly making fun of Rachel, new BFF’s Britney and Monet have noticed Kristen is now sporting much sexier bikinis. Meanwhile Hayden is getting some face time with the new HoH. Things seem to be going well but when Rachel suggests a four-way alliance between herself, Brendon, Hayden and Kristen, suddenly Hayden shoots the idea down, raising suspicion in Rachel. But Hayden is not the only Brigade member to work the HoH. Later in the yard, Matt decides to act all paranoid in front of Rachel, thinking this will keep him safe for the week. The plan backfires, because almost immediately Rachel and Brendon start wondering what Matt is up to.

The scheming stops when Rachel announces it is time for the Have-Have Not competition. The HouseGuests break up into four “crews” who have to tape one of their fellow crewmembers to a brick wall. Whoever hangs onto the wall the longest wins, and then that crew gets to select the four “Have Naughties” for the week. However, crews can use paint blasters to weaken the tape and hasten falls.

Ragan gets put up on the wall for the blue crew, but falls quickly thanks to a shoddy taping job. Britney is taped up for the green crew, but has to be taken down when the sagging tape holding her up starts to choke her. Kathy wins it for the orange crew, who quickly chooses Enzo, Britney, Brendon and Monet as the Have Nots for the week. When everyone goes inside they learn the only food the Have Nots can eat for the week are fish sticks and fruitcake!

Here Comes the Static!

Everyone rushes into the living room when the monitor switches on—the HouseGuests are about to learn the true identity of the Saboteur! When Annie reveals herself, everyone cheers. Matt admits he is surprised, while Andrew is relieved no one can say he is the Saboteur anymore.

But soon the HouseGuests are back to the game. Britney, Monet and Matt individually make their way up to the HoH suite to grovel and suggest anyone but themselves for nomination. In an HoH Suite conversation that also includes Brendon, Rachel makes a play for Hayden again. When Brendon starts suggesting Enzo and Matt for eviction, Hayden quickly does some spinning to keep his secret Brigade alliance members safe.

Rachel has a lot to think about. She is no fan of Britney, while de facto co-HoH Brendon has his eye on Monet, who won $10,000 in the first HoH competition. But Matt’s paranoia, Andrew’s weirdness and Hayden’s betrayal leaves Rachel with plenty to think about.

And the nominees are…

Rachel calls everyone into the dining room for the nominee ceremony. To no one’s surprise, Brendon is the first safe HouseGuest. After every key is pulled, two women find themselves on the block—Britney and Monet. A tearful Britney notes, “This day blows,” while Monet feels somewhat defeated. Hayden, however, couldn’t be happier. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Veto winner shake up the nominations? Find out Tuesday, July 20 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 06: A Veto Win Shakes up Rachel’s Nominations

­­Britney is upset that she is on the chopping block, while Monet thinks her nomination is due to Head of Household Rachel’s jealousy of her. Hayden is delighted that his secret alliance, the Brigade, has once again escaped another nomination ceremony unscathed. Rachel feels fine with her nominations, because she knows neither Britney nor Monet has her back in the game. After the ceremony, Rachel’s showmance Brendon hugs the HoH and tells her she did the right thing.

Britney and Monet have a cry session in the Have Not bedroom, where they agree this was a personal move and not a strategic move. Monet thinks it is ridiculous that Rachel brought up her winning the $10,000 in the first HoH competition, and notes that she has never said anything bad to Rachel, before calling her a “stupid hooker.”

While the Brigade agrees they want the nominations to stay the same, a crying Britney goes up to the HoH suite to make her case. Rachel reveals she wants Monet gone this week, because Rachel sees her as a strong competitor. All of this emotion proves too much for Rachel, who later cries to Brendon about how she doesn’t want people to feel badly. Brendon tells her this is a game, and notes in the Diary Room the two nominees are playing a very good emotional game right now. In the meantime Britney and Monet go from sad to angry when they spend an afternoon calling Rachel every name in the book—behind her back of course!

Is there a Telethon for That?

Matt has been telling all sorts of HouseGuests his wife has a rare bone disease and needs an expensive operation in order to save her leg. Matt has created this detailed lie based on a disease he learned about on a TV show, and reveals in Diary Room his wife is perfectly healthy. Ragan buys the lie, but another liar in the house knows Matt is scheming. Matt tells “shoe salesman” Andrew about his wife, but of course Andrew, who is hiding the fact he is a podiatrist, knows all about diseases. He smells a rat!

Matt’s tall tales have to wait until after the Veto competition. The six players are HoH Rachel, nominees Britney and Monet, plus Lane, Enzo and Brendon. The necktie-bedecked players come outside to see six stocks, with holes for their hands and head. Once they are locked up, each player is given a briefcase to hold. Veto host Ragan explains the player who holds his or her suitcase closest to one hour without going over wins the Power of Veto. It’s a hot day, but Brendon and Monet try to count out the seconds, even as they get hit in the face repeatedly with a flapping dollar bill.

Once everyone has dropped their suitcases, Lane, Brendon, Monet and Rachel are eliminated for going over one hour. Britney comes in at about 52 minutes. Enzo racks in at one hour and 14 seconds, but despite almost exactly hitting the bulls eye, Enzo has gone over. Britney wins!

Britney still feels bad for Monet, but thinks they can convince Rachel to back door the house outcast Andrew. Monet makes her pitch, but Rachel isn’t sure she can put up Andrew because Brendon sees him as their ally. Rachel, who doesn’t want to make any more enemies, thinks this may be a way to make sure no one else will be mad at her and even make Monet and Britney allies.

But when Rachel tells Brendon she is thinking of nominating Andrew, Brendon doesn’t like the idea at all. Brendon doesn’t trust Britney and Monet, and feels Andrew has their backs. Matt and Ragan go upstairs to talk to the HoH and Brendon, but when Rachel suggests Andrew as a pawn, Matt volunteers himself. Ragan thinks this is a foolish move, but Matt thinks taking one for the team will ensure that Monet goes home and will strengthen his relationship with the Brigade. Matt knows he is taking a “monster-sized” risk, but thinks it is worth it.

Matt’s offer only makes things more tense between Brendon and Rachel, with an irritated Brendon finally leaving the HoH suite. So what will Rachel do?

Time for the Veto Ceremony!

­ To no one’s surprise, Britney uses the Veto on herself. Rachel nominates Matt, appeasing Brendon and disappointing Britney and Monet. Per Matt’s request, Rachel says nominating Matt as a pawn was designed to ensure Monet’s eviction. Andrew is thankful he made a blessing beforehand, while Matt sees the nomination as a way to build trust. Britney feels all her hard work was for nothing, but Monet notes she is not giving up. So who will be evicted? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out this Thursday live at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 07: A Second HouseGuest is Sent Packing

­Monet is reeling from Head of Household Rachel’s very public and definitive announcement that her replacement nominee, Matt, is nothing more than a pawn. Rachel gives Monet a half-hearted “sorry,” but a furious Monet is having none of it. Matt pretends to act shocked and defeated but he can barely contain his elation when he gets a private moment with fellow Brigade alliance member, Lane. He and Lane can’t believe Rachel bought Matt’s offer to be the pawn, and celebrate the fact that the Brigade alliance (which also includes Enzo and Hayden) appears safe yet another week.

Britney is devastated that Andrew did not go up on the block. She and her house BFF Monet share a major cry and sulk session in the caba­na room that quickly turns into a discussion about everyone they think is stupid in the house. The majority of their rage is directed at Rachel, with the increasingly angry pair verbally ripping apart Rachel’s intelligence, clothing sense and hair extensions. Ever the schemer, Matt joins them and keeps up his sad sack performance, telling Britney and Monet he wants to get back at Rachel and her showmance Brendon. Matt even goes so far to suggest he is going to avenge them all next week!

But the house is not all about strategy. It turns out Hayden and Kristen have been stealthily carrying on a showmance, which Hayden describes as similar to a fourth-grade relationship. Hayden and Kristen are pretty confident their coupling is a house secret, but Andrew would beg to differ. Since he also sleeps in the rust bedroom, Andrew is fully aware of their snuggling and kissing, and thinks it is hilarious the two of them are sneaking around as if no one knows.

Rachel, however, is playing the game hard this week. To figure out where Kristen stands, Rachel suggests Britney told her that Kristen was open to keeping Monet for the week. Kristen is shocked, and immediately runs outside and asks Britney if she said that. Britney denies this, and then tells Monet immediately. This sparks an intense spat when Rachel comes out and says she doesn’t like drama and notes someone has to go home. Monet says she wasn’t doing anything and lashes back at Rachel. It looks like Rachel’s plan to ensure Monet’s departure this week is going well—Monet is angry and isolated, while votes continue to line up for keeping Matt in the house.

The Tables Quickly Turn!

Britney approaches Rachel and attempts to clear the air with her over all the Monet drama. Rachel feels sorry for Britney, and decides to reveal something huge—Matt volunteered to be the pawn this week! Now Britney has a stunner to share—she tells Rachel that Matt has been telling her that he is out to get Rachel and Brendon next week. Through very dramatic tears Rachel said she knew that Matt would do this, but went against her better judgment by trusting him. Rachel runs downstairs and calls an all-house meeting. Everyone assembles except Andrew, who sticks to himself to observe a Jewish holiday. Rachel quickly calls Matt out for playing both sides of the house. Matt denies hustling anyone, but says he would be an idiot to not want to get out the strongest alliance in the house. Monet is furious at Matt for pretending to be paranoid about nominations and is even more furious at him for lying to her when she was so upset. Matt keeps spinning, but Monet warns the house that Matt will lie to them all and will get away with it. Maybe Monet has a chance after all…

Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests, who talk about their relief over the eviction of Saboteur Annie, how much fun they had in the Have-Have Not competition, and the general difficulties related to living in the house. Andrew makes a tender revelation when he thanks his HouseGuests for making his practice of Modern Orthodox Judaism so easy on BIG BROTHER.

Unfortunately for Monet, the tenderness ends abruptly when she is voted out 7-2. Outside on the couch with Julie, Monet admits the house has made her a bit crazy and has shown her that she is not as strong as she thought. Monet also notes that she thought it would be easier to pretend to like people, but she is definitely a person who has to be up front when she doesn’t like someone. In their taped goodbyes, Andrew tells Monet she had no game, while Rachel calls her “cliquey” and “catty.” But her BFF Britney gets the most laughs and tears when she tells Monet she will miss her because she now has no one to help her make fun of Rachel’s clothes and hair extensions!

­ It is now time for the season’s first endurance competition, Hang Ten. The concept is simple—the HouseGuest who stays on his or her surfboard the longest is the new HoH. There is a twist though; the first five players to drop are the Haves for the week, while the next four players to drop are the Have Nots, with the final player missing the Have Not status to become HoH. So who will be the New HoH? And who will be nominated for eviction? Find out Sunday, July 25 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

12x08 Nomination Ceremony #3

  • 2010-07-26T00:00:00Z — 42 mins

Season 12: Episode 08: Two More Houseguests Go Up On The Chopping Block

The Houseguests are riding the endurance competition wave on their respective surfboards as previous Head of Household Rachel watches. Brendon knows he has to win it to keep himself and Rachel safe for the week, while Enzo and the rest of the secret Brigade alliance are all gunning to win. Perennial outsider Andrew also feels this is a must-win HoH competition for him, so the tension is high.

The 7-2 vote for Monet's eviction has Matt wondering who cast the second vote against him. He knows Monet's BFF Britney clearly voted to keep her friend in the house, but he quickly surmises the second vote was Kathy. For her part Kathy knows the HouseGuests see her as a weak player, but she is fine with them thinking that, because it allows her to fly under the radar. Kathy drops first, followed closely by Lane. Kristen falls next, with Hayden right behind her. Hayden reveals he threw the competition, because he feels totally safe this week and doesn’t need the HoH win. In addition, Hayden wants to eat well—the first five players to fall off their boards are the Haves for the week, while the next four players are the Have Nots, with the final player on his or her surfboard the HoH. This leaves only one spot left for the Haves, and Britney decides she wants to make sure she can eat for the week. She quickly falls off her board, leaving Brendon, Enzo, Matt, Andrew and Ragan as the final five players.

When Enzo falls, Lane notes that Matt is the last hope of the Brigade. Suddenly, Brendon slips and Rachel is devastated that her man is out of the competition. A slip up by Andrew (who is sporting a pair of very short shorts) leaves Ragan and Matt as the final two players. Ragan asks everyone to go inside so the two of them can talk, but Matt and Ragan can’t agree upon a deal. Ragan, who was bullied as a kid, is proud of himself for lasting so long in a tough competition, but is unable to pull out a win. A small stumble has him falling off his surfboard, making Matt the Head of Household for the week.

How the Mighty Fall

Rachel retreats to the Rust bedroom, where she cries over her turn of events. Brendon comforts her, but Rachel notes that Matt would pretty much be an idiot if he didn’t put her or Brendon up on the chopping block. After she pulls herself together, Rachel approaches Matt, who tells her that he thought they had a deal last week when Rachel was HoH, and then she went and told everyone Matt volunteered to go up on the block as a pawn. Rachel knows she has a rough week ahead of her. “I had the opportunity to get him out and now I think Matt is going to send me home,” she says.

Matt’s HoH suite reveal is a fun one, with everyone enjoying pictures of Matt’s family and wife. In his letter from home, Matt’s wife suggests she is feeling better, which plays into Matt’s lie that his wife has a rare disease. Even Andrew, who has been skeptical of Matt’s story, feels bad for thinking Matt may have been lying to them. Could things get more perfect for Matt’s game?

After everyone else clears out, the Brigade has a celebratory meeting. Enzo thinks Rachel and Brendon need to go up, but Matt notes he is making his own decisions on nominations. He definitely has his eye on Kathy, for instance. Hayden leaves the group and immediately dives into a make out session with his secret showmance Kristen. While they kiss Hayden tells Kristen they have to be careful as Kristen reveals that she will do what it takes to move their game forward. Meanwhile in the HoH suite, Lane, Matt and Enzo discuss what’s going on with Hayden. Lane wonders if Hayden and Kristen are secretly related, while Enzo wants to know why they haven’t hooked up yet. Matt doesn’t think Hayden will double cross the Brigade, but Enzo notes that in this house, Hayden better understand it is “bros before hos.”

I’ve Got a Deal for You

Rachel and Brendon go up to the HoH suite to work Matt before his nominations. Matt keeps telling the lie that he is “playing the game by himself,” and reaffirms his disappointment over Rachel calling a house meeting and then revealing their secret deal. Rachel apologizes for making mistakes last week, and Matt notes he has no good reason not to put the two of them up. Eventually Rachel and Brendon appear to finally hammer out a deal with Matt, but Rachel notes she just can’t trust him.

Soon after, Matt calls up Andrew and explains he wants to use him as a pawn this week. Matt tries to soften the blow by saying Andrew is a cool guy who is now much more integrated into the house, but Andrew doesn’t like this turn of events. Matt notes the obvious choice is to put up the house showmance, but as a “diabolical super genius,” he doesn’t always have to go with the obvious.

It’s time for the nominations. Matt calls everyone into the dining room and pulls the first key. Ragan is safe, followed by Kristen, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Britney, Rachel and finally Brendon. Andrew and Kathy are on the block! Kathy doesn’t understand Matt’s nominations, while Andrew calls Matt’s plan stupid and vows to come after him. Matt is happy with his nominations, and notes he can always reset things with use of the Veto. So who will win the Veto competition, and will the winner use it to save Kathy or Andrew? Find out Wednesday, July 28 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 09: A Veto Win Shakes up the Brigade's Plans

Rachel can’t­ believe Head of Household Matt didn’t nominate her or Brendon for elimination, but wonders if this means one of them will be back doored. Nominee Andrew knows he is a pawn but is nervous about how things might turn out, while Kathy feels it doesn’t make sense that she was nominated just because she cast a vote for Matt’s elimination last week. Hayden is disappointed that Matt put up two floaters, because at this stage in the game he believes that their secret alliance, “the Brigade,” should be making bigger power moves. Matt could care less what Hayden thinks—this is his HoH, and he’ll nominate who he chooses.

Kathy goes up to the HoH suite with Matt and tells him that she was not gunning for him with her elimination vote last week. Matt says he wishes he knew that before, and tells her he doesn’t care who goes home, so she and Andrew don’t have to worry about him swaying votes. But in the Diary Room Matt reveals something different—he admits that he doesn’t believe a word coming out of Kathy’s mouth.

It appears Kathy should be worried. Hayden and his secret showmance Kristen come to Andrew and tell him they are voting to keep him. It turns out Hayden has more than good wishes and a single vote going Andrew’s way; Hayden wants to play and win the Power of Veto competition so he can take Andrew off the block and give Matt the opportunity to back door Brendon.

Getting on Andrew’s Nerves

Rachel is starting to crowd Andrew in on all sorts of levels. First, she drops peaches in the iced tea, which makes one of the few non-slop items forbidden to this week’s Have Nots, which includes Andrew. He finds her not only selfish, but also a stumbling block in his game. He trusts Brendon, and can’t understand why his biggest ally in the house would be aligned with such a person.

It’s time for the Veto Competition player selection. Besides HoH Matt and nominees Andrew and Kathy, three other players are chosen at random. Matt’s worst nightmare comes true when he pulls Brendon’s name—now the guy he is targeting for eviction has a chance to save himself. Matt and the rest of the Brigade are happy when Lane is chosen, but Andrew gets upset when his house nemesis Rachel rounds out the Veto six. “I thought God loved me,” the very religious Andrew says. “What sin did I do this week?”

The HouseGuests come outside to find the backyard turned into a fortuneteller’s den of oddities. Host Enzo explains the players have ten minutes to look at all the stuff in the backyard. Matt notes he is great at math, but after seeing everything he realizes they will have to estimate the exact number of objects for the competition. It turns out Matt is right. Enzo says in the “Veto of Fortune” competition, the players must guess the amounts and decide if they will “stay” or “fold.” If they fold, they can’t be eliminated, but they also can’t win a point. If they stay, they can win a point, but if they don’t get the closest number to the actual amount, they will be eliminated. Whoever gets three points first wins the Veto competition. Matt wins the first round, but his fellow Brigade member Lane is eliminated. Andrew then wins a point, eliminating Matt. The HoH can’t believe this—his empire is crumbling and all he can do is watch. Andrew wins a second point, which heartens Matt and Lane. If Andrew pulls off a win, Matt can still back door Brendon. But Brendo­n quickly ties things up with Andrew, with the next point deciding the winner. In the final round, Brendon pulls out a win. Brendon and Rachel—aka “Brenchel”—save themselves again!

So Now What?

The Brigade is devastated. Enzo thinks Matt has gone from being the brains of the operation to the “gremlin” of the alliance. Matt goes and talks to Andrew, who is very upset. How could this happen? Matt promises Andrew it will be a 4-4 vote with Matt breaking the tie. But with so many things already going wrong, Andrew decides to take matters into his own hands.

Late that night, Andrew talks to Brendon in the darkness of the Have Not bedroom. Andrew tells Brendon he trusts him, but wants to put on a show at the Veto ceremony that will mislead people into thinking that he and Brendon have a rivalry. Andrew’s only request is that Brendon not tell Rachel. Brendon is intrigued by the idea of a bold move in the game, but hopes this doesn’t come back to haunt him.

­ It’s time for the Veto ceremony. Kathy tells Brendon she doesn’t need the Veto, but thanks him for giving her a chance to explain why she should have it. Andrew gets up and tells everyone this game is ironic. Last week Matt, Brendon and Rachel were at each other’s throats, but this week they will all end up staying in the house. Since all three were unscathed, Andrew figures he will try this approach. “Brendon and Rachel, I’m coming for you,” Andrew warns, asking for the Power of Veto so he can save himself. Of course, Brendon does not use the Power of Veto, and the meeting is adjourned. Rachel is stunned and furious, while Kathy, who looked like the one who was going home, is thankful for the miracle that is Andrew and his outrageous speech. Brendon thinks Andrew may have pulled off his bold move, but Matt feels that Andrew’s stunt backfired, and now the whole house will think that Andrew is in cahoots with “Brenchel.” Is Andrew doomed to be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, July 29 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 10: Emotions Flare after an Explosive Speech as Another Houseguest is Evicted

The aftermath from the Veto ceremony is full of confusion and anger. Elimination nominee Andrew’s announcement that he was coming after his supposed allies Rachel and Brendon mystifies Britney, who thinks Rachel’s genuine reaction was totally fabricated for the rest of the HouseGuests’ benefit. Rachel is angry, and wonders why Andrew is jumping on the “get Rachel and Brendon bandwagon.” Andrew’s fellow nominee Kathy sees the speech as an opportunity for her to stay in the house and vows to “fight like there is no tomorrow.” Andrew initially thinks he has made a good move—now that he has expressed animus towards the house “supercouple,” maybe everyone else will vote for him to stay for the week.

Head of Household Matt takes Andrew aside and breaks the bad news to him. If the vote had been held the day before, Matt tells him, then Andrew would have been a safe bet to stay. But after Andrew’s speech, he is now the week’s target, because everyone saw it was a naked ploy and nothing else. Andrew is stunned! He quickly realizes the secret plan he and Brendon hatched is blowing up in their faces. Meanwhile, Brendon has his own issues. Rachel is furious about Andrew’s comments, and is even more furious at Brendon for pulling a stunt like this without consulting her. “Who is he in a relationship with,” Rachel fumes in the diary room, “Andrew or me?”

Outside Brendon tries to make amends but Rachel is in no mood to forgive. Even when Brendon tells her he loves her, the perennially affectionate Rachel refuses to give her man a kiss! “You better know what you’re doing,” Rachel warns Brendon, who gets the message that this action has major consequences not only in the game but also in his relationship.

Working Votes

Kathy is taking the ball Andrew inadvertently threw her and is running with it. She tells Ragan that as a cancer survivor with an uncertain future, winning means a lot in her struggle to help her son. Kathy also makes inroads with Kristen, which Andrew notices. Already an outsider in the house, Andrew admits he is not getting the emotional support Kathy is enjoying. Kristen is blindsided by an angry Andrew who warns her not to play him like a fiddle and to be careful. Kristen is stunned, and tells Andrew she doesn’t appreciate his comments.

In the rust bedroom, the conflict continues as Kristen tells Andrew he was out of line. As the conversation gets more and more heated, the other HouseGuests hear the commotion. “You are digging your own grave, be careful,” Andrew yells as he storms off. “You be careful, too!” Kristen shoots back.

Hayden, Enzo and Matt can’t believe what just happened. Matt then offers up a suggestion—if Andrew is such damaged goods, maybe it is better to keep him. At first Enzo is skeptical, but he admits having someone like Andrew in the house keeps people from putting up members of their secret alliance the Brigade.

What a way to go!

Host Julie Chen gets the HouseGuests excited when she announces no one is on slop this week. But this is hardly the only surprise—during his final plea, Andrew totally outs Hayden and Kristen’s secret relationship, and even goes so far as to tell the other HouseGuests what Kristen really thinks of them! Kristen starts yelling back at Andrew, which forces Julie to tell Kristen to pipe down! Andrew’s plea doesn’t get him any votes (it’s unanimous to keep Kathy), but on his way out it is clear Andrew’s revelation has made some major waves in the house.

“Wow, that was the best last plea speech I’ve even seen,” Julie tells Andrew outside the house. Andrew says he thought his big announcement was the best way for the HouseGuests to make their own decisions about Kristen, and reaffirms his belief that Hayden is a good guy that is being swayed by a dishonest person. He does admit he made a mistake by pretending to go after Brendon and Rachel in his Veto ceremony speech, but it is clear Andrew has made his mark on the house this week.

Julie then announces this week’s Head of Household competition is a head-to-head battle between pairs of HouseGuests. The HouseGuest who correctly guesses a question about various competitions eliminates their direct opponent, and then picks the next two HouseGuests to do battle. After a series of knock-down-drag-outs (where Hayden and Kristen target Rachel and Brendon), Rachel emerges the winner, becoming the first multiple HoH of the season.

The win does not calm down Rachel, however. After hugging Brendon she immediately gets into it with Kristen. But all the action is not just in the back yard. Julie has one more surprise for America—viewers now have a chance to vote for a new secret Saboteur, who will be given a two-week reign of chaos. So who will Rachel nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday, August 1 at 8pn ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

12x11 Nomination Ceremony #4

  • 2010-08-02T00:00:00Z — 42 mins

Season 12: Episode 11: Rachel and Kristen Battle it out as the Game Gets Real

Andrew’s parting revelation that Kristen and Hayden are in a secret showmance reverberates through the house. On the outside Kristen is acting shocked, but in Diary Room she admits the worst thing she ever could have imagined has come out, and it has come out hard. Hayden is just as shocked -- he was cruising along with his secret alliance the Brigade, plus he had Kristen wrapped around his finger. What does he do now?

During the live show, Hayden and Kristen lay into Andrew, telling him that they wouldn’t be that stupid. “Why would I lie?” Andrew asks, remaining calm as Hayden and Kristen keep up their charade. Fellow nominee Kathy is loving it, but not as much as Rachel, who realizes this is a great thing for her and her showmance Brendon.

And what’s even better for Rachel’s showmance? Winning Head of Household! “Floaters,” Rachel says, “You better grab a life vest—Kristen!” Rachel then reveals she heard Hayden and Kristen making out last night. Brendon piles on, telling Hayden and Kristen that they are busted. Kristen lashes back, with Hayden backing her up. The insults fly, with Rachel and Kristen calling each other out on their intelligence. From the sidelines Ragan notes that he is not a religious person, but he has been praying for this moment to happen since he entered the house. Britney is also in hog heaven. “The irony that they were in a boxing ring was not lost on me,” Britney says. The attention diverts briefly to Kathy, who hugs Kristen and Hayden as things begin to die down. Rachel is not happy—that kind of behavior shows Kathy is with Kristen and not her. “She is clearly telling me what side she is on,” Rachel says in diary room.

Things finally cool off to a point where Brendon can congratulate Rachel. Rachel breaks down, telling Brendon she is so tired of the house coming after them. In the palm bedroom, Enzo, Matt and Lane can’t believe they have once again failed to win the HoH competition, only to be clocked by “Brachel.” Enzo wants Kristen out this week so they can get Hayden back into the game as a Brigade member.

Hayden decides to make nice with Rachel and apologizes for saying things in the heat of the moment. Rachel isn’t buying it, and points out during the HoH competition Hayden put her and Brendon against each other. This is all damage control for Hayden, who talks down his showmance.

Hayden goes to Kristen, who has curled up in the Cabana room. Rachel comes in, and calmly apologizes for what she said in the heat of the moment. Not only does Kristen reject the apology, but she also reaffirms her belief that Rachel was attacking her and throwing around lies. Rachel can’t believe Kristen took her olive branch and threw it in her face. Hayden is reeling—what is Kristen thinking?

Putting on a Good Show

Hayden regroups with the Brigade, and lets them know he is still 100 percent aligned with them. Kristen is great, he tells Enzo and Lane, but if she has to go, she has to go. The conversation is cut short for Rachel’s HoH suite reveal. Kristen opts not to take part, but Enzo and Britney both put on a great show of being interested. “Who wants to see your HoH room?” Britney says in mock excitement in the Diary Room. “Nobody! We’d rather hang ourselves! But who is most excited? Me!”

Rachel comes out of the Diary Room dressed as a sexy cop, and orders everyone into the living room. The monitor comes on, and the HouseGuests are shocked to see Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg on the screen! They announce the winner of this week’s luxury competition will get a special screening of their new buddy cop comedy, The Other Guys, which premieres August 6.

The HouseGuests quickly break into teams of three and head outside, where the backyard has been turned into a huge urban street scene complete with crime scene tape and police cars, which sheriff Kathy notes is “her world.” The first team—Lane, Matt and Britney—strap themselves into a huge plastic cop car and rush their way through the obstacle course, with Lane leading the way and Britney fighting to keep up. The second team, Kathy, Kristen and Ragan, struggle more, with Ragan noting that having Kathy on your team is nothing but dead weight!

The third team, Enzo, Brendon and Hayden, plow through the course and dominate the luxury competition. Rachel announces that she will join the winning team for the screening of “The Other Guys.” But the game quickly comes back into play, with Britney working Rachel as they share a bath together and Kathy making her way up to the HoH to make her case for why she should not be nominated this week. “What happens between you and Kristen,” Kathy says, “That’s something you need to settle.” She notes she is not a threat and could be a reliable vote for Brendon or Rachel in the jury house.

Hayden tries to get Kristen to go talk to the HoH, but Kristen resists. Kristen finally relents and makes her way up to the HoH suite, where she and Rachel once again get into it. Things stay mostly in control, with Kristen saying she never wanted to go after Brendon or Rachel. Brendon comes up and checks in with Rachel, who is now confused about who to nominate. Brendon can’t believe Rachel is such a sucker for Kristen’s emotional game.

And the Nominees are…

It’s time for Rachel to make her nominations. Kathy is nervous about where she stands with the HoH, but when all the keys are pulled, Hayden and Kristen find themselves on the chopping block. “You’re gunning for me and Brendon, so bring it on,” Rachel warns. “Be careful what you wish for,” Kristen says in Diary Room. Lane notes Hayden better not mess this up, while Brendon wonders why Rachel can’t play nice. So who will win the Power of Veto, and will they save Hayden or Kristen from eviction. Find out Tuesday, August 3 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 12: The Power of Veto Holder Faces a Game Changing Decision

­Hayden knows Head of Household Rachel nominated him and his secret showmance Kristen because Rachel thinks they are coming after her and Brendon. Hayden has a newsflash for Rachel—everyone is coming after Rachel and Brendon! Kristen is angry but anticipated the nomination. Her goal now is to stay another week without hurting Hayden in the process.

Up in the HoH suite, Brendon tells Rachel she was harsh when she told Hayden and Kristen to “bring it on,” and notes that kind of behavior only makes them bigger targets. When he suggests Rachel apologize to Hayden and Kristen, she first gets mad and then gets teary. After more hemming and hawing, Rachel reluctantly goes down to the rust bedroom and half-heartedly apologizes to Hayden and Kristen.

Hayden isn’t all that impressed, but up in the HoH Suite, Brendon is happy Rachel made the effort. But soon Rachel and Brendon are sniping at each other again. “Am I supposed to bake cookies and sing Kumbaya,” Rachel asks, before warning Brendon that if they keep arguing this way, it’s the end of their relationship.

Wizard of Pinball

It’s time for the Veto competition. In the random draw for players, Rachel picks Britney, Hayden picks Ragan, and Kristen picks Enzo. Hayden is disappointed that he drew a wild card like Ragan, while an unsuspecting Kristen doesn’t realize Enzo has no interest in using the Veto this week, since he wants Kristen to go home, a move that works best for his secret Brigade alliance with Hayden, Lane and Matt.

The HouseGuests come outside and find a huge pinball table dominating the back yard. The player who shoots the farthest from the center Veto slot is eliminated, but gets a prize. Host Brendon warns them not to get too attached, because successive players can choose to keep or exchange their gifts.

The end of the game leaves everyone left with a series of great and not-so-great prizes. Ragan gets a Veto ticket, which allows him to play in the next Veto competition. Rachel gets $5,000, while Enzo wins a 3-D flat screen. Kristen initially wins the Veto, but Hayden trades it for a “Hippietard,” a 60’s themed unitard. Britney wins a 24-hour solitary confinement, which she trades for the Veto. Britney wins the game and leaves a dejected Hayden with a virtual prison sentence and a humiliated Kristen wearing the Hippietard for several days!

Britney admits she loves having the Veto power. Hayden has a tough time in solitary confinement in the Have Not bedroom, but Kristen talks to him through the door and even touches his fingers under the door jam. Kristen embraces her Hippietard (which includes a stylish afro wig), but gets emotional during Hayden’s long 24-hour isolation. Hayden and Kristen are relieved when the confinement ends, but because they are still being stealth about their relationship, keep it cool when they finally see each other again.

Pass the Popcorn

Hayden is delighted to escape the Have Not bedroom and have some time in the HoH suite, where he, Enzo, Brendon and HoH Rachel get to enjoy their luxury competition prize, an exclusive screening of the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg buddy cop comedy “The Other Guys,” which premieres in theaters on August 6th. The rest of the HouseGuests are jealous as Brendon boasts about having his first movie date with Rachel.

After the screening, Hayden talks to Veto holder Britney. Hayden suggests Britney uses it so that Kathy goes up instead of Hayden. Britney is all for this, as long as Kathy goes up. Can Hayden make a deal with Rachel to ensure this, Britney asks? Hayden goes up to the HoH suite with Kristen to find out. Rachel listens to Hayden’s pitch, but asks pointed questions about what Britney gets from this and how it will impact her and Brendon’s game. Hayden suggests he, Kristen, Brendon and Rachel could work together, but Rachel isn’t sure she should trust him.

Downstairs in the Cabana room, Hayden tells Britney he thinks Rachel will take the deal, and vows to backstab Rachel and Brendon next week if he wins HoH. Britney touches base with Rachel, who warns Britney she will put up her friend Lane for eviction if the Veto is used. This is not the deal Britney bargained for. If Lane goes up will he go home?

It’s time for the Veto ceremony. Britney struggles during the ceremony but ultimately decides not to use the Veto. Hayden and Kristen are stunned—they thought their deal was going to go through! Rachel is relieved because she may have turned down a super alliance with Hayden and Kristen, but she thinks this is no big loss since they are untrustworthy. Kristen is heartbroken! Now she is definitely up against the one person she cares about in the house. So who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 5 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 13: The Secret Showmance is Broken Up as Another HouseGuest is Sent Packing

“What just happened?” Hayden asks. He thought he had a deal with Brendon and Head of Household Rachel, with Kathy going up on the chopping block in his place. Britney thought she was using the veto, until she found out Rachel was going to put up her buddy Lane instead of Kathy. Britney knows Hayden and Kristen are upset, but Britney didn’t want to chance Lane going home. It turns out Rachel had no intention of making a “super alliance” with Hayden and Kristen, and threw Lane’s name out there to make sure Britney didn’t use the veto. Rachel has one goal this week—get Kristen out of the house!

Kathy comforts a tearful Kristen in the rust bedroom. Both of the women think Britney is being controlled by the devil, aka Rachel. Meanwhile Hayden hustles outside to the “devil” and Brendon. Hayden tells them that there are no hard feelings, and Brendon and Rachel assure him he is safe this week because Brendon is a sure vote for Hayden to stay. With Brendon’s vote and three votes from his secret alliance the Brigade, Hayden knows he won’t be going home.

Hayden then goes into the rust bedroom to check in on Kristen, but Britney interrupts. Britney explains what Rachel told her, and Kristen realizes Rachel purposely derailed any possible four-way alliance between the two showmances because Rachel wants Kristen out. Britney leaves them as Kristen begins to break down. Hayden comforts her, and encourages her to campaign for herself.

Bad Hair Day

Later that night, Britney, Matt and Ragan clown around in the HoH suite, with Britney and Matt deciding to put in Rachel’s hair extensions. The antics are going strong when all the sudden Rachel and Brendon walk in! Britney is terrified that she just got busted, but Rachel is a good sport and enjoys the imitation. Britney can’t believe Rachel doesn’t realize that they are making fun of her, but Rachel explains “the highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone.”

A few hours later, Matt and the rest of the Brigade work out together, something Kristen notices. Why was Hayden so relaxed about telling her to campaign for herself? It finally dawns on her Hayden is so relaxed because he knows he has the votes, which means he and his workout buddies may be up to something.

Kristen grabs Ragan, and tells him her theory. She currently has one vote in Kathy, but if she can convince the other Houseguests Hayden may be in some sort of alliance, she might be able to stay. Ragan isn’t sure Enzo, Hayden and Lane are anything more than friends, but knows that his days are limited if they are. Kristen also talks to Britney, and warns her that if she is the last girl in the house, that means she is expendable. Kristen’s toughest sell is Brendon, who she finally gets alone without Rachel. Brendon hears what Kristen has to say, but has to decide who he can trust, Hayden or Kristen?

Host Julie Chen checks in with the Houseguests and asks Hayden about solitary confinement and the Hippietard. Hayden is glad he didn’t take the Hippietard for himself, because he thinks Kristen looks much better in the getup than he does. Hayden does wish he got the $5,000 over the confinement, which he says was tough. The HouseGuests all enjoy watching the footage of Enzo, Brendon and Hayden in the most recent luxury competition, with Enzo admitting he does get excited when he wants to win something.

Sometimes Love is Complicated

In one of their stealth, late-night make out sessions, Hayden tells Kristen he wonders if his mom is watching. Turns out she is! In Arizona, Hayden’s mom Renea has been tuning in, and she is none too happy! She thinks Kristen isn’t all that into her son, and feels this showmance is derailing his game. “Keep playing the game you are there to play,” she warns her son. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Kristen’s friends are watching closely, including none other than Kristen’s BOYFRIEND! Dating for two months before the show, Steve even asked Kristen if she wanted to be single going into BIG BROTHER, and she said no. Steve doesn’t think much of Hayden, who he calls a “24-year-old kid.” Steve says Kristen has really made a mess of things, and notes, “I hope she brings her mop and bucket with her…”

Host Julie Chen touches base with Rachel in the HoH suite and asks if Rachel has any plans to pull another Houseguest into her alliance with Brendon. Rachel hopes to ally with Britney, and says Britney could be an extra competitor for them. Rachel argues targeting the women in the house wasn’t a strategy, because all she was doing was coming after people who were coming after her. Rachel admits the honeymoon between her and Brendon is over, but stresses that their relationship is true love.

The secret showmance ends when Kristen is ushered out of the house with a 6-1 vote. In the HouseGuest goodbyes, Rachel calls Kristen the definition of the word “bitch” and tells her going to talk to Brendon without her was a big mistake. The big reveal is Hayden’s admission about his secret alliance, “the Brigade!”

Kristen tells Julie she is somewhat shocked about the Brigade, but doesn’t hold it against Hayden because they all knew that this is a game. Julie wants to know what happens now—will she go back to her boyfriend Steve or wait for Hayden? Kristen says she plans on some alone time to decide what’s next for her. “I just have to take time for myself,” she explains.

­ As the Houseguests get ready for the “True Colors” HoH endurance competition, Julie explains this week the HoH will be facing Pandora’s Box. If the new HoH accepts the offer to get extended HoH powers, they will unwillingly unleash a second Saboteur on the house! Julie reveals through a vote by viewers, Ragan has been chosen as the second saboteur. This week’s HoH competition is simple—whoever is the last HouseGuest holding onto the giant spinning paint can, while being pelted with paint, wins the competition. So who will become the new HoH? And will they open Pandora’s Box and unleash a stealth Ragan saboteur on the house? Find out Sunday, August 8 at 8pm ET/PT on CBS on BIG BROTHER!

12x14 Nomination Ceremony #5

  • 2010-08-09T00:00:00Z — 42 mins

Season 12: Episode 14: The New HoH is Tempted by Pandora's Box, Unleashing the New Saboteur on the House

The HouseGuests continue to spin on the giant paint can for the endurance Head of Household competition. After seeing his secret showmance Kristen sent packing, Hayden wants to win and seek revenge on outgoing HoH Rachel and her showmance, Brendon. Fellow Brigade member Enzo is happy to see Kristen gone, because now Hayden’s head will be back in the game.

Kathy quickly has enough, and announces she is dropping and taking one for the team by being stuck on slop for the week. Several HouseGuests find this amusing, because they assume Kathy—always a weak competitor—would be the first one to drop anyway. Meanwhile outgoing HoH Rachel cheers from the sidelines for Brendon, who struggles to stay on the can. Enzo decides to let the other Brigade members do the hard work and drops out, a move that irritates Matt. Enzo is “undoubtedly the most selfish,” Matt confides in Diary Room, noting his Brigade buddy will always let everyone else in their alliance do the heavy lifting.

Despite Rachel’s support, Brendon falls. “When he needed me to compete, I did it twice,” she fumes. Soon after, Lane drops out of the competition, followed by Britney and Hayden. This once again leaves Matt and Ragan competing for the final spot in an endurance challenge. “For some reason the brain is the last one standing,” Matt says, noting he always saves the Brigade. With no interest in being the winner this week, Ragan drops, making Matt the HoH for the second time this season.

As everyone cleans up, Hayden, Enzo and Matt conspire in the storage room. Hayden loves that Rachel and Brendon are squirming now. Enzo wants to make sure Matt uses his HoH properly this time—just put Rachel and Brendon up on the block and be done with it. Meanwhile, Brendon approaches Rachel in the rust bedroom to console her, but Rachel is still irritated at him. She feels Brendon has put a target on her back, but isn’t about to tell him that.

To Open or Not to Open

Matt comes into his HoH suite and is faced with a huge question mark attached to a previously unnoticed door. Matt learns he is now faced with Pandora’s Box! If he opens the Box he has a chance to dramatically alter the game, but there could be consequences for him, the rest of the house, or both. Matt goes for it and enters the question mark door. Inside he learns he is getting the Diamond Power of Veto, which allows him to save himself or anyone else for the next two weeks, and also solely pick who will go up as the replacement nominee. The deal is he can’t reveal he has the Diamond Power of Veto until he uses it.

Matt goes downstairs and tells the house he opened Pandora’s Box, but lies about his prize—he tells them he won just $1, but Brendon and Lane are both immediately suspicious. Matt doesn’t know this, but opening Pandora’s Box sets another action in motion—Ragan is called to the Diary Room, where he learns he has been chosen the new Saboteur by America! Ragan learns if he accepts the Saboteur challenge, he must pull off six Sabotages for the next two weeks. If he succeeds, he gets $20,000. After some hemming and hawing, Ragan takes on the challenge.

The next day Rachel goes into the Cabana room to pitch Matt on staying. Ragan asks if he should leave, and Rachel says it’s fine if he stays, because she knows they are buddies. This irks Ragan, who explains he and Matt are not in an alliance. Rachel snaps back and says this has nothing to do with him, but Ragan notes Rachel started it by accusing the two male friends of being in an alliance. The exchange gets more heated, prompting Brendon to join the conversation. Brendon suggests Matt and Ragan are as much of a pair as him and Rachel! Matt—who has been keeping quiet as everyone else bickers—calls out Brendon on that statement, which prompts Rachel to send Ragan and Brendon out of the room. In the kitchen with everyone else watching, Ragan and Brendon bicker so much that Rachel feels the need to come and collect Brendon! Rachel finally gets her moment with Matt, and explains aligning with “Brenchel” would be good for his game. She also notes after one of them are gone, people will be coming after Matt.

Hello Old Friend

Once things calm down, the HouseGuests chill out until they hear a familiar static sound—the Saboteur is back! Everyone rushes into the living room where the Saboteur announces that Matt opening Pandora’s Box, has released the Saboteur back into the game. After the message, the HouseGuests talk about how one of them has been recruited to be the new Saboteur. Matt is sweating—he notes in Dairy Room that he never should have opened Pandora’s Box in the first place. Trying to throw suspicion off himself, Ragan suggests there has to be an incentive for the new Saboteur. But Ragan better watch out--Enzo says he wants to sniff the Saboteur out!

It’s time for the nominations. Matt calls everyone in, and to no one’s surprise, nominates Rachel and Brendon for eviction, citing their continued dominance in HoH and Veto competitions. Who will win the Power of Veto? And will they use it to save Brendon or Rachel? And how will the houseguests react when last season’s showmance Jeff and Jordan return to the house for a special visit? Find out Tuesday, August 10 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 15: Jeff and Jordan Return to Host the Veto Competition

Head of Household Matt explains he nominated Brendon and Rachel—his two biggest threats—because “they are a virus to the house.” Brendon thinks this was a stupid move by Matt, who is now “Brenchel’s” prime target. Immediately after the nomination, Brendon tries to kiss and cheer up Rachel, but she is nearly inconsolable. Brendon forces her to get up and go out into the kitchen, so that everyone else will feel awkward. Brendon calls Matt a “midget,” and Rachel cuts onions so angrily that a disgusted Kathy wonders if Rachel is going to hurt herself. Britney tries to talk to Rachel in the hopes of cooling off her antics, but Rachel is having none of it.

Later that night the HouseGuests go into the back yard to find a practice bowling alley for the upcoming veto competition. Everyone takes turns with the miniature bowling balls and oversized pins, except for Rachel, who gets upset and rushes to her bedroom. Brendon runs after her and tells her that she can do it, but by this point Rachel is finished. “I have nothing left to give,” she cries. Not one to take no for an answer, Brendon threatens to pick her up and carry her back to the practice lane. Rachel admits she has never quit before and makes her way back outside. She starts off slow, but Rachel finds her competitive spirit and focuses on her practice. As everyone else slips off to bed, Rachel and Brendon stay up nearly all practicing. “This is my house,” Rachel charges. “Nobody is going to take me down.”

Surprise Guests

Matt comes out from the Diary Room and announces it is time to pick players for the veto competition. Besides HoH Matt and the nominees Rachel and Brendon, the other Houseguests randomly chosen to play include Enzo, Kathy and Britney. Ragan also gets the chance to play thanks to the veto play card he chose in a previous competition. But Matt does not select the benched Hayden or Lane as the host. So who will take on this important role?

Everyone is chilling around the house when suddenly the doorbell rings! This season’s Houseguests get a surprise when former BIG BROTHER HouseGuests Jeff and Jordan walk through the door! After a quick trip around the house to see their old haunt, Jeff and Jordan take everyone outside to the now Valentine’s Day-themed bowling alley for the Veto competition appropriately named Lover’s Lane!

Jeff and Jordan explain to the HouseGuests when they knock down one of the five pins on Lover’s Lane, a second pin drops down. Once a bowler has finished his or her round, they can decide who will challenge them. If the challenger scores less, they are eliminated, but if they score more, then the first bowler is eliminated.

Rachel is up first. She knocks down six pins, and picks Kathy as her challenger. Kathy knows Rachel picked her because she perceives the oldest HouseGuest as a weak player, but that is fine by her. “Bring it on,” Kathy says.

And boy does she ever! Kathy scores seven pins, knocking Rachel out of the game! Rachel can’t believe Kathy cheers after her win—now she is rubbing it in Rachel’s face. Brendon is up next. Despite a strong start, Brendon chokes, taking down only three pins. Rachel can’t believe this—she feels a monkey could have knocked down more pins! Brendon chooses Britney, who quickly racks up five hits, sending a furious Brendon packing. With the two nominees out, the rest of the HouseGuests play a leisurely game as Rachel and Brendon fume. Britney ultimately wins the Veto competition, and before Jeff heads out with Jordan, he reminds everyone to check out his CBS.com online series AROUND THE WORLD FOR FREE.

As everyone prepares for a post-competition dinner, Rachel confronts Kathy. Rachel demands an apology for her behavior during the game, but Kathy immediately shuts Rachel down. Everyone is shocked by Rachel, who refuses to back down and tells Kathy she has to apologize. Kathy gets angry and reminds Rachel she picked her because she thought Kathy would lose—but her strategy backfired when Kathy won.

Here Comes the Saboteur

After fielding suggestions from viewers, secret Saboteur Ragan decides he will try and pit Rachel against Brendon. In a message from the living room monitor, the Saboteur announces Brendon has been throwing competitions. Rachel doesn’t buy this for a second, and notes the Saboteur cannot “break up her love.” Matt and Britney think the message proves Rachel is the Saboteur. Ragan is loving all of this, because not only do they think that Rachel is the guilty party, but no one suspects him!

Rachel pulls aside Britney and asks her to use the Veto on either her or Brendon. To sweeten the deal, she offers Britney the $5,000 she won in a previous competition. Britney turns her down and notes that taking the money would make her a prime target next week. Rachel tells Brendon that they are doomed, but Brendon says he is going to see if he can shake things up.

Britney calls everyone in for the Veto ceremony. Rachel once again offers Britney $5000 if she uses the Veto on either of them. Brendon gets up and tears into Britney, calling her a “spoiled brat” and selfish. Britney laughs at Brendon, and sarcastically tells him he is a “class act” who is showing his true colors. To no one’s surprise, Britney opts not to use the Veto. Brendon hopes his speech worked—he wants the house so mad at him they all vote him out, saving Rachel for another week. So will Brendon’s plan work? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out live Thursday, August 12 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

Season 12: Episode 16: This Week's Evicted Houseguest Gets the Dubious Distinction of Being the First Jury Member

In response to Brendon’s strongly worded speech at the veto ceremony, Ragan calls him a “neanderthal” for being so aggressive. Britney is just as furious at Brendon, and suggests that he should be the one to leave this week. In the storage room, Brendon tells Rachel that he lashed out at Ragan and Britney as a strategy, so this way he will definitely go home over his “true love.” Brendon admits in diary room that some people may think he’s an idiot for giving up a half-million dollars for a girl, but he’s more than willing to do it for someone he loves.

Soon after Rachel and Britney talk in the cabana room. Britney tells Rachel that Brendon hates women, but their friendship is fine. Britney tells Rachel she is worried thatthe “sinking ship” that is Brendon is hurting Rachel’s game, and Rachel starts to cry. Rachel reveals in the diary room that she made a point of getting upset in front of Britney to help solidify Brendon’s plan and make it seem like she had no idea about the attack.

Britney goes outside to vent to Enzo, Lane and Hayden about Brendon’s behavior. They listen politely, but when Britney walks off they laugh about their astounding good luck. Everyone in the house is at each other’s throats, but once again, the members of their secret Brigade alliance are totally safe. Upstairs the fourth Brigade member and Head of Household Matt hangs out with his house pal Ragan. Initially the idea was to get Rachel out this week, but after the stunt Brendon pulled, the target may have changed. Will Brendon’s plan work?

Later that night Rachel tries to make amends with Ragan, a former friend. Rachel wants to know what happened, but Ragan wants none of it. He calmly yet firmly picks Rachel’s game apart, telling her that they operate on different levels and that she is a “bad sport.” Rachel leaves in tears while Brendon charges over and demands to know why Ragan made her cry. The two end up arguing, with Brendon getting more and more upset. Britney eventually gets into it, yelling insults at Brendon as he yells back. Meanwhile, Enzo sits on the sidelines and smiles.

The next day, Enzo, Hayden and Lane discuss their options in the HoH suite. Rachel is a strong competitor, and could be their ally if she is left in the house. Brendon is hated, but more importantly he is weak at competitions. Hayden notes if Brendon stays, he would be a huge target for next week, which keeps the Brigade out of everyone’s sights. Enzo muses that this game is crazy—what once seemed like an obvious choice is suddenly complicated.

Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and congratulates them on reaching the halfway mark in the game and announces that seven of them will be in the jury, while the final two will vie for the $500,000 prize. Julie asks Matt if opening Pandora’s Box was a difficult decision and if the risk was worth the reward. Matt admits it was not difficult because he has no self control, but lies when he says it was NOT worth the reward! When Julie asks who each of them think is the most underestimated player, the majority of the HouseGuests choose Ragan and Britney, with Rachel suggesting everyone needs to amp up their games.

Brendon’s love of Rachel seems so encompassing it is hard to believe he was ever in a serious relationship before. But a quick trip to Orange County, California proves Brendon had a love life before Rachel! Brendon’s ex-fiancee Candice and her mom Mia have been watching the unfolding romance with particular interest. Everything Brendon has said to Rachel is all too familiar to Candice, who notes Brendon’s emotional outbursts and demands are a hallmark of his personality. Mia says she is relieved Brendon is not her son-in-law, while Candice says she is proud to be a member of “Team Rachel.” Candice hopes Rachel “sees the light” when it comes to how Brendon is impacting her game.

And the First Member of the Jury is…

After declaring their love for each other in their departing speeches, Rachel and Brendon wait for the result of the HouseGuest vote. By a unanimous 6-0 vote, Rachel is voted out of the house. As she walks out of the house, Rachel hugs and kisses Brendon and tells him to win for them, but ignores all other houseguests. Outside with Julie, Rachel says she is not shocked she has been eliminated because the rest of the house is scared of her. But after she watches the goodbye messages, Rachel learns from Julie she may not be totally done with the house just yet…

Julie checks in with the remaining houseguests, who have moved outside to the back yard, which has been turned into a huge barnyard. Julie explains the players must make their way across a massive web as they untangle their individual ropes. The first houseguest to untangle his or herself and ring the buzzer is the new HoH! So who will be the new Head of Household? And who will be nominated for eviction? And will secret Saboteur Ragan get away with his next sabotage? Find out Sunday, August 15 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

12x17 Nomination Ceremony #6

  • 2010-08-16T00:00:00Z — 43 mins

Season 12: Episode 17: With Rachel Gone, Brendon Strikes Back With a Vengeance

With Rachel evicted, Brendon notes he is now fighting for himself in the Head of Household competition, where the houseguests must untangle a long rope across an equally long grid of an obstacle course. Outgoing HoH Matt is concerned, because his secret Brigade alliance members can’t seem to win competitions without him. As the HoH competition continues, Brendon is a man on a mission, plowing through the obstacle course while shouting out messages like, “This one’s for you, Rach!”

Thanks to the rain and mud, Hayden notes the weight of the rope is killing his back. Enzo explains this competition is a “city kid’s nightmare,” while Lane relishes the competition because he gets dirty and untangles rope “on a daily basis.” While Britney and Ragan are worried about a Brendon win, Enzo says that scenario is just fine. It turns out just a few hours before the Thursday live show, he and his fellow Brigade member Hayden cut a deal with Brendon and Rachel! They agreed to work with whatever “Brenchel” member remains in the house. Enzo thinks this is a smart move for him and Hayden, who have been uncomfortably watching as Lane gets closer to Britney, while Matt works his virtual showmance with Ragan.

Brendon cruises along, but at one point gets stuck in a tangle of rope. Lane is plowing forward, raising the hopes of Britney, Matt and Ragan. But after some refocusing, Brendon regains his mojo and clocks the competition—with a ring of the buzzer, a completely untangled Brendon is named the new HoH!

“Rachel, that one was for you,” Brendon yells before rubbing his win in everyone’s face. He quickly picks Matt, Ragan and Britney as the Have Nots this week. A tearful Britney gets some cheering up from Lane, who tells her he has her back, proof that their big brother-little sister relationship is only strengthening.

Later in the Have Not bedroom, Ragan, Britney and Matt commiserate. Britney and Ragan get emotional, but Matt isn’t particularly moved. Since he holds the secret Diamond Power of Veto, Matt knows he can pull himself off the block even if he gets nominated. He puts up a good front but he’s still annoyed he has to hang with “a couple of girls.”

Who wants to see my HoH Room?

Brendon enjoys showing off his HoH suite to the HouseGuests, which appalls Britney, who has no energy for the fake exercise. Enzo and Kathy, who energetically show their enthusiasm for Brendon’s pictures and letter from home, particularly disgust Britney. Ragan has no interest in hearing about Brendon, because he knows what Brendon’s HoH means for him. “I don’t want to help him celebrate a victory that will most possibly see me walk out the door,” Ragan says.

Later in the bathroom, Hayden and Enzo conspire. Enzo is not happy that Matt is spending so much time with Ragan, who Enzo wants to target. Enzo also has Britney in his sights, because once she goes Lane will be completely re-focused on the Brigade. Enzo goes to talk to Brendon in the HoH suite with the hopes of pushing his two preferred eviction nominees, but Brendon has other plans—he wants to put up Lane and Britney! Enzo does his best to pitch Ragan as an alternative to Lane, but Brendon doesn’t commit to anything.

Secret Agent Man

Secret Saboteur Ragan gets called to the Diary Room where he selects his next Sabotage. Ragan decides to go with a message that revives the secret friendship rumor from one of Annie’s first Sabotages. Soon after the HouseGuests are all called into the living room by the Saboteur. The Saboteur tells them they were unsuccessful in getting him out of the game, but that the “lifelong friends” are still in the house. The HouseGuests get one hint—the friends are a male-female couple. With only two women in the house, Britney and Kathy are immediately huge targets. Both swear they are not in any secret friendships, but Brendon doesn’t believe anyone in the house.

After the HouseGuests learn this week’s Have Not foods are escargot and eggplant, Ragan talks to Matt about their chances this week. Without saying he has the secret Diamond Power of Veto, Matt encourages Ragan to go and pitch Brendon, and not worry about him. Ragan makes a play to Brendon, saying if the two of them teamed up no one would suspect it. He also promises Brendon he would be safe. Brendon notes in Dairy Room Ragan makes a compelling offer, but he was still one of the main architects in sending his girl home. Brendon then decides to also hear what Britney has to say. She makes similar promises of safety, but notes in Diary Room she is just telling Brendon what he wants to hear.

Brendon calls everyone in for the Nomination Ceremony. Britney feels she is 100 percent going on the block, while Lane notes he has a bad feeling about the nominations. Ragan grouses about Brendon not being a logical player, while Matt notes he is safe with his Diamond Power of Veto, but would prefer to be safe off the bat and avoid a nomination in the first place.

After all the keys are pulled, Lane and Ragan are the nominees. “Nobody floats by,” Brendon warns, as Lane calls this Brendon’s “dumbest move yet.” Ragan can’t believe he turned down his offer, while Enzo expresses his fury over a Brigade nomination. Meanwhile, Britney is stunned she escaped a nomination. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Veto be used? And what will another Pandora’s Box unleash on the house? Find out Wednesday, August 18 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!

A surprise guest returns to the house when Pandora's Box is opened once again. Also, the 'ZingBot 3000' enters the house to host a high stakes veto competition.

A shocking revelation, an unexpected eviction and a new Head-of-Household is chosen.