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Big Brother: Season 12

12x15 PoV Comp #5; PoV Ceremony #5

  • 2010-08-12T02:00:00+02:00 on CBS
  • 43 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

Season 12: Episode 15: Jeff and Jordan Return to Host the Veto Competition

Head of Household Matt explains he nominated Brendon and Rachel—his two biggest threats—because “they are a virus to the house.” Brendon thinks this was a stupid move by Matt, who is now “Brenchel’s” prime target. Immediately after the nomination, Brendon tries to kiss and cheer up Rachel, but she is nearly inconsolable. Brendon forces her to get up and go out into the kitchen, so that everyone else will feel awkward. Brendon calls Matt a “midget,” and Rachel cuts onions so angrily that a disgusted Kathy wonders if Rachel is going to hurt herself. Britney tries to talk to Rachel in the hopes of cooling off her antics, but Rachel is having none of it.

Later that night the HouseGuests go into the back yard to find a practice bowling alley for the upcoming veto competition. Everyone takes turns with the miniature bowling balls and oversized pins, except for Rachel, who gets upset and rushes to her bedroom. Brendon runs after her and tells her that she can do it, but by this point Rachel is finished. “I have nothing left to give,” she cries. Not one to take no for an answer, Brendon threatens to pick her up and carry her back to the practice lane. Rachel admits she has never quit before and makes her way back outside. She starts off slow, but Rachel finds her competitive spirit and focuses on her practice. As everyone else slips off to bed, Rachel and Brendon stay up nearly all practicing. “This is my house,” Rachel charges. “Nobody is going to take me down.”

Surprise Guests

Matt comes out from the Diary Room and announces it is time to pick players for the veto competition. Besides HoH Matt and the nominees Rachel and Brendon, the other Houseguests randomly chosen to play include Enzo, Kathy and Britney. Ragan also gets the chance to play thanks to the veto play card he chose in a previous competition. But Matt does not select the benched Hayden or Lane as the host. So who will take on this important role?

Everyone is chilling around the house when suddenly the doorbell rings! This season’s Houseguests get a surprise when former BIG BROTHER HouseGuests Jeff and Jordan walk through the door! After a quick trip around the house to see their old haunt, Jeff and Jordan take everyone outside to the now Valentine’s Day-themed bowling alley for the Veto competition appropriately named Lover’s Lane!

Jeff and Jordan explain to the HouseGuests when they knock down one of the five pins on Lover’s Lane, a second pin drops down. Once a bowler has finished his or her round, they can decide who will challenge them. If the challenger scores less, they are eliminated, but if they score more, then the first bowler is eliminated.

Rachel is up first. She knocks down six pins, and picks Kathy as her challenger. Kathy knows Rachel picked her because she perceives the oldest HouseGuest as a weak player, but that is fine by her. “Bring it on,” Kathy says.

And boy does she ever! Kathy scores seven pins, knocking Rachel out of the game! Rachel can’t believe Kathy cheers after her win—now she is rubbing it in Rachel’s face. Brendon is up next. Despite a strong start, Brendon chokes, taking down only three pins. Rachel can’t believe this—she feels a monkey could have knocked down more pins! Brendon chooses Britney, who quickly racks up five hits, sending a furious Brendon packing. With the two nominees out, the rest of the HouseGuests play a leisurely game as Rachel and Brendon fume. Britney ultimately wins the Veto competition, and before Jeff heads out with Jordan, he reminds everyone to check out his CBS.com online series AROUND THE WORLD FOR FREE.

As everyone prepares for a post-competition dinner, Rachel confronts Kathy. Rachel demands an apology for her behavior during the game, but Kathy immediately shuts Rachel down. Everyone is shocked by Rachel, who refuses to back down and tells Kathy she has to apologize. Kathy gets angry and reminds Rachel she picked her because she thought Kathy would lose—but her strategy backfired when Kathy won.

Here Comes the Saboteur

After fielding suggestions from viewers, secret Saboteur Ragan decides he will try and pit Rachel against Brendon. In a message from the living room monitor, the Saboteur announces Brendon has been throwing competitions. Rachel doesn’t buy this for a second, and notes the Saboteur cannot “break up her love.” Matt and Britney think the message proves Rachel is the Saboteur. Ragan is loving all of this, because not only do they think that Rachel is the guilty party, but no one suspects him!

Rachel pulls aside Britney and asks her to use the Veto on either her or Brendon. To sweeten the deal, she offers Britney the $5,000 she won in a previous competition. Britney turns her down and notes that taking the money would make her a prime target next week. Rachel tells Brendon that they are doomed, but Brendon says he is going to see if he can shake things up.

Britney calls everyone in for the Veto ceremony. Rachel once again offers Britney $5000 if she uses the Veto on either of them. Brendon gets up and tears into Britney, calling her a “spoiled brat” and selfish. Britney laughs at Brendon, and sarcastically tells him he is a “class act” who is showing his true colors. To no one’s surprise, Britney opts not to use the Veto. Brendon hopes his speech worked—he wants the house so mad at him they all vote him out, saving Rachel for another week. So will Brendon’s plan work? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out live Thursday, August 12 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!